My Signature scavenger hunt games are my pride and joy. I have something for all ages. These are nothing like the traditional scavenger hunts where you are just given a list of objects to find - each game comes with it's own adventure and mission.

In Scavenger Hunts the clues are not hidden in specific places, but instead the are hidden sporadically around the playing area (such as the way you hide Easter eggs)

Survivor Island!
Printable Scavenger Hunt
Players race to collect what they need to “survive” while at the same time trying to find clues to solve the mystery all while avoiding the native curses.

Ages: 8 - 99


This is the perfect party game for your minecraft themed Birthday!

Ages 7+


Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Taking the classic game of Clue off the board and onto a whole new level of FUN!  

Ages: 8+

Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt
Do you dare? An amazing race style hunt where teams race to different locations around town to complete hilarious truth or dare challenges.


Mall Scavenger Hunt Party
Everything you need to host an awesome and hilarious mall party!

Ages: 12+

Mortal Instruments Shadowhunters Adventure Scavenger Hunt!

This mystery game allows players to become shadowhunters on a mission - find the runes, avoid the curses, save the nephilim and win the game!

Rated: TEEN


AGES 6-12

Murder & Mayhem Scavenger Hunt


This is a kill or be killed scavenger hunt featuring your favorite Horror Movie villains.  Last one alive wins!


Clues, Spells, & Curses Treasure Hunt

Find the clues, don't get cursed, be the one to break the witches spell first!

Ages 6-99

SEASONAL signature scavenger hunts

Clues, Spells, and Curses Scavenger Hunt 
It combines the fun of a murder mystery (minus the murder, scripts, and complicated set up) with the scavenger hunt and treasure hunt style games to create a unique and fun party game.

Ages: 6 - 99

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Mystery Game
Who kidnapped Jack the King of Halloween?  Search for clues to discover the who, what, and where of this mystery. Beware of curse along the way. Perfect for an active Halloween party!

Ages 7+

Younger ones may need help

The Great
Christmas Scavenger Hunt
 In this unique scavenger hunt it is the players job to discover who did it, what they did it with, and where...

Ages 7+

Younger ones may need help

               more TREASURE HUNT CATEGORIES               

PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNTS:  These hunts were created for the younger crowd because they use few to zero words (incorporating pictures for clues instead) and focus on cooperative play instead of competitive play.

INDOOR TREASURE HUNTS: These are the classic treasure hunts that you would be familiar with. Clues lead to specific locations in a household.

SIGNATURE TREASURE HUNTS: My signature treasure hunts allow you to play the hunt ANYWHERE because you choose the locations.  I have done all the hard work of coming up with a variety of exciting, engaging clues for a variety of clues - all you have to do is decide where you are going to hide them.

SIGNATURE TRIVIA HUNTS: These are much like my Signature Treasure Hunts. The Twist is that the clues in these hunts incorporate trivia questions and trivia games to challenge players on their knowledge of the given theme.