Ciphers, Puzzles, & COdes Treasure Hunt
Printable & Editable!!

Get ready for a brand new kind of treasure hunt!  Our hunt features ciphers, puzzles, codes, trivia and fun!

 This treasure hunt comes in an editable PDF file available for instant download.

This printable party game includes all of the following:

-12 Awesomely customizable treasure hunt clues

- Cipher Decoders

- Decoder Disks

- Complete Set-up instructions

- Available in six different color schemes. 

  • Navy & Lime
  • Purple & Pink
  • Red & Black
  • Brown & Gold
  • Pink & Navy
  • Red, White, & Blue

Check out the Awesome Features of this hunt:

  • You can edit the clues to go to any location you want.  You can also customize the hunt to go with an theme using your own trivia questions, code words, and ideas.  This is by-far our most customizable treasure hunt to date.
  • Each clue must be solved in a different way - no two clues are the same. Some will involve the use of a cipher, some a decoder wheel, some trivia knowledge (you choose the trivia), others are puzzles, mazes, word games and more! This will definitely keep the hunt interesting and the players using their brains.
  • You decide how long you want the hunt to be!  This hunt comes with 12 different clues, but you can use as few of them as you would like, or use all of them for a longer more challenging game.
  • This hunt is perfect whether you want to play a cooperative game where players work together as a team to reach the end, or you can play a cooperative version which pits players (or teams) against each other to be the first to complete the hunt and reach the treasure.  
  • Clues come in bright, high resolution colors to which makes the game that much more engaging for the players.  Hunt is also available in different color schemes for you to choose from.
  • Instructions are included in the hunt that make it easy for you to edit each clue. Simply fill out the forms and print.
  • We have embedded a couple of different coded fonts in the files, that means you type in your clue location and it will automatically appear in code - you don't have to figure out the code yourself to create the hunt.
  • This hunt is recommended for ages 10+ ( I am working on a similar hunt for the younger ages)


  • computer (with adobe reader)
  • printer (or have printed at print shop)
  • paper & pencils
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • envelopes
  • hiding places!

Below are a few examples of the type of clues included in our hunt.

Ciphers, Puzzles, & Codes Treasure Hunt

This clue is a puzzle clue and a cipher clue.  The first thing you would do is type in your desired answer for this puzzle (that is the location you want this clue to lead players to next).  You do not have to know the code to do this, when you type the letters will automatically appear in the correct code.

The second thing you do is print the clue, once printed you cut out the pieces as shown below.

All of these pieces (along with the strip with instructions to the players) will be placed in an envelope and hidden in the proper clue location.

When players find the clue they put the clue together (they will know which order the pieces go in because the code in the white box on top are numbers 1-9. Once they get them in the correct order the use their cipher sheet to decode the location of the next clue.


This clue is our maze puzzle.  To set it up you simply type in your clue answer where directed.  The program will automatically place the letters you type where they need to be in the maze.  Other letters will also appear in the maze as decoys.

Once printed, simply place the clue in an envelope and hide it in the proper place.  When players complete the maze they will them note all the letters they passed on the correct path through the maze and then unscramble them to reveal the next hiding location.


This clue involves the use of our decoder wheel (shown below).  As in the maze clue above to set-up this clue you simply type your clue answer (the next location) in the designated area the the letters will automatically show up where they need to be on the clue (the other letters are decoys).  

Once printed you will need to cut out the decoder disk and use a hole punch to punch out the three white holes on it.  Then place it with the clue inside an envelope and hide in proper location.

When players find the clue they will use the decoder disk to decode the clue.  They place the disk over the circle on the clue and simply line up each number arrow with the arrow on the clue and mark down which letters are revealed in the circle. The clue is spelled out once the decode all 12 points.

GET your ciphers,puzzles, & codes treasure hunt now!  instant download $15.99

Your Printable Ciphers, Puzzles, & Clues Treasure Hunt Game includes:

  • 13 full color high-resolution clues (2 per printed page)
  • 1 Decoder Disk
  • 1 Challenging Top Secret Decoder 
  • 1 Easy Top Secret Decoder 
  • Complete Set-Up Instructions


Your printable game will arrive within minutes in printable PDF files.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact us at:

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