Ultimate Teenage Party Themes!

Looking for the PERFECT theme for your upcoming bash? Search no further  - Inspiration has arrived!

Browse through dozens of our ever-growing list of teen party themes to find the one that is YOU.  

We provide tons of DIY ideas for activities and games for each theme to make sure your event will be unique, memorable, and a total blast - all without breaking the bank!


Teenage PARTY themeS & GAME ideas

Ideas for clues, pit stops, roadblocks, detour,  challenges and themed printables!

Don't throw away Your Shot to Rise Up and host a historical Hamilton Theme Party!

Hello fellow Whovians! The Doctor is in!  

Fezzes are Red, The Tardis is Blue - Now let's party in the style of Dr. Who!

 Check out these cool teen games to play at night or around the campfire.

May the odds be ever in your favor with the party theme favorite. Awesome Hunger Games party ideas. 

Enter the land of Ooo and party hard with Finn and Jake!

 Bring on the tiki torches, grass skirts, leis, and let’s party Hawaiian style!

See how far your friends will go with gross out challenges and funny games.

Everything you need to throw a truly groovy disco bash!

Have a blast watching others fall victim to funny curses as you try to avoid them and find the clues and spells needed to win the game!

May the party never die...at least not of boredom!

Not your ordinary dance idea! Tons of glow in the dark fun games.

Fun karaoke games and ideas for American Idol party, X Factor theme, or even Glee themed bash

Rock your Party Hollywood style. Incorporate celebrities, movies, glitz and glam to create a birthday bash fit for the stars!

Challenge your friends to these wild and wacky games based on the hit game show - Minute To Win It!

Fan submitted theme party games for a Fullmetal Alchemist themed celebration.

Fun clues and ideas for your mall scavenger hunt party plus other mall party games to play with your friends.

Are You Brave enough for this bold party theme?

You know you want to play                            -A

Top Mexican fiesta party games to provide tons of fun, entertainment, and laughs at your Mexican fiesta.

Sam and Dean Winchester's top 10 Supernatural party games!

Rock out the night with 80’s nostalgia. Big hair, bright colors, punk rockers, leggings and bangle bracelets. Loads of Fun and dancing!

At this Bash everyone gets wet! Tons of cool teenage water games to play.

Celebrate your party with Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis!

Throw an awesome teen scare fest with these creative horror party ideas, thriller games, and scary paranormal fun!

Enter Storybrooke and see what magic is in store!

This awesome theme will take you right back to the strange happenings of Hawkins, Indiana era 1980's.

Have the Sweetest birthday party this year with these awesome candy party ideas, decorations, and games.

Fun Ideas for things to do at your sleepover. Let’s rock those PJ’s!

All about Taylor! Games, Printables, FUN!!

Your never too old to be a Princess!

Vampires are ageless and badass - put a new twist on a classic!

Turn your Birthday into a runway event with these  Project Runway party ideas! 

List of fun games to get up close and personal to that special someone.

Why not take your favorite movie (or movies) and center your birthday bash around it!

Huge list of teen truth or dare questions, plus ways to play this classic game.

The book series that caught the attention of the masses in an epic tale that became an epic show - what an epic theme for your party!

Teams compete to go to different locations and complete a hilarious truth or dare challenges at each destination to score the most points and obtain ultimate glory!

Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and have a very merry happy Unbirthday!

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Visitor Submitted Teenage Party Themes

Anime Party

Color War

Pink Zombie Party

Teen Superhero Party

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
Hot Teenage Party Themes

Dancing at the Club

Throw an awesome dance party. Rent a hotel conference room or party hall and dance the night away. Have plenty of finger snacks and drinks ready to keep everyone’s energy up. Perfect for a teenage girl/ guy party.

Glow in the dark/ Neon Party

Another teenage dance party idea, but this one has a twist. Provide tons of glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces. Borrow, rent, or buy a cool strobe light. Have everyone where bright neon clothes, girls can even wear glow in the dark make-up.

Bon-Fire Party

Know a place that will allow you to have a big bon fire? If yes have a teenage bonfire party. Prepare lots of wood ahead of time to keep the fire burning. Have an array of foods for roasting such as marshmallows and hotdogs. Kick up the music and party the night away.

Wet and Wild Party

At this theme party everyone gets wet! Have tons of cool teenage water games to play. If you have a pool great, if not you can still rock this theme with guys against girls water balloon fights, water gun fights, water balloon dodge ball etc.

Disco Blast

Rent a disco ball and get funky with a teenage groovy disco theme party.

Beach Party

Have a local beach? Have a Beach party. Play volleyball, Frisbee ,get wet with all your friends, have a sand castle contest, or just pop on some music and turn it into a teenage beach dance theme party.

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
Costume Teenage Party Themes

SiFi / Fantasy Theme Party

Everyone dresses up like their favorite fantasy being: vampires, werewolfs, witches, those blue peeps from Avatar. Imagination has no bounds for this creative teenage theme.

Angels & Devils

All the girls dress up like angels, while the guys come as devils. Mix it up with some fun co-ed party games and good music and it will be a celebration to remember.

Vampire Theme

Consider having a fang-tastic vampire bash! Perfect theme for the Twilight or True Blood fan!


Friends can make and decorate their own mask to show off their personality. Perfect to add a bit of mystery to the night.

Mermaid & Pirate Theme

The girls dress as mermaids and the guys come as pirates. Lots of fun to be had with this party. Watch the pirates of the Caribbean again to get some sea worthy inspiration.

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
a different place & time

Las Vegas Casino Theme

What happens in Vegas – Stays in Vegas. Invite all your friends to dress up in their glitz and glam and throw an awesome Las Vegas teenage theme party! Pass out chips when they arrive and let them play some cool casino games. Give prizes away at the end of the night to the people that won the most play money.

Mardi Gras Theme

Go wild with a Mardi Gras Celebration . Have plenty of Mardi Gras beads and maybe add a fun truth or dare game to let some wildness out. Dress loud and proud and get ready to celebrate!!

Toga PArty

Wear fun toga’s and head pieces and rock out like the ancients with this teenage theme blast from the wayyy past.

Grease 50's Party

If you love the movie why not reenact the fun time of greasers, pink ladies, and poodle skirts with this 50’s style theme bash.

Bollywood Party

India's equivalent of Hollywood. Crazy fun in an unusual sort of way, your guests will be talking about it for months.

Somewhere in time theme

Instead of choosing just one time period why not let your guests choose their favorite time period . You could have everyone take the online quiz at facebook “which time period do you belong in” and dress the part.

Hawaiian luau

Bring on the tiki torches, grass skirts, leis, and limbo! Don’t forget to have a delicious Hawaiian feast. We have the perfect teenage party activities and games for a luah.

Groovy 60's theme

Have a groovy time by having everyone dress as hippies and flower children.

Totally 80's theme

Rock out the party with 80’s nostalgia. Big hair, bright colors, punk rockers, leggings and bangle bracelets. Loads of Fun and dancing!

Roaring 20's Celebration

Go back in time with flapper girls and perfectly groomed mustaches. Hot trot the night away with this funky teenage theme.

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
Unique Teen Theme Ideas

Candy Theme

Have tons of real candy for your guests to eat. Decorate with giant oversized candy props (easy to make on your own) and have a complete sugar fest.

Game Night Theme

Great idea for slumber parties. Have tons of teenage board games and party games. Play, eat candy, laugh and have tons of fun.

Camping Theme

Get all your friends together and go camping for the night. Dance around the fire, roast marshmallows, play some fun camping games, and just hang out under the stars.

Fear Factor Theme

See how far your friends will go with gross out challenges and funny games and challenges.

Sumo wrestling bash

Rent some sumo wrestling inflatable costumes and arena if available in your area. You and your friends will have a blast wrestling sumo style.

Horror / Scare fest

Do you have a thing for horror films? Love the rush of being scared out of your wits? Have a teenage Scare Fest ! This party is best if thrown at night. Rent some scary movies, play some scary party games. Have fun consequences for whoever screams the most.

Teenage Drama queen theme

Do you love movies, films, acting? Have a drama queen (or drama kings and queens) party. Play games involving acting, movies, famous actresses and actors. Have each of your food items match a different famous movie.

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
glitz & Glam Teen Themes

Fashion Designer / Project Runway 

Are you into designer labels? Celebrate your favorite designers by throwing a Designer themed party.

Hollywood red carpet

Roll out the red carpet for all your glammed up friends. Dress up as your favorite actor or actress or just come as a future star – Yourself : ).

Oscar Night

If your life was a movie who out of your friends would win an Oscar and for what.  Create fun and funny category’s and let your friends vote. Have an award show to present trophies to the winners. You can find trophies cheap at orientaltrading.com

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
Pop Culture Teen Themes

Favorite Movie Theme

Have a favorite movie? Create your theme around it.

American Idol

Perfect if you and your friends like to stretch your vocal cords. Get a Karaoke machine, set up a stage and let the contest begin.

Glee Party

Divide your guest into teams and have everyone create and put on a music number. Judge teams on dancing, singing, creativity, and style.

Alice in Wonderland

Where all a little mad here. Nothing is as it seems at a Wonderland Bash. 

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
Classic Themes

Under the Sea

Decorate your party area with fun under the sea items and decorations. Have the lights turned down and use a disco ball to splash dancing lights all over the walls.   Have themed based food and drinks. Invite your friends to dance and party the night away. Add some fun under the sea games throw in some extra fun.

Exotic Jungle

It’s a jungle out there. Decorate your party like the jungle and invite all your friends to come and party like animals.

Fairytale Theme Party

Once upon a time there was this awesome fairy tale party…. And it was YOURS!

Murder Mystery Party

Who did this gruesome crime? Invite your friends over and see if you have what it takes to solve the crime. There are tons of teenage murder myster kits that you can find online. Find one that suits your style and plan for an unforgetable fun night.

Teenage Pool Party

A pool party is one of the most time tested teenage party themes.If you have a pool and the weather is right then you have a party. Put on some music, provide some food and drinks and the party will take care of itself.

Spa Party

It's your birthday, why not pamper yourself in luxury!

Make-over Party

Invite all your girlfriends over to try out new looks and hairstyles.

Slumber Party

Invite all your friends to come over and spend the night, or even better get a hotel room for the big night or camp outside.

Truth or Dare Party

Have a blast playing the ever loved classic truth or dare. Check out our awesome list of teenage truth or dare questions to get some fun ideas for truth or dares, plus some fun games.

MOre Teenage Party Themes & IDeas
And here are even more ideas

Bowling Party ~ even better if you go cosmic bowling at night.

Skating Rink

Amusement Park

Go Carting


Go to the Movies

Mall Party – Take all your friends to the mall.

Hotel Party Rent a hotel room for the night to add a fun twist to your slumber party.

Favorite Restaurant

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