Kid's Zombie Apocalypse
Party games

It doesn't have to be Halloween to have a Zombie Apocalypse Party. With all the movies and shows out now who wouldn't want to celebrate the dead, well undead. If cold skin, eating brains and cruising the night unable to rest is your child's forte, you have found what you need to throw the best Zombie Party around! Below you will find some undeniably fun Zombie Party game ideas. 

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Zombie Head Shot

For this spin off of pin the tail on the donkey, you will need to print out a couple of zombies and have cheap dart guns available. Post the zombie photos on a wall or target point of your choice and have the children takes turns trying to kill the zombies by shooting them in the head. The player with the most successful head shots wins.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Legless Race

A good Zombie game will get the kids outside and exercising without even realizing it. Of course this game can be completed inside as well. You will need to have a starting point and and ending point. Place a fake brain , body part, or treat at the finish line as an award for your hardworking zombies. Have all the children lie on their stomachs at the starting point. Tell the children they are zombies with no legs and their meal is at the finish line. They cannot stand up or crawl to get to the end. The first to arrive gets to "feast."

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Red Light, Dead Night

Start out by having one child be the only survivor, the rest are the zombies. Have the survivor stand away from the zombies with their back to the undead. The zombies will line up. The survivor will yell dead night and the zombies will rush towards them. When they yell red light all the zombies have to stop. The last to stop is out. This will go on until a zombie gets the survivor or all the zombies are out.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Walk the Dead

It may be the Zombie Apocalypse but this game gives the children a chance to tickle their funny bones. Pick a child to be the zombie and have them lie flat on their back on the floor. All the other children are to try in any way they can without touching the zombie to get them to wake from the dead. Tell the kids to make funny noises, tell jokes, and act silly. If the zombie giggles, moves or talks they are out and someone else becomes the zombie.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Zombie Doctor

This is good for getting the kids to calm down after the sugar rush and fun and games. You will need to prepare a bit by getting blindfolds and foods that feel like body parts. You can use spaghetti as guts, jello as brains, cooked and cooled baby carrots as fingers, peeled grapes as eyeballs, a peeled tomato as a heart and popcorn kernels as teeth. Put each food item in its own bowl. Have the children sit in a circle and blindfold them. Pass around the bowls and tell the kids a story about a crazy doctor who collected parts of zombies and that you found his secret lab full of zombie parts. Have the children pass around the bowls and try to guess the body parts. The one to get the most correct wins. Feel free to alter the story or foods to your liking.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Brain Toss

Fill several pink balloons with sand or flour. The easiest way to do this is to use an empty, dry soda bottle and put the sand or flour into it. Stretch the mouth of the balloon around the opening of the bottle and tip over then squeeze the bottle to empty the contents into the balloon then tie it off.

Using chalk or another method for drawing, draw a circle or square on the ground. Have the children stand a distance away, based on age. Each child will try to toss the brain into the marked area. The ones who make it in will keep competing until there is a winner.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Zombie Scavenger Hunt

Our kids zombie scavenger hunt is the perfect addition to your zombie apocalypse party games.

Most scavenger hunt offers a list of different objects for the player to find or locate, but in this printable scavenger hunt each child / team is assigned a color and they must find the six zombie envelopes that match that color. In each envelope they will find a piece of a puzzle.  When they put all six pieces together it will form a letter -when all six team puts their letters together it will form a word.  The word will tell them where to find the hidden treasure.

You decide what that word will be so you are able to play this game anywhere!

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Zombie Who, Zombie You!

Name one child as the zombie, blindfold them and have all the other children gather around them in a circle. On go, the zombie will try to find one of the children and when they are tagged they have to laugh. If the zombie can guess who the laugh belongs to they become human and the one that laughed becomes the zombie. With continued play this will give each child a chance to be the zombie.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Brain Dead

Have the kids split into teams of humans versus zombies. You will need a ball and if you feel like being festive you can use a pink ball and draw lines so that it looks like a brain. Have the teams stand opposite each other with some distance. You can toss the ball in the air and have the teams scramble for it. The children will try to tag the other team with the ball. If you are tagged then you are out. If someone catches the ball they can pick one of their team mates to bring back into the game. The team with the last standing players wins.

Fun Zombie Apocalypse Party Games
Musical Zombie

This is musical chairs but without the chairs and with lots of zombies. Have some good zombie music ready. For example Thriller by Michael Jackson is a good upbeat song kids enjoy. Have the children gather around and tell them they are all zombies. When the music starts they can dance and act crazy but when it stops they must return to being zombies. The last to stop dancing each time loses and the last one standing wins.

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