Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games

A ladybug themed birthday party is such a fun birthday theme. When I was thinking of games for this theme I was imagining this party for the five and under crowd. I wanted to make the games fun and non competitive. This is usually the best way to go with the younger ones. They can be a little tender hearted when it comes to naming someone a winner or a loser. Some of the games are going to need a bit of creative elbow grease to put together, others are easy and simple. I also searched around a few good sources I know to find some adorable ready to purchase ladybug games for those of you that are short on time.

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Ladybug Spot Hunt

This is a cute party game that is always such a hit with younger children.  Provide all the guests with spotless ladybug wings to wear on their back.  These are easy to make using a red poster board. 

  1. Cut the red poster board into an oval shape. and remove a triangle from it as shown in the image on the right.
  2. Punch holes in the top and bottom of the wings and string ribbon or elastic through them to create arm slots so the children can wear the wings.
  3. To make the spots cut circles out of black poster board. Create enough for each child to have 8-10 spots on their wings. Hide them throughout your playing area. 
  4. To play the game let all the children put on a pair of wings and search for spots around the playing area. Then you can help them glue them on their wings.

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Ladybug Balloon Game

Ladybug Balloon Game

Purchase red and black balloons and fill them with fun and simple challenges before inflating them. Such as:

  • Try and rub your tummy while patting your head
  • Do 10 jumping jacks.
  • Crabwalk across the floor.
  • Sing your favorite song.
  • Give out three hugs.
  • Try and lick your elbow.
  • Do 4 twirls.
  • Do the ladybug bop. (dance)

While music is playing let the guests bop the balloons in the air, but when the music stops they all have to grab one. Draw a name out of a bag and that person must pop their balloon and complete the challenge inside for a small prize.

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Ladybug Exploration

If you can, collect some live ladybugs before the party. Let the guests hold them if they want to and teach them a few things about ladybugs. Get ladybug fun facts .

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Save the Ladybugs Relay

In this ladybug themed birthday party relay, there are no winner’s just loads of fun. First you’ll need buttons. These will be our ladybugs. Paint the buttons red with black dots. Now you’ll just need spoons, kids, and space. Spread the “ladybugs” out and pass each child a spoon.

Explain to the children that ladybugs are lucky and it’s considered bad luck to harm them. Those that save a ladybug are said to have good luck come their way. On the start of go everyone must rush to place a ladybug on their spoon and race it over to the ladybug palace on the other side of the playing area , this can be a bucket or even a patch of grass.

To add to the fun consider throwing in some fun obstacles such as, weaving through cones, walking across a balance beam (2x4 laid on the ground), limbo under a stick..etc.

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Pin the Flower on the Ladybug

Little love bugs will "spring" into action to play our exciting Sweet Ladybug "pin" the flower on the ladybug game. This game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey, only sweeter and cuter!  I found this one at

Check out the Lil Ladybug Party Game

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Ladybug Spot Toss

Kids really love tossing the spot at the ladybug.  For this game you will need to draw or print out a poster size picture of a spotless ladybug.   Next, cut and glue strips of Velcro all across the wings. Hang the poster on the wall and your target is ready!

To create the balls take regular ping pong balls and glue the other side of the strips of Velcro onto these.  This way the balls will stick to the Velcro when the hit the poster.

Let the kids take turns trying to toss the spots onto the ladybug and get them to stick.

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Ladybug, Ladybug, Where's Your Spot

In this game one child is designated as the ladybug and must turn their back on the other children and close his or her eyes for 15 seconds.  During that time one of the children will sneak up behind the ladybug and take her spot (this can be anything from a black button to a black pingpong ball).  The child goes and sits back down with the others and hides the spot under them.  Then all the children chant;

Ladybug, Ladybug, Oh what will you do?

Someone swiped your spot, can you guess who ?

The child who is the ladybug then turns around and gets three chances to guess who swiped it.  If they guess right they get to be the ladybug again, if they guess wrong the person who swiped it gets to be the next ladybug.

Ladybug Themed Birthday Party Games
Ladybug Scramble

For this game you will need to paint 20 ping pong balls to look like ladybugs, or you can use ladybug buttons.  Place 10 in two different bowls, and place two empty bowls on the other side of the game area.  

When you are ready to play line the children into two separate teams, each behind one of the bowls with the ladybugs inside.  One player from each team must place a ladybug on their spoon and rush it over to the other bowl with touching it with their hands or dropping it.  Once they drop it in the other bowl they run back to their team and pass the spoon to the next player who does the same.  This continues until one team has successfully transferred all their ladybugs over.

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