Tinkerbell birthday party ideas & Games

My Tinkerbell birthday party ideas are full of unique and fun games and activities.

I have plenty of D.I.Y games for those creative parents, plus many games and activities that you can purchase for those looking for simple and convenient. I designated a full page to these fairy party games.

tinkerbell birthday party games
pass the poison

Remember the scene in Peter Pan when, in order to save Peter’s life, Tink drinks the poison herself. In order to save her all the boys and girls in the world must clap their hands together and say “I believe in fairies”. In this game the guests sit in a circle and pass around the “poison” while the music is playing. When the music stops the player that is left holding the poison must fall into a deep sleep. All the other guests must clap their hands and yell out “I believe in fairies” until the poisoned fairy smiles or laughs. The game continues until all fairies have a chance to be brought back to life.

Tink's puzzle hunt

This is great way to turn a tinkerbell floor puzzle into an awesome game. A floor puzzle is an oversized puzzle with giant pieces. In this game you hide the puzzle pieces all around the playing area and the little fairies work as a team to find them all and put together the puzzle. Afterwards they can be rewarded with prizes for all. Plus the puzzle doubles as a gift your child can enjoy long after the parties over. Here is the perfect puzzle for this game.

THE tinker challenge

Tinkerbells a tinker fairy. In this fun activity the children must use things they find in nature to create their own tinkers. They can make fairy houses, fairy furniture, fairy tools...anything their imagination can dream of. they can use sticks, leaves, nuts, rocks -anything they can find in nature. You can give out prizes for best creations or just do it for fun.

Tink's ring on a Ribbon

For this game you will need a long ribbon and a large ring.  You can use toy rings and double them as favors if you would like.

One girl is chosen to play Tinkerbell and turns her back to the rest of the guests - this guest will be in charge of stopping the music when they choose and trying to figure out who has the ring.

The guests sit in a row and the ribbon needs to be long enough so that it spans the length of the row and each child can be holding the ribbon in front of them.

The ring will be strung through the ribbon and passed along from hand to hand along the ribbon while music is playing.  When the music stops whoever has it in their hand must keep it there and try not to let the player who is Tinkerbell know that they have it.

Tinkerbell then has 3 chances to guess which one of the players has her ring.  If she chooses right she gets to keep the ring and another player becomes Tink.  If she is wrong the other player gets to keep the ring and a player who hasn't gotten a chance yet gets to be Tink next. 

free the fairies

For this game, you will need one small, toy fairy figurine or doll per player. If you don’t have figurines, you can use printed images of fairies instead. Hide the fairies around the party space. Tell the guests that their fairy friends have been captured and hidden by the evil fairy queen. Each player must find a fairy and set them free. When a player returns with a fairy, they are awarded a small prize. Suggestions for prizes include glow bracelets, glitter nail polish, bottles of bubbles and pixie sticks.

Flower balloon decorations

More Fairy party games & Ideas

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