Hello Kitty Party Games

Check out the following DIY Hello Kitty party games to add fun and friendship to your Hello Kitty party. These adorable games are kid tested for fun. 

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Yarn Maze

Use the yarn to create a maze all around your playing area. Outdoors or large areas are best for this game. String the yarn up, over, under, and all around to create a fun obstacle. At the end of the yarn you can choose to place a prize (make sure it is something all the children can share). At the start of go the children start at the beginning of the yarn and follow the yarn until they find the prize.

Another way to play this game is to purchase a different colored yarn for each player and create an individual course for each child. The can collect the yarn as they go, wrapping it around a square of cardboard. Once they have all their yarn wrapped around their board you can tie one side and cut the other to make a cute pompom each guest can keep as a party favor.

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Lap the Milk Race

Give each player a saucer of milk or vanilla ice cream. Have them lap it up like a kitty would, using their tongue and no hands. You can award a prize to the one that finished first, or award a prize to everyone who finished. Kids really enjoy this silly game.

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Sugar Cookie Crunch

Everyone knows that Hello Kitty loves baking cookies. In this game you will hang one sugar cookie from a string for each player. Tie the strings to the ceiling or something similar so that they are hanging in the air. Have the children eat the yummy treat blindfolded without using their hands. Award prizes to the child who can eat their entire cookie. If it breaks off and falls to the floor they are eliminated.

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Pin the Bow on Kitty

Played just like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey. In this version you will need to print out a picture or buy a poster of Hello Kitty. Create enough bows for each player. Make sure they are the same size as the bow on the poster or print. You can create the bows from construction paper, foam, or even print them from the computer.

Once you are ready to play the game you’ll need to blindfold one child at a time, then place a piece of tape on the back of their bow. Next give them a few spins and point them in the direction of the poster. The child that sticks their bow closest to Kitty’s actual bow wins the game.

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Gold Fish Relay

Divide the players into two equal teams. On the start of go one player from each team is given a spoon. They must race to the finish line where a bowl of golf fish crackers are waiting. Once there, they scoop up a gold fish cracker and rush back to their team without dropping it. When they get back to their team they must feed it to the next player in line, who then repeats the race to feed the next person a gold fish cracker.

If a player drops their cracker, they must return to the bowl and scoop another one. They cannot touch the cracker with their hands at any point. The team whose member have all eaten a gold fish first wins.

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Who has Kitty's Bow?

Everyone sits in a circle. One player is chosen to play Kitty. She must sit in the middle of the circle blindfolded. Next to Kitty is her bow. One child must sneak up and take her bow, then all the children can switch places until Kitty calls out. “ oh my, oh my, do you know? Which of you kitties have my bow? After she says this the child that has her bow makes a meow sound.

Kitty can either make a guess as who it was or she can ask them again. She can ask up to three times before taking her guess. If she guesses right, she gets to continue being Kitty. If she guesses wrong the player who has the bow gets to play Kitty next.

Fun Hello Kitty Party Games
Mouse Hunt

Hide toy mice all throughout the playing area and let the children hunt them down. Offer a small piece of candy for every mouse found. Or you can hide one mouse and give the children clues to where the mouse is located. Once they find the mouse they can trade it in for a treasure.

A third way to play is to have one child hide a toy mouse, and instead of saying “hot or cold” when a player is getting close to it, they can meow faster and louder when the players are getting close to the hiding spot. Whichever child finds it can be the next hider.

Hello Kitty Party Fun
Party Crafts

  • Have each child create their own cat collar. Craft foam is perfect to create the pieces.
  • Friendship bracelets! Hello Kitty is all about friends and fun. Why not teach the children how to make fun friendship bracelets.
  • Coloring sheets
  • Make your own bow. Have each child create their own hello bow!



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