DIY Spongebob Party Games

Spongebob Party Games

Did you know that Spongebob has been around since 1999? This show is filled with colorful characters, jokes, giggles and sometimes pure nonsense; But, never the less still entertaining. So throwing a Spongebob Party can be just as entertaining when you plan it right. 

Below we have created personalized invitations and party favors to help create that colorful and fun underwater feel for your little party goers. Yet, we can’t leave games out because keeping the guests active and laughing is all a part of this timeless theme. So check it out and start planning that Krabby-tastic party for your little one now.

Spongebob Party Games
Bubble Blowing Babies

One of the biggest obsessions for Spongebob is blowing bubbles. For this game you will have your guests blowing bubbles in competition. Give each child a bubble wand and some bubble solution. Have the children take turns trying to blow the biggest bubble, the smallest bubble and have a competition to see who can catch the most bubbles on their wand without popping them. The winner of each category takes home a small prize.

Spongebob Party Games
My Very Own Sponge

For this activity you will need plain yellow sponges, googley eyes, glue, pipe cleaners and any other materials for decorating. Give each child their own sponge to decorate. They can make their own Spongebob or they can create a sponge character of their own. After everyone is done and the crafts are dried the artists can take turns showing off their handy work.

Spongebob Party Games
Printable Spongebob Treasure Hunt

We created this treasure hunt to offer something fun and different for your Squarepants party.  This treasure hunt features 10 different clues, each one a different kind of puzzle.  Once you solve one clue it will lead you to the next and the next until you reach the end.  The best part is YOU decide the clue locations so you can play this at any locations.

Spongebob Party Games
Spongebob Toss

This game is best played outdoors. You will need large sponges, yellow if possible, and a bucket filled with water. Have the guest’s pair up with one another. Each pair will receive a sponge soaked in the water from the bucket. Have the partners stand three feet from one another. The game begins when the person with the sponge tosses it to their partner. If the partner catches it, they take a step back and toss it back. This continues until someone drops the wet sponge. The team to get the furthest apart in the tossing wins the game.


Spongebob Party Games
Jellyfish Sting Dance 

This game is best played using the theme song from the show. You will need two small, pink bean bags (jellyfish) and a music player you can stop and start. Have the children gather into a room or play area outside. The rules of the game are that when the music starts the players will begin tossing the jellyfish around to each other. When the music stops, the people holding the jelly fish have been stung and are out of the game. This will continue until there is only one bean bag and one person left and they are the winner.


Spongebob Party Games
Pineapple Bowling

You probably are imagining a bunch of pineapples as the pins and that can be expensive. Actually the pineapple is the ball in this case and the pins are empty plastic bottles. You can print out pictures of the characters and tape them to the bottles if you like. Have the children stand back from the bottles and take turns knocking down as many characters as they can. Just a little nautical nonsense under the sea fun! You can base distance and turns on the ages of the participants. The person with the highest score wins the game.


Spongebob Party Games
Krabby Patties

For this activity you will need Play-doh in green, yellow, red, white and brown. The children will take turns trying to create their own version of the Krabby patty using the Playdoh. Give them five minutes to get their creation together. They will then display them and vote on who did the best job. You can also use yellow cupcakes cut in half and icing in the same colors listed above and have them create a Krabby patty. Of course, they get to eat that creation afterwards.


Spongebob Party Games
Mr. Krab's Treasure Race

Mr. Krabs is quite the greedy crab indeed. For this game you will need gold coins and a large playing area. Have the children pair up with one another. Divide the gold coins (about four per team) evenly and put in bowls for each team. Place the bowls at one end of the playing area in a straight line about three to four feet apart from one another. Have the children line up on the other end, opposite their bowl of coins. The object of the game is for the team to collect all of the coins before the other teams. However they must do this while crab walking. They have to crab walk over to the coin dish, grab a coin and crab walk back. Their partner will then do the same and this continues until all of the coins are taken. The first team to finish wins the game.


Spongebob Party Games
Squidward's Tentacle Tag

This game has the same concept as Red Rover except you need two pool noodles. You will announce one person as Squidward and give them the pool noodles. They will stand in the middle of the designated play area and hold one noodle in each hand. The remaining children, or fish, will all gather in on one side of the play area, facing Squidward. When the game begins Squidward will shout “Squidward Tentacles demands of thee, to try and cross this dangerous sea!” The fish will try to make it to the other side while Squidward is trying to tag them with his tentacles. If you are tagged you are out. The last person standing is the winner.  

Spongebob Party Games
Sandy Says

This game is much like Simon says with a twist.  Sandy loves karate so she is going to teach the kids karate.  There are four moves; CHOP - PUNCH - KICK - BOW.  You (or another adult volunteer) play Sandy.  Sandy demonstrates different sequences of the four moves, starting out easy and progressively getting harder, and the kids copy.  So Sandy might go PUNCH - PUNCH - KICK - PUNCH, and then the kids have to repeat it.  You can eliminate kids that get it wrong, have two against two tournaments, or just play for fun. 

Spongebob Party Games

You will need to get a net for each child that will be participating and a bag of 5” latex balloons, pink if possible. Fill all of the balloons with air and put in bags. You will also need volunteers to help get the jellyfish (balloons) floating. When the game begins, the volunteers will start tossing the balloons into the air and the children with try to catch as many as possible. You can have them keep track of their jellyfish and award the most caught or you can just let them play for the fun of it.


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