Ninja Party Games & Ideas

Are you looking to throw an action-packed Ninja party, but running short on ideas? Sometimes the best themes are the hardest to plan for. With the right invitations, decorations and games/activities, your party will go off with a kick.

You can even start your party off with each child receiving a white belt. As they complete or master each game or activity they will receive a new colored belt. Colors go as follows; White, yellow, green, blue, red and then black, which is master ninja status.

top 10 ninja party games

One child is blindfolded while the other hide around the playing area.  The blindfolded player must find the hidden players without the benefit of sight.

 They can call for a clap up to three times and all the hidden players must clap twice.  When a player is touched they are out.

DIY Ninja weapons

Let the kids make their own ninja weapons such as boa's, nunchucks, and swords.  You can make all of these using pool noodles so they will be safe.  

We cut noodles into different sizes - long for the boa's, short for the nunchucks, we bought blow up swords for the swords, but they can be made from pool noodles as well. 

Let each child choose their own ninja weapon, maybe let them decorate them with duct tape.  You can have some hanging balloons that they can hit, maybe a wall made of shoe boxes they can knock down, etc. 

keep em' up

Using their foam or inflatable weapons (boas or swords work best) give each a balloon. On go, the children are to put the balloon in the air and keep it off the floor using only their ninja weapon. The longest to keep the balloon up wins a prize. Each child can now receive the next belt.

Or below is a video on how to make these awesome balloon swords seen on the right.

Ninja star toss

This can used as an activity and a ninja game. You can have the children make origami ninja stars or you can cut out paper ones. Have a bucket or large bowl available and a timer set for 1 minute. Each child will stand 3 to 5 feet from the bucket and attempt to toss as many ninja stars into the bucket in one minute. The ninja with the most in wins. If there is a tie, they will compete until there is a winner. Once, complete they receive their next belt.

Check out the paper ninja star tutorial below if you don't already know how to make these fun ninja stars!


You will need one helium filled balloon on a string for each child attending the party. Tape the balloons to the floor several feet apart. You can draw a ninja mask on each balloon to add character.

The mission is to see if the little ninjas call kick the balloon ninja in the head or face but they have to say Hai-Ya!, or that attempt doesn’t count. This will lead to many laughs and a great photo opportunity. Now they are one step closer to being a ninja.

chopstick pick

The supplies for this theme are; chopsticks, a timer and a bucket. Have the children get into teams and hand each child a pair of chopsticks. Put several small objects, such as a marshmallow, cotton ball, a fake fly, marbles…etc., on a table in front of each group.

The idea of the game is to pick up as many objects as possible with the chopsticks and put them in their teams’ basket. The team with the most objects by the time 2 minutes is up, wins.

printable ninja PARTY HUNT game

In this printable party game each player or team of players are given a colored ninja card.  They must locate the six ninja weapons cards that match their colored ninja. 

The ninja weapon cards are actually envelopes and each one contains part of a six piece puzzle.  When the puzzle is put together it reveals a letter - when all the puzzles from each player are put together a word will be spelled - that word will lead to the hidden treasure.  

THe best part is you get to decide which puzzles to use so that you can spell out any hiding location you want - as long as it has six letters.  Examples are CLOSET - SWINGS - GARAGE.

This is a cooperative party scavenger hunt, and everything you need to play is included in the INSTANT DOWNLOAD.  

chopstick relay

Have the children pair up with a partner. Give each pair a small marshmallow and a pair of chopsticks. The purpose of the game is to work together. Each child will hold one chopstick and work together to pick up the marshmallow and take it across the room or yard and back without dropping it. This game requires a lot of patience and team work. When completed they receive the next color of belt and they are well on their way to becoming ninjas.

master says

This game will require a good ear. A parent can play the Master or a child can be chosen. The master will stand in front of the group and make different ninja stances. They will say “Moves like Ninja Master and change stance. Occasionally, forgetting to say Ninja. Anyone who changes stance when Ninja is not said is out. Last one remaining is the Master Ninja. Everyone receives the next color of belt.

tuck and duck

This is a fun game that can also be considered exercise. You can use crepe streamer or string. Run the string/crepe from one side of the room to the other, running them in different directions, at different heights. Then run a line in front of it for the children to use as a balance beam. And the very end put the black belts.

The little ninjas will have to get through the maze of strings by tucking and ducking. They have to make it through the strings without touching them or tearing them down. Once completed, they will walk the line without “falling” off and if done without error they get their black belt.

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