top 10 how to train your dragon party games!

Travel to the northern island of Berk, and explore all that it has to offer! With these great games, you can become one with dragons and Vikings alike and let their eventful story shape the party of your dreams!

This viking and dragon theme is full of possibilities!  

dragon feeding

In the How to Train Your Dragon series, we see the Vikings feed their dragons with catapults and sheep- in this game we will do the same! To prepare for Dragon Feeding, you will need to create some cotton ball sheep, popcicle stick catapults, and dragon mouth targets.  See below for easy peasy instructions for all. You will need cotton balls, ping pong balls, and our FREE printable Feed Toothless game for this craft. 

Artistic skills aren't necessary for this simple craft.

To Create Sheep:

  1. Glue the cotton balls around a ping pong ball
  2. Glue on Sheep Face 
  3. If you are feeling extra crafty you can cut a coffee straws into four pieces and attach for legs, but this isn't necessary. 

To Create Catapults:

The instructions are super easy and the materials are super cheap so that you have the option of letting each child create their own catapult or you can create one catapult for all the players to take turns with.  Watch the video for the best DIY instructions.

To Create Dragon Targets:

Print out our free Toothless Mouth.  It prints 8.5x11 - the standard printing size. Glue it to a posterboard and cut out the mouth.  

If you can draw or have a friend who can you can forgo printing and just paint an open mouth picture of Toothless directly on a posterboard.  Make sure the open mouth is big enough to fit the sheep!

To Play!

Let kids take turns catapulting their sheep into Toothless's open mouth!  You can keep score or just play for fun. 

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let sleeping dragons lie!

Full bellies make dragons sleepy. It is bad luck (and bad manners) to wake dragons during their naps. 

Pick an adult to be the sleeping dragon. He/she will lay at one end of the room. The trainers will line up along the other. While the sleeping dragon snores loudly, the trainers will attempt to sneak across the room and past the sleeping dragon. Sadly dragons are restless sleepers and can wake up at any moment.

Trainers must freeze when the dragon starts to wake. If the dragon sees anyone moving he will snarl and send the offending trainer back to start. After a minute the dragon will fall back asleep and the trainers may start moving again. The first trainer to make it past the dragon wins!

vikings, suit up!

This is a creative activity for kids that lets them dress up as a Viking. For 'Vikings, Suit Up!' you will need a variety of crafting materials in which the participants can make wearable pieces out of.

Provide each child with a foam sword from the dollar store and for a fun craft give them each a cardboard cake board with a grip stapled to the back for a shield - let htem decorate it it themselves. We recommend providing construction paper, feathers, buttons, string, ribbon, markers, glue, tape, scissors, and of course glitter. Using the construction paper as a base, kids can become any kind of Viking that they can imagine! With a wide variety of materials, creative kids will have a blast! 

Below is another fun video that shows you an awesome and easy way to create DIY viking hats for the party goers!

how to train your dragon party game
flying practice

For this game players practice flying by throwing Toothless gliders threw a ring of fire.  The gliders are sold on Amazon under $10, and the ring can be made using a hula hoop and orange and red party streamers.  Just hang it from the ceiling or a tree and let players try and get their gliders through it standing at different distances - plus they get to take home thier glider!!

dragon training

Kids will love this fun spin on 'Simon Says', where they get to act as an expert dragon trainer. This is an easy game with no extra materials needed.

One player acts as a Viking dragon trainer each round, and the other players act as dragons. All the dragons face the dragon trainer, and should listen closely to that player. The dragon player gives a command, but the dragons should only listen if the dragon trainer begins the command by saying "Viking says". Commands should be fun for the dragons, like "Viking says touch your toes" or "Twirl around".

If they do the command when they aren't supposed to, or otherwise don't do the command when they should, that player is out of the round. The last dragon becomes the new dragon trainer for the next round. 

Put out the dragon fires

When the Vikings first met dragons, they quickly learned how often fires occur and the importance of putting them out fast. It's time for your guest to put out some dragon fires of their own.

For this game, you will need construction paper and water balloons. Cut the construction paper into curly flame shapes. About five flames will be enough, but you could have more if you wanted.

Next, choose where the players will be throwing their water balloons from. From this spot, decide where the flames should be attached- these should be spots that are close enough to throw a water balloon to, but far enough away to be an age-appropriate challenge.

Once the flames are attached to their spots and the water balloons are filled, the game is ready to play. The players stand in the spot with the water balloons, and try to hit every target. This takes a good throwing arm and great aim. Whoever hits the most targets is the Hero of The Village!

Dragon racing

Time to put these dragon trainers to the test, and see how their dragons really fly! This game requires paper and coloring utensils. Each guest takes a paper to make a paper airplane with however they wish. Guests can use tutorials or ask an adult for help- whatever works best. Then they can decorate their plane and turn it into a dragon! Once everyone is finished, have them take their completed projects and see whose dragon can fly the furthest.

dragon egg hunt

This is a great way to get everyone up and moving. This is a fun spin on a classic easter egg hunt. You’re going to want to start with buying easter eggs then painting them gold, silver, or metallic or purchasing them as such. If you want to get really crafty you can add paper or clay scales! Then you can fill the eggs with whatever you want. Dragon themed candy is a great touch to add to them.

Then feel free to hide them wherever you wish. You can split into teams, pairs, or play one-on-one. I find it best if you have a larger prize for whoever finds the most- it really motivates the players and makes it a bit more exciting and competitive. 

dragon tag

To play this game, pick one player to be the dragon. The rest of the players can be the Vikings. Mark off a box in the game zone, and call it the dragon’s lair. Give the dragon a can of silly string.

The dragon must try and breathe fire (spray silly string) on the Vikings. If a player is tagged with silly string by the dragon, they must sit in the dragon’s lair and wait to be rescued (tagged) by one of the other players. If the dragon manages to get three players in the lair at the same time, they become a Viking and one of the captured players must become the dragon.

dragon's tail

To play this game, each player will need a dragon’s tail. For this, you can tie a ribbon around each guest waist and then tuck a sock or long piece of material into the ribbon. Set a timer, and have them run around the play area. The object of the game is for each player to steal as many tails as possible while at the same time protecting their own. If a tail is swiped, it may be replaced with one swiped from another player. When time is up, any players without a tail are out. The remaining players will count their tails and the one with the most wins the glory.

dragon slobber 

When Hiccup and his Viking friends started to take care of dragons, little did they know the mess they could cause- especially those dragons who slobber in large amounts.

In this fun crafting activity, your party guests can let their individuality shine by creating their own slime. Set up a table with lots of options such as glitter, food coloring, beads, and the base ingredients for your slime. Slime recipes are generally very easy to follow, and you can find the recipe of your choice online. Not only will this be a fun activity for lots of ages, it's a great party favor that everyone can take home.

Below is a cool tutorial for multiple fun slime recipes! 

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