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Finding the perfect baby shower game ideas to play with your friends and family can be such a hassle! With so much pressure to pick the right ones and make the event memorable for the Parents to be! Let us help you with some great tips and game ideas!! We also have some great games that you may purchase (Look for the links at the bottom of the page!) and save even more time and possibly your sanity!

We have both traditional baby shower game ideas and themed baby shower game ideas, but first, lets talk tips! We have some great things/ideas to consider:

When searching for baby shower party game ideas you must first consider the crowd you will be catering too.  

Age: The age of your guest plays an important factor in the planning of the games and activities that you should have. Maybe your baby shower will consist of guests all around the same age or maybe it will span generations including mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. Your best option will be to find games that will appeal to all ages or you may want to divide your games. Have different stations set up so that guest can pick and choose which activities they are interested in. If there will be small children there, a great idea would be to have coloring pages available to help keep them occupied while some of the activities geared to the adults are going on. 

Activity level:  There are so many different activities levels to choose from. Some games are action games that require guests to get up and move and perform physical feats. Others are brain games that require little to no physical movement. Then of course, there are baby shower games that are in the middle that require a mixture of the two. Having games that cater to everyone is ideal, but not always possible. The suggestion of stations comes back into play here. If that is not an option then let your guests make the decision on whether to play or sit out. No pressure! Everyone is there to have fun and I bet even the ones that choose to watch will still have a blast watching the ones that participate!! 

Sense of humor: Some baby shower games are super silly! Keep in mind though, not everyone has the sense of humor it takes and then others say the sillier the game the better! The question is; are they for your group?  Maybe you really like the idea of handing all your guests a baby bottle filled with juice and offering the grand prize to the first that can suck it down, but how will it play out at the actual baby shower?  For some this would be a game that will have everyone cracking up, sides hurting from laughing, cheeks hurting from sucking, and fun memories being made.  For other crowds this type of game may make them wish they just sent a gift and stayed home. 

Co-ed: Baby showers were once banned from men, but traditions are changing and many are opting for a co-ed baby shower.  Choosing to have their spouse/partner take part in the activities and enjoy in the celebration of the baby to be. It also really opens up a world of possibilities as far as games, activities, and the possibility of even more themes! 

Now that we have covered the basics and given you some tips to think about. Let’s talk games! Below you will find some of our unique baby shower games and ideas. 

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