Baseball Birthday Party Games

Baseball is one of America’s greatest past times. Having a birthday party with a baseball theme opens doors for some cool ideas. Besides hotdogs, popcorn, foul balls, and shouting “fans” you’ll need entertainment. Keeping your party goers feeling the baseball groove and laughing it up with the birthday kid just got a little easier. Here you can find not just activities and games but you can also get some pretty cool printable’s. You can have your party personalized like never before, and the best part is that we do it for you, enjoy!

And don't forget to check out our baseball party printables available for download at the bottom of the page.  They come with printable invitations, banners, favor wraps, and more!

Ring the Bat

This game is silly and makes for a great photo opportunity. All you will need is a spacious play area, preferably outside, baseball bats, and some Hula Hoops.

Have the guests split up into teams. Have each group select someone to be the bat. The remaining players will form a line in front of the bats. Place 2 or 3 Hula Hoops in front of each group. You can usually find cheap Hula Hoops at most Dollar Stores. Have the player from each team designated as the bat to walk about ten feet from their team (or less depending on age group) and hand that player a bat.

The first person in line will pick up a Hula Hoop. When the game begins they must toss the Hula Hoop to their player with a bat and the player must try and catch the hula hoop with the bat (ringing the bat with the hula hoop). If they fail, they have to run and retrieve they’re hoop and go to the back of the line. If they get it around the player they will leave it in place and the next person gives it a try. The first team to get all 3 hoops over the bat (“ring the bat”) wins the game.  

In the Major LEaugues

This is a pretty cool activity for all the kids to participate in. It helps to bring out the creativity and imagination in everyone involved.

You will need a large roll of paper, scissors, a pencil (a carpenter’s pencil would work great), an assortment of paint, and paintbrushes.

Cut a sheet of paper for each child that is about the length of their bodies leave a little extra for good measure. Have each child lie down on their paper and you will need to trace their outline with the pencil. Now encourage each participant to use the paints and brushes to create a full size picture of them as baseball players. When they are done and the paintings dry they can take them home as keepsakes. 


Pin the Ball on the bat

This game is the same concept of pin the tail on the donkey but with a fun twist. You can print out a picture of your favorite baseball player or a picture of the guest of honor and use them as the “donkey”.

You can cut the bats out using felt, construction paper, or patterned cardstock. Make sure to have some double sided tape available to put on the back of the poster and the bats. You can even color coordinate the bats as to keep track of which player was closest at the end of the game. Don’t forget your blindfold, and you are all set!

Balloon Ball

You will need inflatable bats, a timer, several small air filled balloons (5” or water balloons are a good size) and a bucket. Inflate the bat and have all of the players get in a line. You will need to designate someone as the “pitcher” (balloon tosser).

Hand the bat to the first person in line. This pitcher will toss a balloon in the air and the other player must keep it in the air and guide it to the bucket using the bat. Set the timer to two minutes. When the game begins they will try to get as many balloons to the bucket as possible. The player with the most in at the end of the game gets to take the bat home as a prize.

Autographed Ball Keepsake

Traditionally, if a host is going to have a keepsake for the guest of honor they will keep birthday cards or have a sign-in register for the guests to scribble a message on. But, here is a great way to have the guests leave a memory that your little baseball fan won’t soon forget.

You will need to purchase a regular baseball and a fine tip permanent marker. Have the baseball available as your guests arrive and encourage them to sign and put a small birthday wish for the guest of honor. Once everyone has had a chance to sign the ball you can set aside a moment and present the birthday child with the gift. If you want to go a step further you can even purchase a ball case from a hobby store for the ball to be kept in. 

Popcorn, Get Your Popcorn!

This game is fun to play and acts as a tasty treat. You will need a couple of large bags of Puff corn. This can be found in the chip aisle and comes in butter, white cheddar and cheddar flavors. You will also need plastic bowls, string or ribbon, a timer, and scissors.

At the base (where the side of the bowl meets the bottom) of several bowls, you will need to use the scissors to poke a hole on each side. Run the string or ribbon through both holes, leaving slack on each side. These will be tied, flat side down, onto the players heads to create a bowl hat they can catch the popcorn in. To make sure the strings don’t come out you can tie a knot on the outside of each hole to secure it.

Have the guest’s pair up and select one person to be the popper and the other to be the catcher. The popper will stand on one side of the room with a bowl of puff corn. The catcher will stand at least four feet away from the popper. Set the timer for one minute. When the game begins the poppers will toss the Puff corn at their partners and they must try to catch as much as possible in their bowl. When time is up the teams will count their pieces and the team with the most wins a prize.

Baseball pass

This fun and hilarious game only requires a baseball and willing participants. Start the game by having everyone gather around in a circle. Hand someone the baseball and tell them to place it between their chin and their neck. They must hold it in his position without using their hands.

The object of the game is for everyone to pass the ball around from one person’s neck to the next without using their hands. If someone drops the ball they are out and the next person will start the game up again. This continues until the ball has been passed around the group two times. The remaining players are winners and get a small prize.

Home Run Glory

You will need the following: whiffle balls, plastic bats, and spray paint.

Use the spray paint or an alternative to draw a boundary in the grass. Have all the players stand in line and choose one person to be the pitcher. This person will be tossing the ball to the first person in line, with the bat.

 Each player will swing the bat to try to send the ball over the boundary line. This is considered a home run. When they miss the ball or the ball doesn’t land past the line that’s considered an out. Once they have 3 outs they must hand the bat to the person behind them and take the pitchers place. Make sure someone is available to keep score. Once everyone has their turn, the player with the most successful home runs wins a prize. 

Batting Practice

Get ready to get wet!  In this game you'll need to prepare bunch of water balloons before hand - at least five for each child.  YOu will also need a plastic bat - the fatter the better.

Have each kid step up to home plate (whatever you designate as such) and pitch them the water balloons.  If they bust one with the bat they get to run around the bases and collect a prize.  Each child gets fives pitches regardless. 

Baseball Birthday PArty Games
Pitching Practice

In this game you will need to print out some images of a catcher and glue them on empty two liter bottles.  Create between 3 and 5 of these.

To play line the catcher bottles up on a table and give kids five balls to pitch and knock down as many of the catcher's as they can.  

Baseball party printables

Our Printables Party set comes with everything you need to theme your party.

Best of all, you can edit your printables with your own party details.

Everything comes in ready-to-print PDF files.  Open with Adobe Reader, click in the text boxes and replace with your own.  Then Print - it's that easy.

The set is available for instant download - that means you will get to download the files as soon as you purchase.

This printable set includes:

  • Editable Invitations  5x7
  • Editable Thank You notes 5x7
  • Editable Banner
  • Editable Candy Bar Wrappers
  • Editable Miniature Candy Bar Wrappers 
  • Editable Favor Bag Topper.
  • Editable tent cards
  • Editable Cupcake toppers.
  • Editable Drink Labels
  • Editable Signs
  • Editable Coloring Page

Instant Download $14.99

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