Redneck Party Ideas!

 A redneck party is fun and easy to do.If you are looking for a theme that will leave your guests laughing and impressed, this, my friend, is it!

For decorations you can use old Christmas lights, make a beer can wind chime, tattered lawn furniture, put junk in the yard, aluminum foil on windows, and lots of duct tape, camo if possible.

Redneck Party Ideas
Redneck Fixin's

For food, you can go the sensible route with this and still win. Mountain Dew, Big Red, Possum Stew (any chunky soup),Pigs in a blanket, pork n beans, jello shots, cheese puffs, ramen noodles, crackers, cheese whiz and BEER! Everyone can drink from mason jars, you can use milk crates to put the food on and use a rebel flag as your party here sign. This theme has endless possibilities for endless fun. And now for some awesome games you can play to kick it into gear!

Redneck Party Ideas
Biggest Redneck

When sending your invitations out, asks your guests to dress the part.   The best dress wins a prize (six pack of the cheapest beer you can find would work).

Redneck Party Ideas
Who's the Cletus?

Print pictures of redneck celebrities (Jeff Foxworthy, Honey BooBoo, Chris Anderson, Turtle Man, Lynard Skynard, etc.) and have your guests see how many they can guess. Winner gets a kitten poster for their trailer.

Redneck Party Ideas
Tobacco Juice Spittin' Contest

Purchase any bubblegum such as Big Chew or Bubblelicious and have your guests try to spit their “Chaw” the farthest or who can land in the can. You can also use watermelon seeds if you prefer.

Redneck Party Ideas
Toilet Set Tossin'

Just like horseshoe but with Toilet Seats. You’ll need two toilet seats and a yard stake or stick. This can be played throughout the party and can even turn into a tournament; winner takes a toilet seat home with them.

Redneck Games
Redneck Beer Pong

First, gather the two teams to play one another. You will need a table and 12 to 20 red solo cups. Set six to ten on each end in the shape of a triangle and fill each cup a third of the way with cheap beer. Get ping pong balls or really go redneck and use fishing bobbers. Each player makes a shot into a cup of the opposing team and the opposing team drinks from that cup and removes it from the table. The team that clears the other team’s cups first, wins. Check out our printable redneck party supplies for funny stickers you can put in the bottoms of the cups.

Redneck Games
Spam Carving Contest

You will need cans of spam and plastic knives. Each player gets a can and a knife and with five minutes on the clock has to carve their spam. The most creative wins a pack of moon pies, cuz rednecks loooove moon pies!

Redneck Games
Hubcap Frisbee

Gather old cheap hubcaps (check out your local salvage yards) and invite your guests to a friendly game of redneck Frisbee. Its a great game that guests can enjoy throughout the party that requires little instruction and no monitoring.

Redneck Games
Pin the Tail on the Possum

 We have created a possum and tails you can easily print out. You can use an old rag or bandana as the blindfold. Your guests are sure to enjoy this classic game with our bumpkin twist.  INSTANT DOWNLOAD $1.99

Redneck Games
Armpit Serenade

You can’t have a redneck bash without the music! Have your guests use their armpits to try to make the most noise. This game is sure to get everyone laughin’. The winner gets a whoopi cushion.

Redneck Games
Pass the Plunger

Go to your local dollar store and get at least three plungers. Have your guests pair up into groups of three and have them stand one in front of the other about fifteen feet apart. Have the person in the back put the plunger between their knees. Once you start the game the purpose is to have them pass the plunger to each other without using hands and without dropping it. Whichever team is quickest, wins. A good prize would be a roll of toilet paper.

Redneck Party Ideas
More Redneck Fun

  • Redneck Pool: Turn the bed of your truck into a redneck pool party by lining it with a large car tarp and filling it with water.
  • Redneck Trampoline: Put a mattress out in the yard for a redneck trampoline for the kids to play on. Kids actually LOVE this.
  • Redneck  Pinata: Use an empty 24 box of beer (or soda) fill it up with yummy redneck treats such as hoho’s, ding dong’s, and twinkies. Hang streamers from the bottom, attached with duct tape of course. Hand from a tree and let guests have at it

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