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Fun Teenage Party Games
Hunger Games Balloon War

This game was invented by my teenage daughters friend at our last party - a house full of hyper pumped up teens, what do you do?  Hunger Games Balloon war!  How do you play?

All players are tributes -Everyone gets a balloon.  This balloon represents your life - you need to hold onto it for dear life.  If your balloon gets popped you are dead (out of the game).  If you drop your balloon you need to pick it up fast before it gets popped.  If your balloon is out of your possession for more than a minute you are also considered dead (out).  

The last person with their balloon wins!  

Other rules

  • This game immediately led to people wanting to use weapons - actual forks were pulled out - eeks!  I had to veto that immediately.  In the end we agreed that everyone was allowed to use a crayon for a weapon and nothing else.  In the end the only one who got hurt was a girl who fell and scrapped her hand on the sidewalk.  Not to bad, and she seemed somehow more pumped up by her "warriors wound".

  • You can't hide your balloon, but you can hide with your balloon.  At first people wanted to hide their balloon - this is how the rule came about that you always had to have it on you.

  • You cannot attempt to actually hurt someone - the idea is to pop their balloon, not physically hurt others.  This is a game, not the actual Hunger Games. ;)

This game was a huge hit!  It was played over and over until their was not enough balloons to play again.  It probably didn't hurt that I gave out $5.00 to the winner, but the fact that it took 25-45 minutes for each round, that isn't a bad price for entertaining 20 teenagers.

Fun Teenage Party Games
Taste the Rainbow

To play this game you’ll need a big bag of skittles (maybe a few depending on how many guests you have).  You’ll also need straws.  Pour all the skittles into a big bowl and arm all your friends with drinking straws and a cup to collect their skittles in.  On the start of they all must try and collect as many skittles as they can into their cups, but they CAN’T touch them with their hands.  They must suck them onto their straws and transport the skittles to their cups without dropping them.  Have their cups lined up at another table to make the challenge harder (and funnier).  After the game everyone can eat their winnings!

Fun Teenage Party Games
Truth & Liars

In this fun party game you’ll have to decide which of your friends are lying.  Can you do it?   If not you may have to pay the consequences!  Catch the liar and they will be the one’s paying the price.

How to play:  Take three index cards and write truth on the back of two of them and liar on the back of the other.  You can also just use three playing cards, I like to use the aces and have the ace of spades be the “liar’s card”.  Place the cards face down and have three players pick one without showing the other players.  Now ask a question such as: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?  They each must answer, two telling the truth the other one lying.  You and your friends must try and decide which one is lying and which one is telling the truth, you must all come to an agreement on which one to call the liar.

If the liar is caught he or she must perform a dare (check out my teen truth or dare questions for fun dare ideas), but if the liar gets away with it then they get to pick another person to perform a dare. After the dare is done, play again with three new contestants. Soo much fun!

Fun Teenage Party Games
Teen Choice Awards

In this game your friends will get to cast their votes and win trophies for different zany topic. Some fun categories might be :


  • Most likely to be famous one day
  • Most likely to be on Jerry Springer one day
  • Most likely to travel the world
  • Most likely to get fall asleep first tonight


  • Best Dance moves
  • Best Make-up
  • Best Jokes
  • Best Booty
  • Best Couple

Brainstorm and be creative when thinking of award topics. Have a shoebox (or similar) with an opening in the top for every category. Write each category on a sheet of paper, or make them on your computer. When your friends arrive at the party provide all of them all with plenty of slips of paper and pens to cast their votes with. Have an unbiased person tally up the votes to determine the winners. Later have an award show. Make a big to do of each award and let the winner say a few words on the award honor. You can find very affordable trophies at  oriental trading.

Fun Teenage Party Games
Gummy Bear Contest

This teen party game is HILARIOUS!! With their hands behind their backs your friends will dive face first into a pie tin full of whip cream to retrieve the gummy bears. Place 10 gummy bears in the bottom of each pie tin and cover with whip cream. On the start of go everyone dives in to get their gummy bears out as fast as possible –No hand allowed! The first person to retrieve all their gummy bears wins! Make sure you have a camera, because you’re going to want to get lots of pics.

Fun Teenage Party Games
Man Hunt

This is a classic teen party game. You’ll need a large amount of space to play this game, with plenty of places to hide. One person is designated the hunter, the others are all fugitives.  The fugitives all hide and the hunter must hunt them down.

There are actually many variations of this game. Check out this HUGE list on Wikipedia.

Another teen game for parties that is fun is called SARDINES. It’s pretty much the opposite of manhunt. In sardines only one person hides and then everyone else must look for them. When you find the person hiding you must hide with them. This game keeps going until there is only one person looking and everyone else is hiding together.

Fun Teenage Party Games
Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told is the revealing laugh-out-loud, pretend to know your friends party game! Each round, one of the players in the Host, and plays a question card such as, Truth Be Told, my favorite snack is _________. The Host writes a truthful answer - pork rinds. All other players pretend to be the Host, and write bluff answers -which seems like something the Host wrote - pretzels, prunes, sardines. The Host collects and reads all answers aloud, and players try to guess the True Answer to score points. Bluff answers score points too - so there are a lot of ways to win, and a lot of hooting, snickering and giggling along the way! Awesome addition to your fun teen party games

Fun Teenage Party Games
Capture the Flag

Another classic party game that’s tons of fun is Capture the Flag. Again you’ll need a large space to play, wooded areas work great for this game. Divide the space into two sides. Then divide the players into two teams and give each a flag. Flags can be made of anything, an old t-shirt on a stick will even do the trick. Each team must hide their flag somewhere on their side of the playing space. At least an inch of the flag must be visible. The object is to sneak onto the other team’s side and steal their flag. If you get tagged while in their space you must go to their prison cell. You can only get out if one of your team members tags you free, then both of you must make it back across to your side without being tagged again. The winner is the team that captures the other team’s flag first and makes it back to their team’s side.

Fun Teenage Party Games
Sock Wrestling

This is a hilariously fun teen game. Two people face off on their hands and knees. No shoes, just socks. The first person to remove both of the other persons socks wins! For extra messy fun play outside on a tarp covered in jello or pudding. Set up a tournament between all of your friends and award a trophy or ‘belt” to the ultimate sock wrestler!

Fun Teenage Party Games
Pop Culture Trivia

Test how much your friends know about pop culture. Before the party search the internet and find tons of fun questions on celebrities, movies, music, etc. You can divide your friends into teams or have them play individually. Ask questions to both teams and let them buzz in if they know the answer. You can use a bell for the buzzer. Give out candy for every correct answer.

ANOTHER VERSION Create your own POP CULTURE FAMILY FEUD GAME. You’ll need to be creative and come up with some fun survey questions and answers. Come up with about 10-12 survey questions, and have about five or six survey answers for each question.

Fun Teenage Party Games

How twisted will you get? Give the spinner a whirl and see what's next as you try to keep your hands and feet on the mat! Right foot red! Can you do it? Left foot green... you got it! Be the last player standing to win. Get twisted and tangled up in four fun games: Twistin' Turns, Teaming Up, Twister Tournament and Twister Knockout

Fun Teenage Party Games
ABC Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun scavenger hunt idea for your teen party. No need for a list! Divide everyone into teams and set a time limit, say 30 minutes to an hour. Give every team a large bag (garbage bag or pillow case. They must collect as many things as they can that starts with each letter of the alphabet. The item must also fit into the bag. Only one item for each letter and the same item cannot be used for multiple letters. Example a spoon can be either used for the letter S as in spoon or the letter U as in utensil –not both. Which team collects the most items at the end of the time frame wins. Have a non partial person ready to judge if there are any disagreements on if an object should count or not.

Fun Teenage Party Games
goat lord


The GOAL of this hilariously strategic card game is to become Lord of the Goats! To do this, be the first player to get to 1,000 goat points by gathering the biggest herd of goats.


You do this by stacking identical pairs of goats in front of you to build your goatherd. Each of the many goat types have different point values, you will fight for the highest point values.


Everything gets goat crazy when you attack opponents by dueling for their top GOAT Stack or play action cards that give you magical goat powers and abilities to beat your lowly goat friends. Every time you win a duel or play a successful action card, your goatherd value goes up, making you more likely to win, but watch out! You also become a target for your fellow goaters.

Play Action Cards that change the strategy of the game and throw twists to your plot to dominate the know Goat World. Including Magical Flower Goatees, Atomic Goats, and more.

GOAT LORD HIMSELF:Join in sharing your thoughts of the GOAT LORD.

Fun Teenage Party Games
Mall Scavenger Hunt

Race with your friends through the mall collecting items, pictures, and completing crazy dares off of your team's list.  My printable teen mall scavenger hunt kit comes with everything you need to set up your game.  It has team badges, tags, labels, PLUS an awesome list of mall scavenger hunt challenges, items, and pictures to collect so you do not have to think of them all yourself.  Want to add some of your own. You can!  The list is completely editable so you can remove or add any items that you want.  

teen party games
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