Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Printable Mystery Game!

Who Kidnapped Jack the King of Halloween? That is the question your guests will be trying to figure out. They will doing that by searching for the game pieces hidden around your party location. All the game pieces are included in the ready-to-print game file.  Learn more about this game to see if it is a good fit for your crowd.

Jack received a letter inviting him to the Grimm Mansion to be crowned the King of Halloween.  With this honor he would receive a crown made of pure gold and diamonds, and most importantly, the All Hallows Wand.  This wand made it possible for Jack to turn plain rocks and other suck rubbish into delicious candy.  All it took was the touch of the wand and voila. Needless to say, Jack was ecstatic, well about as ecstatic as the dead can be, to receive this honor.  Someone else however was not! 

On the night that Jack showed up to Grimm’s Mansion he was kidnapped and left in his room was a note demanding the crown and the wand for Jack’s safe return. All six of the other guests staying at the Mansion that night claim they have no knowledge of his whereabouts, but someone is lying and it’s up to you to find out who! To accomplish this you must find the answers to these three questions by looking for the following types of CLUE CARDS:

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

1st.  Who? Which one of the six suspects did it?

  • Frankie S.
  • Draco Vamp
  • TP Mummy
  • Gigi the Ghost
  • Wolfy Jr.
  • Danny Death

2nd. Where? Where is Jack being held?

The Kidnapper has Jack hidden away in one of the following locations;

  • Belinda the Bad's Cottage
  • Zombie Graveyard
  • Haunted Forest
  • Dragon's Cave
  • Grimm's Mansion
  • Fairy Lake

3rd.  Weapon? What “weapon” was used to help the  guilty elf complete the    crime?

How was Jack taken without anyone noticing the struggle in the first place.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

1.  Print out all the game pieces, and place each in individual envelopes. Envelopes is the only additional thing you will need to purchase to play this game.

2. Before the players arrive set one suspect card, one location card, and one weapon card aside. hide ALL the other game pieces around your playing area.

3.  When players arrive divide into teams and give each  a check list. These are included and provides a fun way for teams to mark off items as they find them to narrow down the possibilities.

4.  Let players search for the game pieces around the playing area and mark off cards as they find them.

5.  When a team narrows down their suspect, weapon, and location to one they can make there guess.  If they are right they win the game.

Sound easy right?
Not so fast - it's about to get even better!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

What are trick and treat cards used for?

The trick and treat game pieces are hidden along with all the other game pieces. 

The TREAT cards are all worth points and can be used like money throughout the game.  Teams can barter and purchases other needed game pieces using their TREAT cards. 

The TRICK cards are what makes this game interesting.  If a player finds a TRICK card they can give it to anyone they want and that person has to follow the rules of the card.  All the TRICK cards contain a different "curse" that the player must act out until that curse is broken.  Some of the curses include;

  • The Curse of the Zombie where players must walk with their knees locked..
  • The Curse of Broadway where players must sing anything they want to see.
  • The Curse of Molasses where players must move is slowww motion.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

Now curses can be broken and players may return to their former glory.  This brings me to the last and final type of card in the Halloween hunt.  The CURSE BREAKER.  If a player finds a CURSE BREAKER card they can use it to break their own curse, break the curse of a fellow teammate, or sell and barter it to another team for more clue cards.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

Once a team has figured out the who, what, and where AND have also broke any curses that any of there team members are under they can win the game by presenting their answer to the host.  If they are right then they win.  You can  give out prizes or awards for;

  • Team that solved the Mystery.
  • Best Actor/Actress of the Curses
  • Team with the Most TREAT card points at the end of the game.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

  • Age range 7+ ~ Adults ( younger children can play if they have help reading)
  • Can be played with 4 to 30 players.
  • Can be played anywhere where adequate hiding spaces are available.
  • Files come in ready-to-print PDF file.
  • Once purchase you will receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD link.
  • If you have any other question you can contact me at partygamesplus@yahoo.com

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