DIY P.J MAsks Party Games

PJ Masks is the next big thing in the world of preschoolers. From action and adventure to silly jokes, this popular TV cartoon has everything a kid could possibly want and more. This means your little ones will probably jump on the PJ Masks bandwagon soon enough, and eventually you will probably be planning a PJ Masks superhero celebration. 

If your child has already found this adorable Disney Junior production and their birthday party theme of choice is PJ Masks, you may be scrambling to find ideas to fit into your little one's party theme. Since every kid deserves to have their special day be absolutely magical, we have taken it upon ourselves to build a list of wonderful PJ Masks party games that are sure to blow your little guy or gal away. 

PJ Relay

Quick! Get your PJs on so you can join the PJ Masks and help save the day. This is a silly game that will most definitely have your party guests roaring with laughter. 

To set up, you will need two sets of pajamas. The sets should include an equal number of items. Items could include house shoes, pants, shirts, robes, nightcaps, or any other articles a person might wear to sleep. In order to keep things fair and avoid frustration, it is best to steer clear of button-up shirts. 

Place each set of PJs in a separate pile at one end of your designated race track. Have the kids split into two teams and have each team line up at the opposite end of the race track with each team facing one set of pajamas. 

On the count of three, have the first person on each team race to the pile of PJs, put them on, and race back to the next person in line. The clothes do not have to be worn perfectly, as long as they stay on the child's body. 

Once the first player reaches the second player in line, he or she must remove the clothing and allow the second player to put it all on. The second player races to the opposite side of the race track and removes the pajamas, leaving them in a pile. They then run back to the starting point and tag the third player, who begins the whole process over again. 

The race continues in this manner until all of the players on one team have finished. The first team to finish wins the race. 

superhero obstacle course

Every kid loves pretending to be a superhero. This game allows them to play pretend in the most action-packed way possible. 

To set up the course you'll need a cardboard box decorated with a cityscape, two small hand weights, and a kiddie pool filled with foam pieces or balls. Place the box near to the starting line, with the weights set up several feet after. Add the kiddie pool at the very end of the course. 

To play, have the guests line up and take turns working their way through the course. In order to complete the course they must...

"Fly" (by running and flapping their arms) around the cityscape box five times in order to represent Owlette's power of flight.

Lift the weights three times in order to represent Gekko's super strength. 

Jump into the pool in order to represent Catboy's super leap.

Time the kids and see who can get achieve the best time in order to add an element of competition if you wish. 

printable treasure hunt game

Our printable editable PJ Masks treasure hunt is the perfect game to add a bit of adventure to your party.  Our hunt features five clues that enables you to choose your own hiding locations.  

HOW IT WORKS: download the hunt.  Open in adobe reader.  Type in your chosen hiding location where directed, plus a few decoy locations and presto - you are ready to print and play.

Give the first clue to the players to start the game.  Every clue they solve will lead the to the next.  The last clue will lead them to the 'YOU WIN' victory card along with whatever treasure you decide.

Some ideas of places to hide clues include the shower, inside of flower pots, under the couch, and in the toy chest. In order to make sure the hints don't get lost, consider putting each one into a small plastic bag or envelope.

This game was created to be played by children ages 4-6 with some help from a older sibling or parent with reading and directions. It should take about 20-30 minutes to play.

instant download $5.99

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in printable PDF files.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact us at:

catboy's long jump

Catboy has a pretty impressive super leap. See if your party guests can compare with a fun long-jump game. 

This is a super simple game that requires very little in the way of setup. To prepare, simply place a line of masking tape on the floor. 

When the guests are ready to play, have them line up behind the tape line and take turns jumping as far forward as they can from the tape. Mark each player's landing point with a strip of tape labeled with their name. The player with the farthest jump wins!

hero, hero, villain

This simple game is perfect for antsy preschoolers. It is very similar to the classic, "Duck, Duck, Goose" and can be learned and played in a matter of minutes. 

To begin, have all players sit in a big circle in an open space.  

Choose one player to be the first superhero. This player walks around the circle, tapping each player on the head and stating either "hero" or "villain". If the superhero says hero, the player stays in place and nothing happens. However, if the superhero says "villain" that person must get up from their seat and chase the superhero around the circle. If the superhero is able to make a full lap around the circle and sit in the chosen player's place without being tagged, they are allowed to continue playing.

That said, if the original superhero is tagged by the chosen villain, he or she must sit in "jail" in the middle of the circle. People put in jail must remain there until another person is put there. 

Either way, after the chase, the game continues with the chosen villain becoming the newly appointed superhero. The whole process repeats as many times as the players like.

Each and every one of these ideas is sure to be hit with the kids, and when combined with some cute decorations and yummy food, they can sure make a party fantastic. So go ahead, take a second look at the list, pick and choose what you like, and enjoy!

create your own superhero

For this activity children will each get a basic eye masks and they decorate it to represent the hero they want to be.

Create the basic masks from felt or foam paper. Punch holes on each side and use elastic to create a band to fit around child's head.

Provide plenty of creative supplies such as pipe cleaners, pom-poms, glitter glue, feathers, beads, fabric etc.  that the children can utilize to make their mask.  Parental help will be needed.  
After let the children take turns telling about their superhero abilities and personality.  You can have a list of a few probing questions ready like:

  • What is your heroes superpower
  • Who does your superhero help
  • what is your superheroes weakness


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