Dora Birthday Party Game Ideas!

Need ideas for your child's big Dora birthday party? I have three children, two girls and a boy, and all of them went through a big Dora the Explorer phase. My youngest is still in his, so over the years I have had a lot of Dora birthday experience. Here is what I’ve come up with. I have many D.I.Y games for all those creative types, plus some Dora the explorer party games and activities you can purchase for those of you looking for convenience. I also have a jungle party games and monkey party games that can provide you with even more ideas for your party.

Dora Birthday Party Game Ideas
Swiper No Swiping

If you know Dora, then you know Swiper. In this Dora birthday party game the kids are told that Swiper has been at it again! He swiped Dora’s stars and has hidden them throughout the party area. The guests must find and collect them all. You can usually find star die-cuts at your local dollar store!

Dora Birthday Party Game Ideas
Dora Obstacle Course

In this game the kids must get water to the waterhole for the baby hippo’s. They must carry a pail of water through mushroom valley, over Crocodile River, and to the watering hole. If you don’t want to include water games, you can have them balance plastic or candy eggs on a mixing spoon and tell them they are rushing robin eggs back to their nest.

Mushroom Valley – purchase hard plastic bowls from the dollar store, paint the outside red with white dots. Spread these out on the ground to create mushroom valley, but make sure that they are close enough together that the children can step from one mushroom onto another. The obstacle is for the players to step on the mushrooms to get through the valley without stepping on the ground.

Crocodile River – For this game you’ll need a 2x4 piece of wood to make a plank. Lay the plank on the ground or on a blue tarp to make Crocodile River. To make it more fun you can put toy crocs or alligators around the plank. The children simply have to cross the plank without touching the “river” to make it across.

Waterhole - Have a large bucket or container ready after Crocodile River. The bucket should hold about 10-15 of the smaller pails of water.

The kids take turns rushing pails of water through the obstacles and empting them into the bucket until the bucket is filled. This is the cooperative version. You can also turn it into an obstacle course by dividing players into two teams, providing two buckets, and having each team rush to fill up their bucket first.

Dora Birthday Party Game Ideas
Grumpy Old Troll May I

The kids start at one side of the yard and the grumpy old troll (you) stand at the other. Play this game like mother may I, but instead the kids must ask “grumpy old troll may I”.

Dora Party Game Ideas
Dora's Puzzle Challenge

Use a large Dora floor puzzle and have the kids answer Dora the Explorer questions to earn pieces of the puzzle. Have them put the pieces together in order to receive the treasure.

ALTERNATIVE: Hide all the puzzle pieces around the playing area and have the children hunt to find them and put it together as fast as they can.

Dora Birthday Party Game Ideas
Boot's Banana Challenge

The kids must peel a banana as fast as they can without using their hands. This game is hilarious and always good for lots of giggles. Don't forget to have the camera ready!

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