Tea Party Games
Time to Par-Tea!

The following tea party games are ideas gathered from traditional games and new creative games. They are perfect for adding a bit of fun and frolly to your little girls tea party. These DIY games can be played during a simple afternoon tea time or at a full blown tea party birthday. I'm sure you'll find something that's your cup of tea.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- What's that leaf -

Tea Parties are a grand tradition. Teach the guest about different teas with this game. You’ll need an assortment of loose leaf teas. Place them each on different plates and see if guests can guess what they are by how they look and smell.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- teabag toss & sugar cube drop-

For the Teabag Toss hand each guests five tea bags and have them try and toss them into an open tea pot a few feet away. You can add more than one teapot, and assign a point value for each pot. The player with the most points earned wins a prize.

The Sugar Cube Drop is similar to tea bag toss, but a bit messier and whimsical. Set up numerous tea cups on a table, and fill them with tea. Guests must stand back a few feet from the table and try and toss a sugar cube into one of the cups. Once they land their sugar cube they must drink that cup of tea.

For additional fun add numbers to the bottoms of the cups that coordinate to a prize that the guest will receive once they finish their cup and call out the number.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- tea time talk -

This game requires pen and paper for everyone. Have guests try and think up as many words that they can make out of the letters T-E-A-P-A-R-T-Y as they can in a five minute period. Either award a prize for the most words created , a prize for the most unique words, and maybe even a small prize for the longest word.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- tea leaf Pictionary -

To play cut open some cheap tea bags and put it on a tray for each team. Divide the guests into two teams and have them pull a slip of paper out of a hat (prepare this ahead of time). This slip of paper has an item written on it that they must form out of loose tea.

Add some different tea leaves to each tray that they can use in their depictions. They must use the tea supplied on their tray to get their team to guess their word. They may not talk while doing this. Award points for correct guesses in a two minute time frame.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- The smile game -

One person at the table must try and get everyone else to smile or laugh. They can do any silly thing they wish except touch the other players. They have two minutes to get as many people to laugh as they can.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- musical chairs -

The traditional game of musical chairs is perfect for tea parties. Have everyone stand up and circle around the table while the music is playing. When the music stops everyone must rush to a chair and take a seat. You can play where you take away a chair after each round or you can play that the last person who takes a seat is out. 

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- tea party relay race -

You’ll need two matching tea pots and two matching tea cups. Divide guests into two equal teams. One player from each team is handed a full cup of water that they must hold on their head (they may balance with their hands the whole time, but the cup must be sitting atop their head) while they race over to their teams tea pot trying not to spill.

Once they reach the teapot they then empty the cup into the pot and run back to their team to hand the cup to the next player. This continues until one team has filled their tea pot to the top.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- tea bag search -

Hide tea bags all throughout the playing area and have players find them. The player who finds the most wins a small prize.

Fun & Fancy Tea Party Games
- mystery bag -

Use a bunch of brown paper lunch bags and place a different random item into each. Examples of items might be half of an apple, a spoon, a sponge, etc. Take turns passing the bags around and having each guest reach in without looking and see if they can guess what the item is

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