Cowboy Party Games

Let's get this rootin tootin party started! These cowboy party games are a sure-fire way to add to the fun at your childs cowboy or cowgirl birthday party.

western / cowboy party games
boot tossin'

Do you have a couple pair of old cowboy boots lying around, or can you borrow them from a friend? Set up some hula hoops for targets and have a fun boot tossing contest. Just place hoops on the ground and assign a point value for each. Stand back and give each guest a try at cowboy boot tossing.

Another fun way to use boots in your western cowboy games…

Printable cowboy scavenger hunt

Our exclusive cowboy scavenger hunt is perfect for a young buckaroo party.  Each player is assigned a cowboy, and must find all six of the cowboy cards that match his or her cowboy's color.  

Once a player finds all of their cowboy cards they receive a piece of the puzzle. Once everyone has received their puzzle piece they can put the together to determine where the treasure is hidden.

there's a snake
in my boot!

This idea came when I through a Toy story party for my son’s 4th birthday. He is a big Woody fan. One of Woody’s catch phrases is “I’ve got a snake in my boot”. So I decided to create a game from it. I set up a bunch of assorted cowboy boots (luckily I had a friend who was a big cowboy boot fan) and I placed a rubber snake in one of them. The Children took turns trying to guess which boot the snake was in.

relay race
(with hobby horse)

Another great game to include in your cowboy themed party is a relay race. Take a broom or mop stick and stick a horse head on one end. The horse head doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The easiest way is to cut two horse head shapes out of poster board, staple them together around the sides and slide it on the broom stick from the bottom. If you want to be extra creative you can create one out of an old sock, button, and yarn like in the picture. 

To play this cowboy game, divide the guests into two teams. One person from each team races on their horse around the finish line and back. They then pass the horse to the next teammate in line. The team whose members finish the race first is the winner.

cattle wrangles
(with hobby horses)

In this cowboy themed party game guest must wrangle up the cattle into their pin while riding their hobby horse. The cattle are balloons laid out over the party space. The little cowboys “ride” their horse and use a stick or baton (these can be found at the dollar store) to steer the balloons in their pen (the pen can be anything from a large laundry basket to a garbage can).

You can either time each guest to see who can corral the fastest, let two go at a time and battle to see who can get the most, or just put a lot of balloons out and let everyone work as a team to wrangle the cattle. Add a bit of whimsy by using white balloons and drawing black cow spots all over them. Or if you prefer you can buy actual cow balloons.

cattle wrangle

This cowboy themed party game is similar to the one above, but with a few changes. You won’t need the horses. Guests divide into two teams and one member from each team must use a cattle wrangler (sticks or batons) to weave the cattle ( a balloon) around four or five cones ( or similar item) to the corral. They then run back to pass the cattle wrangle to the next player. The game is won by the first team whose members all corral a cow.

snakes on the loose!

SNAKES ON THE LOOSE!! The cowboys/girls must round up all the snakes. They can’t pick them up with their hands. They must use sticks (or batons) to snatch them up and rush them over to their teams snake barrel as fast as they can. You can play this cowboy themed party game as one big group for a non competitive version or in teams. To play just purchase some rubber snakes (check your local dollar store or see the deal below) and some toy batons from the dollar store. Spread the snakes across the play area and use a laundry basket or shoe box as the snake barrel. This game is always a blast.

pin the badge
on the sheriff

This Spin & Pin the Badge on the Sheriff cowboy party game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except instead of a picture of a donkey there is an image of a cute cartoon cowboy, and instead of tails for pinning there are sheriff badges.

This game comes in a ready to print PDF file.  It prints on standard 8x11 printing paper to make it perfect for printing out at home. 


caTch the bandit!

One of my most popular cowboy party games is “Catch the Bandit”. It is a funtastic twist on the ol’ party piñata. The game requires an adult to take the part of “the bandit”. Why an adult? Simply because it triples the fun for children to get to chase after a “grown up”.

To play each guest must get armed with a lasso (hula hoops) or squirt guns. The little cowboys/girls must chase the bandit and try and lasso him with their hoops (or squirt him). When the Bandit is lassoed he must freeze and pay the fine to be released. The fine is candy that the bandit throws out for all the cowboys/girls. The game continues until the bandit runs out of candy.


As far as cowboy games go, this one is a sure-fire winner. While the cowboy music is playing the cowboys/girls must try to keep all the balloons up in the air. When the music stops they all grab one. A guest name is drawn out of a bag and that guest must then pop their balloon and complete the challenge inside to win a small prize. Challenges can be simple or silly things like do the chicken dance, try to lick your elbow, pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, sing your favorite song, etc.. The music starts again and the game continues until every guest has won a prize.

To play you’ll need twice as many balloons as guests. Start the game with one balloon for each guest and add one after each round. This is to ensure that the person whose name is called always has a balloon. This is a great non competitive game where everyone gets to participate.

more DIY cowboy games

Gold Rush

Create aluminum foil balls with small prizes or candy in the middle. Paint the balls with gold paint to create the gold nuggets. Hide them all over the place and have guest search for gold.

Gold Rush II

Fill a kiddie pool with sand and bury small prizes and wrapped candy in it. Let the guest use sand sifters or strainers to sift through the sand and find the “gold”.

Lasso the bull

Have guests use a hula hoop and take turns trying to “lasso” the bull with it. The bull can be anything from a large stuffed animal to a beach ball.

icebreaker activity

I always recommend starting your parties with an icebreaker activity. This gives the guest something to do when they first arrive at the party and are awaiting the others. It also gets them in the spirit for the rest of the cowboy party games. Here are a few ideas for some fun cowboy birthday party activities.

Cowboy Vest

Before the western party games have guest create their own cowboy/girl vest out of a brown paper bag. Cut a hole for the head and arms and cut open the front of the bag to create the vest. You can even add fringe to  the bottom for added fun. Let the guests decorate them with markers, stickers, and decals.


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