Hawaiian Luau Party Games

hawaiian luau party games

Aloha! Are you ready to throw a memorable Luau? Check out these Hawaiian luau party games to help add the fun to the festive atmosphere. The following are game ideas that will have your guests complimenting your party for a while to come.

hawaiian LUAU party games
hula hoop contest

Purchase a bunch of hula hoops from the dollar store and challenge everyone to a hula hooping contest. For prizes you can create a funny “golden Hula Hoop” ribbon by stringing a gold colored bracelet through a ribbon. Create enough prize ribbons for different categories.

  • Hula Hooped the longest
  • Can hula the most hoops at once
  • Craziest hula hoop style

lawn chair volleyball

Play this hilarious luau game for fun and laughs. You’ll need volleyball net, lawn chairs, a beach ball (the bigger the better), and a group of people that want to have fun.

The rules are just like regular volleyball except that everyone must remain seated in their lawn chairs to play. They can use any method to keep the beach ball in the air as long as they stay in their seat and don't stand. Expect some tumbling chairs and people sliding so far down their shoulders are barely in the seat. It's all part of the fun!

coconut roll

Here are a couple of different ideas you can use to incorporate coconuts into your luau games. Give everyone a coconut and see who can roll it the farthest. You could also draw a small ring in the middle of the yard and see who can roll their coconut closest to the center of the ring. Why not set up some empty 2-liters or better yet, pineapples and use the coconuts to “bowl” them over.

mango battle

This luau party game is simple, but hysterically fun! Two opponents face off, each holding a large plastic spoon with a mango in it. The object of the game is to knock your opponent’s mango out of their spoon without losing yours.

To play, draw a 5 ft circle on the ground. Each player stands inside the circle and on the start of go they try and knock the other persons mango from its spoon. Players are not allowed to hit, punch, push, pull, or grab each other – only the spoons.

Play tournament style to crown the King or Queen of the Mango Battles

Hawaiian fruit cocktail bobbing

This luau game is much like the game where you bob for apples, but much much messier! Fill a large tub with various tropical fruits and instead of letting them float in water fill the tub with colored jello. You can even add some other sweet treats in there if you would like.

The object of the game is to specify one piece of fruit as the winning piece, and players must dive their head into the jelly and try to retrieve it.

warrior - spear throwing

Who is the greatest Hawaiian warrior in your group? Decorate a watermelon with eyes, snout, ears, and a curly tail to look like a pig! Set the watermelon pig up in the party area and let guests take turns practicing their warrior skills by trying to hit it with a spear. Younger players can throw darts!

pass the orange

Have all the guests stand in a circle and pass an orange around the circle. The trick is that they cannot use their hands; they must pick up and pass the orange using their chin and neck. If the orange gets dropped then the two people whoever dropped it is out. Some people prefer not to have an out and have the guests involved in the dropping the orange perform a funny challenge, dare or hula dance.

flip flop flippin'

Hang a hula hoop from a nearby tree and have guests take turns trying to flip their shoe off their foot and through the hula hoop. You can expand this game by hanging numerous hula hoops and assigning point values to each hoop.

coconut stomp

Have all the guests tie a piece of ribbon or string to the end of a brown balloon and the other end of the string/ribbon gets tied around one of their ankles. These balloons represent the coconuts. The object of the game is to put on some music and try to pop other people’s coconuts by stomping on them and without having your own coconut popped. They player with the last remaining intact “coconut” wins!

the pinata

Though piñata’s do not originate from Hawaii they are always a big hit at most parties. Purchase a Hawaiian themed piñata and fill it with fun Hawaiian treats and trinkets. Here are a few piñata’s I have found that would work perfectly at a Hawaiian luau!

tacky tourist

This a side-splitting funny relay race that you will definitely want to have your camera ready for. It’s called tacky tourist. Players are divided into two teams. Mark off a starting line and create a finish line. The finish line can be a simple lawn chair or (unlit) tiki torch can be used to mark a finish line on the other side of the playing area. The starting line is two piles (one for each team) of close to matching tourist clothes and gear. You can find these items at a local thrift store or party store. Ideas for gear:

  • beach hats
  • muumuu’s
  • shell necklace
  • big sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • Aloha shirts
  • snorkels or fins
  • flip flops

On the start of go one person from each team puts on ALL the Hawaiian gear as fast as possible and races to the finish line and back. Next they remove the items and the next person on their team puts them on to repeat the race. This continues on both teams until one teams members have all completed the race. They are crown victorious!

The big kahuna

Part of having a luau party is getting to get dresses up in fun Hawaiian clothes. Encourage your guests to get in the spirit by offering a prize to the Big Kahuna. The Big Kahuna is the person who wears the funkiest Aloha shirt. You could also give out prizes for other outfits such as:

  • Best coconut bra
  • Most Fun Outfit.
  • Prettiest flower in hair.
  • Tackiest Tourist clothes


Get the party hoppin with a game of limbo! You can purchase a bamboo stick at your local craft store. To play limbo start the game by putting on some Hawaiian dance music and ask your guests to feel the music.

Start with the limbo bar set high and ask guests to walk or, better yet, dance their way under the bar. If they make it under without falling to the floor or touching the bar, they're still in the game. Keep lowering the bar after each round and award the last one standing as your winner.

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