Monkey Theme Party Games
Let’s Go Banana’s!

So you want to throw a monkey theme party, but now you need fun ideas to pull it off. Well you’ve found the right place. I also have a ton of cool ideas that would fit a monkey birthday party at my JUNGLE THEME PARTY GAMES PAGE

Okay, I guess I had bananas on the brain when coming up with these games, but I’m always looking for new games to add. Let me know how your monkey theme birthday party went, and if you came up with any new ideas. I’d love to share them on my site for other parents to use. Here's the monkey party theme games I came up with, and a few other ideas I came across.

Fun Monkey Theme Party Games 
Banana Hunt

Hide little paper bananas all around the playing area. Let the guest hunt them down and trade them in for pieces of candy. you can make the bananas from yellow poster board.

Fun Monkey Theme Party Games
Monkey Blast

This is a twist on one of my favorite birthday party games that I thought would make a great monkey theme party game. As the music is playing the guests toss around the banana’s (long yellow balloons) not letting them touch the floor. When the music stops everyone must grab and hold onto a “banana”. The host calls out a player’s name, and that player must pop their banana and complete the monkey challenge inside. After the challenge has been completed (or attempted) then that player gets a prize. The game continues until everyone has received a prize.

This is a great non competitive game and everyone is a winner. Plus, everyone can continue  to bop around balloons even if they’ve already completed a challenge. Some fun challenges are

  • Do the monkey dance.
  • Stuff real banana in your mouth and sing happy birthday.
  • Rub your stomach while patting your head.
  • Yell outside “I’m a crazy monkey who swings from crazy vines, I’ve think I’ve gone bananas but that’s just fine”
  • Walk across the floor like a gorilla.
  • Try and lick your elbow.

The challenges do not all have to be monkey related, just fun and silly. Write them out on slips of paper and slip them into the balloons before inflating them.

Fun Monkey Party Games
Monkeys in a Barrel

Purchase one of those monkeys in a barrel games and have the guests stand about 3ft away from the barrel and try to toss the monkeys into the barrel. So simple, so fun.   Plus, it's cheap enough to double as a  fun monkey party favor for your guests.

Fun Monkey Theme Party Games
Bug Pickers

Yea I agree, it's a gross concept, but kids LOVE it!  Spread some dry rice out on a yard of fake fur material, you can find this at your local fabric store. Place a cup for each player about 5 ft away from the rice pile. Each player must pick up as many grains of rice as they can and race it to their cup. They have 3 minutes. Award prize for most “lice” picked.

Fun Monkey Party Games
Monkey Pinata

Pinata's are a party classic.  This monkey pinata I found on Amazon is just too cute.  they have a pull string version too - this is perfect if you want to keep the fun and get rid of the possibility of accidents.

Fun Monkey Theme Party Games
Monkey Safari

Another great game I found on Amazon. This monkey theme party bean bag toss game has a fun and vibrant design and is perfect for the Monkey themed party for young kids.

How to use jungle animal bean bag toss:

1. Player stands some distance in front of the hanging game banner and with bean bags in hand.

2. Toss the bean bags through the open holes in the banner, each player gets three chances.

3. 3 Points are awarded for the top hole, 2 points for the second hole, 1 point for the lowest hole.

4. Player with most points wins.

Fun Monkey Party Games
Jungle Jewelry

Looking for a cheap and easy icebreaker for your monkey theme party? Place a big bowl of fruit loops and cheerios out on the table and let kids make their own jungle necklace when they first arrive.  You could even include candy such as lifesavers gummies or licorice cut into smaller squares.  the possibilities are endless.  Too Fun!

Fun Monkey Theme Party Games
Banana Peel Challenge

Warning: this could get messy. 

Players must try to peel a banana with their hands behind their back.  they can try and peel the banana with their face, their feet, anything except their hands.   First one who successfully peels the banana wins!


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