Candy Birthday Party
- THEME GAMES & Ideas -

An important element in throwing a successful candy birthday party is the visuals. To create a visual feast for the eyes and the mouth consider some of these DIY candy party decoration ideas:

  • Giant M&Ms Use red, blue, and yellow paper plates to create this easy candy decoration. Cut big M’s out of white paper and glue one on each plate, next put a hole at the top of each plate, string a ribbon through them and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Big bowls of candy everywhere Come on it’s a candy party, need I say more.
  • Candy Lights String white Christmas lights through the party area. Decorate lights with a variety of candies.
  • Giant Floating Candy create fun floating candies by wrapping helium balloons in different colored cellophane and tying twisting it around the ends.
  • Lollipop Banquets Fill a vase with oversized lollipops
  • Giant lollipops line the entrance with giant lollipops. To make stick tape balloons onto wrapping paper tubes(painted white, then wrap balloons with clear cellophane and tie secure cellaphane at the top of the tube.
  • Giant Cupcake To create this fun decoration use a lamp shade, one that resembles a cupcake line and use a hot glue gun and wooden kabob skewers to attach a foam pool noodle to the inside and twist it up to resemble swirling icing. Top with a small red balloon for a cherry!
  • Cotton Candy Clouds Purchase a couple yards of batting at your local fabric store and spray paint it pink to create cotton candy. Drape it from the ceiling to create the cloud effect. For even more fun have jellybean rain drops falling from it.
  • Jellybean Raindrops Unbend a white paperclip half way, stick end through jellybean and tie clear fishing line through the other end of the paperclip. Connect the other end of the string on the ceiling and make it appear as if it is falling from the cotton candy clouds. Make a couple dozen and have them hanging at different lengths.
  • Candy Replica’s Recreate your favorite candy packages using poster board, markers, and some creative elbow grease.

Now that you’ve set the mood with a fun candy themed atmosphere, you’re going to need some fun candy theme party games! Scroll down for some awesome DIY candy party games!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- gummy bear pie contest -

Put five gummies at the bottom of every pie tin (or paper plate) and cover with whip cream. Each player takes their place in front of a pie. At the start of go everyone places their hands behind their back and dives face first into their pie. The first player to retrieve and eat all five gummy bears claims victory!

Have your camera ready to take loads of hilarious pics!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Taste the rainbow -

Arm everyone playing with a drinking straw and a plastic cup. Pour a big bag of skittles (or more) onto a clean table. Write each player’s name on their cup and line the cups up away from the skittles table.

On the start of go all the players must rush to suck a skittle onto their straw and race it over to blow it into their cup. They can never touch the candy with their hands. Play time is three minutes, at the end of this time whoever has collected the most skittles wins!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Candy Scavenger Relay Race -

Before the party begins prepare a tub, box, or kiddie pool full of candy bars and filler such as tissue paper, Easter grass, or something similar. Divide players into two teams. Line the teams up at the starting line. Place the candy tub on at the finish line.

Hand each team a copy of the candy clues( find free list here). The first player from each team must run to the tub and retrieve the correct candy bar that matches the first clue and return. The next player rushes to receive the candy bar that the second clue matches and so on until all the clue answers have been retrieved. The first team that completes their list claims victory.

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- pudding slide -

For a really wild and messy time cover a tarp with chocolate pudding and see who has the courage to slip and slide through it. See who can slide the farthest, or spin the most. Have a pudding sock wrestling match. This is where two people face off each wearing one sock. The person who gets their sock taken off first loses!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Candy necklaces -

This is a perfect icebreaker or activity to have ready for when guests first arrive. Set up a variety of bowls filled with different candy that can be put on string to create edible jewelry. Make sure to provide enough large needles, clear craft line, and scissors. Let your guests show off their creativity and create some fun party wear at the same time. Some good candy choices are:

  • Anything in rings such as lifesavers or peachie-O’s.
  • Gummy candies of all kinds.These can be strung on a necklace or bracelet using the needles.
  • Tootsie rolls and tootsie roll like candies

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- m&M Mouth -

Have everyone sit in a circle and place a big bowl of M&M’s in the middle. The first person, WITHOUT LOOKING, reaches in and pulls out two M&M’s. If the colors match they can eat them, if they do not they have to put them in their mouth and hold them their until their turn comes around again. They will have another chance to choose matching candies. Again if they do not match then they must be stuffed in the mouth, but not eaten.

Every player continues to play in this manner, making sure not to chew or swallow any of their candy until they draw matches. There is really no point to this game except the comical amusement that comes with watching others mouths become fuller and fuller with candy they cannot eat.

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Chocolate head -

Divide guests into pairs. One person in each pair puts a shower cap over their hair and covers it in chocolate syrup. The partners from each pair stand about five feet away and have two minutes to try and throw mini marshmallows onto the chocolate head.

When the time has run out whichever chocolate head has the most marshmallows stuck to their cap wins! A fun and hilarious candy party game.

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- jelly bean mountain -

To play this messy party game you will first create a mountain like mound of flour. This is best done on a cookie sheet or wax paper to make clean up easier. Flatten the peak of the mound a little and gently place a jellybean or jelly belly on top.

TO PLAY: Players take turns removing a spoonful of flour each from the flour mound. They must try not to let the jellybean drop, but eventually it will. The player that is responsible must dive face first into the flour to find and eat the jelly bean, no hand allowed.

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- chocolate bar race -

This game is simply hysterical. Give every player a Hershey candy bar still in its wrapper. The object of the game is easy, simply unwrap your candy bar and eat it. The catch is you have to do it without using your hands. Good Luck!

Teen Candy Birthday Party Games & Ideas
- Biggest Bubble -

Pass out the bubble yum gum and see who can:

  • Blow the first bubble.
  • Blow the biggest bubble.
  • Hold their bubble the longest.

Yep, easy, simple, and so much fun!


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