These printable treasure hunts can be played ANYWHERE!
We provide the clues - you decide the hiding locations!

Each of my hunt clues are solved in a different way to keep it interesting and engaging, they feature clues, puzzles, riddles, codes, challenges, and more!

Super Spy  Treasure Hunt
Perfect for a Spy or Secret Agent party. Decipher codes, solve riddles, analyze fingerprints and MORE!  

Ages 7+

If you like this check out our printable kids mystery game!

Super Slueth  Treasure Hunt
a girlier version of the super spy treasure hunt for those Nancy Drew fans. Perfect for a Nancy Drew theme party or even just a pink and purple detective party.

Ages 8+

Pirate Hunt
It comes with tons of pirate party goodies including 10 swashbuckling pirate riddles (filled with fun pirate lingo), printable pirate lingo translator, pirate party maze, and pirate party word search.

Ages 7+

Captain Marvel Game

This game is the perfect activity to make your event Marvel-ous!

Eight fun and exciting clues that lead to whatever location or prize you desire!

Ages 6-13

Ciphers, Puzzles, & Codes Treasure Hunt

This ultimate treasure hunt is made even more awesome with editable clues so you can play again and again.

Ages 11+

Periodic Table Treasure Hunt
Players use the periodic table and pop culture knowledge decipher clues. This hunt can be played anywhere because you decide the hiding locations.

Ages 12+

Spongebob Hunt

Just print and play to add a bit of nautical nonsense under the sea to your spongebob extraganza!

Ages 6+

Harry Potter

This game is perfect for the Harry Potter fans, but can also be played by those not overly familiar.

Ages 7+

Indiana Jones Explorer Treasure Hunt Game

Add a little adventure to the party.  Includes codes, puzzles, games, and more!

Ages 7 - 14

Doctor Who Hunt

Perfect for the Doctor Who fans, but can also be played by those not overly familiar.

Ages 8+

Pokemon Party Game

This is a great game to play even if the players aren't familiar with the show.

Ages 6-12

Star Wars

Perfect party game when you're having a celebration in a galaxy far far away!

Ages 6-12

Steven Universe

Ages 6-12

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Editable!

Ages 6-12

Mario Themed Party Game

AGES 6-12


AGES 5-12

Superhero Hunt
This hunt is packed full of treasure hunt riddles all about your child’s favorite superheroes.  Kids will have a blast hunting down the treasure while testing their superhero knowledge.

Ages 7+


AGES 5-12

Infinity War

This exciting hunt game is an excellent addition to any
Marvel-ous adventure.

Ages 7+


AGES 7-14

more signature treasure hunts - seasonal!

4th of July - Editable!

Celebrate the Red, White, and Blue with this fun-for-all Independence Day editable game.

Ages 6+

Easter Treasure Hunt

A little something different than the regular ol' Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Treasure Hunt #2

A second Easter Treasure hunt for those who want to do it again this year!


Halloween Treasure Hunt Game

This hunt is perfect for parents or teachers looking for something new to do this Halloween. Kids solve one clue after another to find the treasure.

Ages 6 - 13

Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

This printable treasure hunt challenges players to solve the clues and find the turkey!

Ages 6 - 13

Kids Christmas Treasure Hunt

This printable game is filled with fun eye-catching puzzles, clues, and games.  Kids solve one to find the next!

Ages 6 - 13

Nativity Christmas Treasure Hunt
This hunt celebrates the reason for the Christmas season. Learn or test your knowledge on the first Christmas while following clues and riddles to find the star of Bethleham.

Ages 7+

Younger ones may need help

Christmas Movie Trivia

Test your guests knowledge of their favorite Holiday classics in a race to the finish!

Great for kids, teens, and adults.


PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNTS:  These hunts have no words and only pictures.  Made for six and under crowd. Cooperative play.

INDOOR TREASURE HUNTS: These are the classic treasure hunts that you would be familiar with. Clues lead to specific locations in a household.

SIGNATURE SCAVENGER GAMES: My signature scavenger hunt games are my pride and joy. I have something for all ages. These are nothing like the traditional scavenger hunts where you are just given a list of objects to find - each game comes with it's own adventure and mission.

SIGNATURE TRIVIA HUNTS: These are much like my Signature Treasure Hunts. The Twist is that the clues in these hunts incorporate trivia questions and trivia games to challenge players on their knowledge of the given theme.


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