Retirement Party Games

DIY Retirement Party Games.

Whenever a fellow employee, friend or family member is set to retire from their line of work it definitely calls for a celebration.  While cake, balloons and being surrounded by those who care about you is great, there is more to making a Retirement Party fun. One of the elements of a party going well is to incorporate some form of entertainment. What better way to entertain your guest of honor than to play some games, games that are both good for laughs and those that are centered on the guest of honor.

retirement party game
Memory bank

All you need for this game are pens, index cards and a bowl or container to hold them. As the guests arrive, ask them to write down a memory that they have of the retiree. It can be a comical memory, their first meeting or a noticed habit of the retiree that they will miss. Have them fold the index card and place it in the designated container. Before the party ends have each guess pick a card and take turns reading it off. The guest of honor can try to guess who wrote the memory or you can use this as an opportunity to exchange memories. Whatever you choose that retiree is sure to love the memories everyone has to share.


pocket scramble

This game requires no supplies, just your guests. When you are ready to play the game pick a caller and then have your guests separate into groups of three if possible. This game can be played with singles but tends to be more fun when played in groups. Everyone will need to be ready to search their pockets, purses and wallets for this game. When you begin the caller will say an item out loud. For example a mirror, a license, a comb or a receipt will work. When something is named the groups or people will need to search for it and if they have it they have to bring it to the caller. The first to make it there wins that point. The team or person with the most points at the end wins the game.

Optional: If your event isn't suitable for having people rush to the caller you can reward points to whoever has that object.  You can also give out point values for rarer items.


picture this!

This game takes a little bit of preparation but can make for some great laughter. When you send out the invitations for the Retirement party ask the guests to supply you with a picture of them when they were a kid. It’s best if they can get the picture to you before the date of the event. You will also need a picture of the retiree when they were younger, try to find one that makes it a little harder to recognize them or one that is comical. Once you have all the pictures you will need to post them on a piece of poster board, number each photo and hang up the poster board. When you begin the game give each guest a scrap piece of paper and a pen. They will write down who they believe each picture belongs to. The one with the most correct wins and those who guest correctly for which picture the retiree is of, wins a small prize.


prediction bingo

For this fun little game of party predictions you will need blank bingo cards, markers or pens and a small prize for the winner. When your guests are arriving you will hand them a blank bingo card and something to write with. Give them a minute or two to fill in the spaces of the card with what their predictions for the party will be. They can write anything they believe will take place during the celebration including things people will say, pranks to be played or accidents that may happen. Once they have finished with their card they will place it in a pile. When everyone has arrived you will give each person a card. They will mark things off during the party, as they happen, if they happen. The person with the most correct predictions at the end of the party wins the game.


the ol' switch-a-roo!

This game works only if your guests are familiar with one another. It’s a good game for office play since the employees tend to know one another through exposure. For this game you will need to write the name of each guest on a card of its own. As your guests arrive you will hand them a card and they will have to assume the role of the person on the card. They have to keep it up until someone has guessed correctly at who they are supposed to be. When someone guesses correctly they get to confiscate the card from the person playing the part and they return to their normal selves. You will continue play until everyone has been figured out. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.


the infamous roast

If you have yet to watch or attend a roast, I must say you are missing out. A roast, if you do not know, is where you allow the guests to make fun of and occasionally compliment the guest of honor. After each person has had a turn at heckling the retiree, the retiree gets to take a shot at all of the people attending. This, of course, is meant to be all in fun so base The Roast standards on the kind of group dynamic you have together. However funny it is, I wouldn’t recommend doing a roast on someone that doesn’t have a great sense of humor. You should warn all of the guests, including the retiree, of the plans for the Retirement Party so that they can prepare what they will say at The Roast.

talent contest

This game is always at its best when it is a surprise. As your guests are enjoying time with the retiree announce that you are having a talent contest that everyone has to participate in. Give everyone five minutes to think up something they are going to do for the talent contest. Once time is up you will have everyone take turns showing off what their talents are. Based on applause, you will line up the ones who created the best reactions from the other guests and have the retiree pick out who they believe had the best talent to offer. The winner receives a small prize.


whistle blower

This game requires a whistle a decent attention span. You will need to assign a person to be the whistle blower. This person will announce something that every guest must do when the whistle is blown. For example, when the whistle is blown everyone must sit down or they must take a drink of something. The last person to do it becomes the whistle blower. This continues for as long as you like or until everyone has been the whistle blower.


two truths and one lie

In this fun party games players are three guest at the party are told to come up and tell a short story or antidote about the retiree.  The kicker is only two of the are true and the other one is false.  The other guests must try and decide who is the liar.  If the liar succeeds in out foxing the other guests they get a prize.  

To play you will need three index cards.  Write truth on two of them and liar on the third.  Invite three guests at a time to play and have them each choose a card.  You can also provide a topic for them to speak of such as family life, hobbies, embarrassing moments, what I learned from (retiree), etc.

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