Dr. Seuss Party Games

A Dr. Seuss party is FULL of fun potential. All my Dr. Seuss party games were inspired by the memorable characters and style of the Seuss books. The Dr. Seuss printables I have created were made to help busy parents have a little less leg work to do to get ready for their party. My favorite Dr. Seuss printable is the personalized party invitation. The invitation is designed to be a short (four page) mock book telling your guest all about the party using some of their favorite character images and famous Seuss-like wording. All my Seuss printables are listed after the party games.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Would You Eat Them in a House?

You’ll need five or six different food items for this game. The idea is to cut, mash, or puree the food until it cannot be identified by appearance alone. One you do this you’ll want to color the food with green food coloring. The idea is for each child, if they dare, to try the different foods and see if they can identify them by taste alone. To add difficulty you can plug their nose. Fun food choices could include, mashed bananas, chopped apples, vanilla pudding, pureed carrots, or even tuna fish. You can give out a prize to for each correct guess, or for any child willing to try them all.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Fox in Socks Wrestling

Supply each child a pair of long tube socks, you could also choose to play with just one sock per player. Have them all put the socks on leaving an inch or two hanging at the end. To play everyone must get on their hands and knees and on the start of go they must try and pull the other players socks off while avoiding getting their pulled off. The child who keeps their socks on the longest wins!

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Sneetch Tag

One player starts by placing a star sticker on their belly (over their shirt) just like the sneetches. On the call of go, the sneetch with the “star on thars” would run around and try and tag another player. Once another player was tagged, they themselves would get a “star upon thar”. Now these two will hold hands and try to tag another player. This keeps going until everyone but one player is a star bellied sneetch. At this point you can break up the line and have the sneetch without a star become it and play in reverse removing stars as he tags.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
one fish, two fish - fishing game

Create a fishing pond by using a refrigerator box. Cut it open and form a wall. You can decorate it with by painting it blue and adding fish images on it. Create fishing poles by tying a string to a stick and hanging a cloth pin from each. To play the children take turns “fishing” by putting their fishing poll over the wall. An adult hiding on the other side can use the clothes pin to attach a treat or prize to the fishing pole and then give it a little tug.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Search for the Whoville Clover

Vlad Vladikoff has stolen the clover that holds whoville on it and has dropped it somewhere at the party. Horton needs your help to find it! For this party game you’ll need a pink pompom ball (you can find them at your local craft section). To play you simply hide the small pom pom ball or as you’ll want to call it “the clover” and have the kids search for it, just like Horton had to search for it in ‘Horton hears a Who’.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
What's in the Hat, Cat?

The Cat in the hat is full of fun and games. For this game you’ll need to purchase a hat like the one the cat has. Fill it with shredded paper or tinsel and candy or small prizes. Next have everyone sit in a circle and pass the hat around to the music ( just like in hot potato) when the music stops whoever is holding the bag gets to reach in (without peeking) and pull out a treat. They then sit out and let the others play. This continues until everyone has a treat and the last person left gets to keep the rest of the treats in the bag or you can have a larger prize for the winner.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Hop and Pop - Rhyming Game

“Pop” is probably not going to volunteer to have a gaggle of children “hop” up and down on him, so I gotta change the name of this game to “ Hop and Pop”. Each child is given a word and they must find two balloons with a picture of something that rhymes with that word. If they find the correct two balloons they get to hop on them and pop them to get the small candy inside. To set up this game you’ll need three rhyming words for each player. You’ll need to print out a small picture of two of those words and tape one on each balloon. Place the candy prize inside before inflating.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Tongue Twisters

Fox in Socks is full of fun and silly tongue twisters. Pull out a few and see how well the children can say them before their tongue gets all twisted. See if they can come up with some on their own.

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Gold Fish Relay

In the book the Cat in the Hat the poor gold fish ended up in the tea kettle. In this relay race you’ll need a pack of gold fish crackers, two small fish bowls, a tea kettle, and two spoons.

Divide the players into two teams. Place the fish bowls and the start line and the tea kettle at the finish line. Put the gold fish crackers into the tea kettle. On the start of go, one player from each team must race to the finish line holding the spoon.

Next, they must scoop a gold fish up with their spoon, rush it back to the start and drop it in the fish bowl. Then they hand the spoon to the next player who does the same. The first team whose players all get a fish into the fish bowl wins!

Dr. Seuss Party Games
Thing One and Thing Two Relay Race

Another fun relay race to play in honor of Dr. Seuss is the Thing one and Thing Two relay. You can add to this race and turn it into a crazy obstacle course if you want.

Players are divided into two teams. Each team is given an extra-large t-shirt. On one shirt is written thing one, and on the other thing two. On the start of go the first player from each team puts the t-shirt on over their clothes and races to complete whatever obstacles you have created. They then run back to their team and pass the t-shirt to the next player who does the same. The first team finished wins!

Obstacles can include crawling under something like a table, crawling through a tire, jumping up to grab something, popping a balloon, spinning in circles with their head on a bat, walking a balance beam, etc..

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