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Hunger Games Party Ideas

Hunger Games party ideas to set your party on fire (well not literally). Start the party by assigning all guests a district. Check out my printable Hunger Games party supplies for invitations, district badges, favors, and fun. Start the party out with a fun district fashion show. Next move on to some fun training games, finally the grand finale is your very own Hunger Games arena where tributes compete to be champion.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
District Tribute Fashion Show

Once everyone is divided into their district teams have a fashion show like they did for display in the book. Let each team create their own costume to represent their district. Supply make-up, aluminum foil, trash bags, tissue paper, poster boards, markers, and other creative supplies for them to work with. Here is a list of what each district should represent:

  • District 1- Luxury
  • District 2- Masonry
  • District 3- Technology
  • District 4- Fishing
  • District 5- Power
  • District 6- Transportation
  • District 7- Lumber
  • District 8- Textiles
  • District 9- Grain
  • District 10- Livestock
  • District 11- Agriculture
  • District 12- Coal Mining

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt

This game is the perfect main event for your party. This printable Hunger Games scavenger hunt comes with everything you need to host your very own Hunger Games. Each tribute team enters the arena and teams must search for the hidden survival cards. The survival card includes food, water, gear, med kits, shelters, and weapons. Each card has a different point value.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Archery Contest

Purchase one or two of the cheap toy bow and arrow sets. Hang hula hoops from trees in your back yard and have guests take turns trying to shoot arrows threw the hoops. You can have one hoop or you can have hoops hung at different distances and heights. Let each tribute have a certain amount of tries (maybe five) and give them a point for everyone they make threw. The person with the most points wins. If there is a tie, they can have a tie breaker.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Hand to Hand Combat

Two opponents face off each holding a plastic mixing spoon with an orange in it. The object of the game is to knock your opponents orange out of their spoon without losing yours. Set up a bracket for all the players, and face two off at a time.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Poison Berry

For this hunger games party games you’ll need a few dozen small balloons. Before inflating each balloon you will place a slip of paper inside. Most of the slips will have the poison symbol on it, five of them will have a mockingbird symbol. Create a pile of the balloons on one side of the playing area. Explain to players that in order to survive in the arena they might have to live off berries, but if they choose the wrong berries they are gone. Then tell them that only 5 players will survive this game. (if you have less guests at your party you can use less balloons and less mockingjay cards). On the start of go all players rush to the balloon pile and start popping the balloons. The players that return with the mockingjay cards are the winners. Click here for images you can print out for this game.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Blow Darts

Give each player a chance to try and blow mini marshmallows out of a 1 foot length of ½ inch PVC pipe. You can find the pipe at your home depot or other hardware store. Set up plastic cups with different point values written on the outside of them with a marker. Give each player one minute to blow as many marshmallows into the cups as they can. Add up the score at the end. The player with the highest score wins. Instead of cups you can use the hula hoops again from the archery game.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Hunter Eyes

When you’re in the arena don’t get spotted. This is a silly game, but fun anyway. Everyone huddles around in a circle arms over the other’s shoulders. Everyone puts their heads down and on the count of three looks up at another player. If two people find that they are looking at each other then they both scream and fall down dead. They are out and the next round begins. Keep playing until only two players are left. This game is best with a larger group of players.

Hunger Games Party Ideas
Target Practice

Have tributes try and shoot ping pong balls off the tops of golf tees or two liters with a water gun. Push gold tees into Styrofoam block or set up about five two liters in a row with lids removed. Balance ping pong balls on top. Purchase the mini water guns from your local dollar store and let the tributes shoot until all the water is gone from their gun. Don’t forget to have a bucket of water nearby for gun refills

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I created these printable Hunger Games party printables to set your Hunger Games theme party on fire! The printable kit includes:

  • Personalized Invitations
  • Personalized Candy Bar  Wrappers
  • Fun district tribute Badges
  • Hunger Games Banner
  • Cupcake Toppers

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