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favorite printable halloween party games!!

The murder mystery scavenger hunt that allows players to blackmail, bribe, make alliances, gamble, and steal from other players in hopes of being the first to discover who, what, and where the murder took place!

This game can be played again and again because the answer is different every time.  This is perfect if you are looking for something a little different for your next get-together. 

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This is our newest Halloween party game for 2017.  Unlike other murder mystery games, you don't need to try and figure out who the killer is in this game because EVERYONE is.

Players race to find and collect cards that will enable them to wound and eventually kill other players. Cards feature eight of the great and notorious Horror Movie villains ( Jason, Ghostface, Leatherface, Chucky, Candyman, Freddy, Pinhead, and of course Michael Myers) .  There are also cards that coordinate to each of the killers that players must find such as their weapon of choice. 

Along with these cards there are many specialty cards to find along the way that give players special opportunities to battle, steal from, and take hostage other players - and that is just a few of the cards. 

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kids theme party games

Check out our large selection of kids themes to find party games for your child's favorite theme. I have girl themes, boy themes, gender neutral themes, toddler themes, and more...

I am constantly adding themes to this section, so please feel free to contact me if I don't have the party theme you’re looking for.


party themes for teens & tweens

Do you need ideas for fun teen theme partiesFind the perfect ideas and activities to match your party theme.

If you aren't into having a theme this year, you can still mix it up with some crazy competitions and fun games. I have tons of tried and tested teen games to make your party the one that everyone will be talking about. Get the party ideas that match your style, interest, and personality. These games are guaranteed to kill the bore factor at your bash! 

fun adult party ideas

Are you looking for fun party ideas and games for your upcoming dinner party? How about birthday bash games to center around the guest of honor, or hilarious games that you and your friends can laugh at long after the party is over? We also have many creative drinking games. There are tons of great game ideas to help your guests connect with one another, have some good laughs, and engage with one another in new and different ways. 


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