Adult Dinner Party Games 

 Here are some popular and fun adult dinner party games that you may want to consider for your next dinner party.

Many of my adult game pages have ideas that would also be suitable for dinner parties, so make sure you check those out to if you would like even more game ideas.

The games listed on this page games were chosen because they all known for getting a fun (often funny) flow of conversations started.

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adult dinner party games
great minds think alike

In this game you’ll need to come up with a variety of different categories and write them on individual index cards. Examples:

  • expensive brand of clothes
  • something you would find at a beach
  • craziest television show
  • something you eat with rice

Create 10 categories. If you have a theme, have the categories tie in with it. Now divide guests into two teams. Supply a pen a paper to each person. Call out a category. Everyone must write the first three things that come to their mind, no peeking at others answers.


After every category count how many people on each team wrote a word that another of their team members wrote.

  • Award 3 points for every word that 3 people had in common.
  • Award 4 points for every word that 4 people had in common.
  • Award 5 points for every word that 5 or more people had in common.

Feel free to adjust point values by the size of your teams.

celebrity: who am I?

This is a fun icebreaker. Write the names of celebrities on index cards. When each guest arrives pin a card onto the back of their shirt, so they cannot see who is written on the card.

Every guest gets a card and they must mingle and ask other guests questions to try and figure out who they are. Award prizes to the first to figure out who they are, or to everyone who figures out who they are within the first 30 minutes.

ALTERNATIVE: If there are mostly couples coming to the party or an even number of guys and gals, you can have the celebrity cards have one party of a celebrity couple written on it. When they figure out who they are they must then work to locate their celebrity partner. Do not pair up actual couples, it makes it too easy.

game of truth and lies - printable party game

The Game of Truth and Lies is a printable party game we created where each player gets a True or Lie card and must answer questions accordingly.  Players must try and guess who is telling the truth and who is lying.  You earn points for guessing correctly, but you also gain points for fooling the other players.  This game is not only hilarious fun, it is a great way to get to know your friends better.  Good times for all!

Instant download $5.99

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in printable PDF files.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact  Us At:

the couples game

This is a fun game if you’re planning to have only couples at your party. It is inspired by the Newlywed game. You’ll need a pad of paper or a small dry erase board for each couple. You can usually find these at your local dollar store for a buck.

To prepare for the game you’ll need to come up with some fun questions for the couples to answer. I would say between 10-15 questions for the guys about the girls, and 10-15 more questions for the girls about the guys. Have fun and be creative when thinking of questions. Here are some examples:

  • What is your partners dream vacation spot?
  • How does your partner prefer his eggs?
  • What was your partners favorite subject in high school?
  • What does your partner find most annoying about you?
  • If your partner could pick one possession of yours to get rid of forever what would it be?
  • What is your partners shoe size
  • What is one item your partner would be lost without?

TO PLAY Have the women sit on one side of the room and the men on the other. Start the questions with the men, and hand out a notebook or dry erase board to each woman. Announce the first question. Before asking the men for their answers have all the women write down their response and place them down in front of them. Now go one by one to each man and ask his response.

After he answers his partner can reveal her answer, if they match that couple receives 1 point. After asking all 10-15 of the man questions announce the half time score, and then switch over to the women. This time the men are given the dry erase boards and the women are the ones that must guess their answers. At the end of this round whatever couple has accumulated the most point’s wins. 

guess that slogan

This is a fun trivia game. You’ll need to come up with some famous or popular slogans. You can find a huge free list of slogans at  Now all you have to do is print the ones you want to use for the game on a separate piece of paper. You then write each individual slogan on an index card. Number the index cards and have the numbers correlate to the answers on the answer sheet. Call out a slogan and see who can guess what product or company it belongs to first. You can keep score by letting the player who answers hold the card as a point, or just play for fun.

Another fun party game that involves testing your knowledge of slogans and jingles in a fun way is The Logo board game. The picture to your right is a link that will take you to so you can check out the game yourself and read what other people who have purchased the game thought about it. I love more than ever because they have FREE SHIPPING now! Awesome!

slip it in

This is such a fun party game and so easy to implement into your party. Every guest receives a phrase that they must attempt to slip into casual conversation without someone realizing that this is there “slip it in” phrase. You can pass the phrases out as the guest arrive, or hide each one under the guest’s dinner plates. After a person uses their phrase they must wait 5 minutes (to give others a chance to call them out) before they can collect their prize.

You can award prizes for the first one to use their phrase, the person who catches the most “slip it in” phrases, a small prize for everyone who slips in their phrase successfully. You can even have a penalty prize for people who get caught or for people who don’t use their phrase by the end of the evening. Some fun examples of “slip it in” phrases are:

  • I went sky diving last summer
  • I ‘m thinking about taking a pottery class
  • I recently read a book called “ Make Your Own Rainbow” and it has completely changed my life.
  • Did anyone watch the kung fu marathon last week?

One of the funniest parts of this game is watching each person try and stick with their story for the five minutes it takes before they can claim victory.

ask me about...

Here is another fun party game to start the conversation flowing. Prior to the party create a bunch of name tags that start with “Ask me about”. Then add fun topic to each one. Ideas include:

  • the worst date I ever had
  • my first kiss
  • my annoying coworker
  • the craziest thing I’ve ever witnessed

When the guests arrive let them pick one to wear. This is a great game to help people start mingling and jumping past all the dull “weather” talk right to the fun stuff.

Like the idea of this game but don't have the time to create your own name tags.  Purchase our printable Ask Me About tags.  They come in ready-to-print PDF file with 40 different tag questions, plus 8 blank tags that you can type in your own starter questions.  Print on adhesive paper and they are ready for your guests to pick and stick.

instant download $1.99

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in printable PDF files.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact us at:

lyric recall

In this party game the guests will be divided into groups of two. Draw out a lyric word from a hat and give both teams three minutes to compile a list of as many songs as they can think of that has that word in it. At the end of the three minutes let each team call out their list.

Points are earned by whichever team has the most song titles. They are awarded one point for every additional song they came up with over their competition. For example if the first team got 5 songs and the second team came up with eight songs, then the second team would win 3 points because 8-5=3. Make sure you have the internet handy to verify the validity of any song titles that are disputed.

Find More Ideas for Adult Dinner Party Games
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Let me know any ideas for adult dinner party games that you have!


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