Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt
Printable party game -

Take your party to the next level with the truth or dare teen scavenger hunt. Teams play to win by racing to nine different locations around town where they must complete at least one dare and one truth at each location.

The dares are hilariously fun (nothing inappropriate) and require either photographic or video proof to earn the points. The truths are all fun or silly trivia that must be answered about that location. Each location has three dares to complete and three truths. These are listed on individual scavenger hunt challenge cards. Once a team arrives at a location they must choose at least one dare and one truth to complete before they can move on to the next location.

Each dare is worth 10 points and each truth is worth 5 points. Teams can complete as many challenges as they want from the challenge card to score extra points. If a team completes all 6 truth and dares they get an additional 20 points. If teams make it to all nine locations they get an additional 60 points. They have three and a half hours to complete as many of the challenges as they can and get back to the home base. For every minute they are late returning to home base 5 pts are taken away.

The Ultimate in Truth or Dare Fun!

Teen Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt Game
what do you need to play?

To play all you will in addition to the printable teen scavenger hunt kit is a camera for each team that also takes video. Most of all the scavenger hunt dares require video or photo proof. I would also suggest a backup camera, in case the first one runs out of batteries, memory, or malfunctions.

Each team will also need a vehicle to get around in. I suggest having an adult volunteer driver for each team. This is to make sure players aren’t driving dangerously in order to win the race.

You will also need #10 envelopes to place each destinations challenges in for each team.

Teen Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt Game
What all is included in this party kit?

Along with Complete Set-Up and Play Instructions this printable game includes:

  • 5 sets of Scavenger Hunt Lists Each scavenger hunt list is color coordinated to the team color and include nine individual destination cards with their own list of truth or dare challenges. This is the best part of the hunt. None of the challenges are illegal or immoral but all of them are great for guaranteed fun and laughter. Destinations cards include: mall, book store, Wal-Mart, gas station, laundry mat, pet store, McDonald's, ice cream shop, and park.

Editable Invitations 

Set the tone for your hunt with these printable invitations. Delivered in both jpg and tiff image files, all you have to do is type your party information over them, print them, and pass them out to all the contestants

Team Badges

Kit includes 5 different colored sets of team badges. These can easily be attached to string or lanyards in order for teams to wear them around their necks. These help to unify and identify individual teams

Car Tags

 Each team will also receive a team colored car tag to hang from the rear-view mirror of their team car.

Water Bottle Labels

Fun team coordinated water bottle labels to tie into the theme of the party. These labels fit around standard size water bottles. To use simply print, cut out, and wrap around water bottles. Attach with tape.

Teen Truth or Dare Scavenger Hunt Game
how do you set-up the hunt?

  1.  Download and print out all printable kit.
  2.  Decide how many contestants and teams you are going to have. Suggested team size is four people.
  3. Place each individual location challenge in its own envelope. Seal it and mark on the outside of each envelope whose team it belongs to and what location it contains. Each team should have nine envelopes.
  4. Have everyone meet at home base before the hunt begins. This is usually the host home.
  5. When players arrive give them each a team badge and a water bottle. Have them vote for team captain. Give the team captain the team car tag and the nine sealed team destination envelopes.
  6. Assign a driver to each team.
  7. Explain the rules:
  • Each team can visit the destinations in whatever order they wish. They can only open one destination envelope at a time. Once they open the envelope they must complete that destination before moving on to their next challenge.
  • Teams must complete at least one truth and one dare before moving on to the next destination. Each dare completed is worth ten points and each truth is worth five points . If all challenges are completed on a card it is worth an extra 20 points.
  • In order for a challenge to be considered completed the team must have eveidence. The evidence needed is list on the card. It can be photo, video, actual item, or answer to specific question.
  • The team must return back to home base before by finish time. For every minute they are late returning 5 points will be deducted from their score.
  • Some dares require the help of a stranger. This is someone the team does not know. The same “stranger” cannot be enlisted for help on more than one challenge.
  • Judges will add up the points at the end of the race. They make the call on if the evidence is sufficient enough to get the points. They announce the winner. No arguments.

8. Set a time limit. Suggest time is 2-3 hours.

9. On your mark, get set, GO!

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