Create Your Own Chocolate Spa Party! 

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A chocolate spa  party is perfect whether you want to throw your own sinfully delicious girls night, host a unique bridal shower, or just even a fun bonding party for mothers and daughters.  Chocolate is something all girl's can relate to this is a party theme that can fit tons of occasions. Here are 5 activities and ideas that you can use to have a perfect chocolate themed spa party day. 

Host Your Own Chocolate Spa Theme Party
D.I.Y Chocolate Spa Party Facials & Masks

Chocolate masks to open your pores, exfoliate your skin and leave you smelling amazing.  You could create your own out of chocolate, shea butter, salts and a couple of other ingredients, but instead you may want to run to the drug store or even a shop like Ulta and find pre made (but not edible) chocolate masks for about $1 - $2 per mask. 

To make this even more unique, I like to combine it with other foods like placing cucumber slices on my eyes and I also place candied lemon slices or even just lemon wedges dipped in your favorite sweetener next to yourself.  For the next 20 minutes you will be smelling chocolate and cucumber while tasting sweet citrus candy flavors from the lemons.  It doesn’t get any more amazing than that! 

Host Your Own Chocolate Spa Party
D.I.Y Chocolate Soak

It may sound weird to have a chocolate scented soak tub, but having a mini hot tub with chocolate drinks and chocolate scented water is an amazing way to come out of a mask, or even to relax in while you have your chocolate mask on.  (This is also the perfect time to serve the chocolate covered cheesecake, cake pops.)  There are a few ways you can do this.

  • Buy an inflatable pool that can hold adults.  (A child’s plastic pool probably won’t be large enough or comfortable enough.) 
  • Find a large swimmers cool down tub (more expensive, but comes with a heater usually)
  • Use your own hot tub, but be ready to clean the heck out of it!

 If you choose option one or two, you may need to heat water ahead of time and pour it in.  You can also buy a water heater and section it off so no one brushes against it.  You’ll also want to make sure it is water safe so no one gets electrocuted or shocked.  Inside you’ll want a floating tray with snacks and treats, and around the edges you can have hard flat surfaces to place drinks like chocolate martinis, chocolate cake shots, etc… on (non alcoholic for the kids of course). 

 First you scent the water.  You can do this with a chocolate mist or even better, go to your local nursery and ask them for Berlandiera lyrata plants.  These fun flowers look and smell just like chocolate.  By planting them around the tub, placing some of them in the tub (check for allergies first) and by having a bouquet of them nearby, the smell of chocolate will fill the area.  You can also drop rose petals on top of the water to add that extra luxury look and feel to the chocolate soak.  One other option is to add in chocolate scented bath salts to the water you boil to heat the soak tub.  The reason we aren’t using real chocolate in this is that it would not only melt, but it would also create a huge mess and everyone would have to hose off or shower after getting out of the tub. 

Host Your Own Chocolate Spa Party 
Who says you can't have Chocolate for Dinner?

This is something I love.  I make a chocolate glazed chicken breast with a chocolate cheese soufflé for dinner at these.  The chicken is very simple to make, and both are fun for everyone. 

Take your chicken and throw on a dash of salt and pepper.  Now place it in a large seal tight bag or seal tight container with a heavy red or a very citrusy white wine and a few tablespoons of dark cocoa powder for an hour in the refridgerator.  Now heat a frying pan with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and simply cook the chicken.  You can slice it if you’d like before cooking and then serve with chocolate sauce, a chocolate barbeque sauce or even honey with chili powder in it. 

 The chocolate and cheese soufflé is a tricky thing to make.  If you are going to attempt this, find a good recipe online and practice it at least two or three times before you make it at home. 

 If you need a side dish to serve with this, I like to do roasted sweet potatoes to keep a nice sweet theme going and to have a fun balanced flavor to everything on the table.  You can pour a chocolate or fig & balsamic glaze over it.  One other good side dish are grilled pears with a fig and balsamic glaze drizzled over it. 

  Host Your Own Chocolate Spa Party
Chocolate Appetizers & Desserts

Although some people may not enjoy cooking, how can you not love being around the smell of chocolate?  Even if you can’t cook, here are three easy to do chocolate treats you can make with your friends or before your party even begins. 

1.   Chocolate covered cheesecake pops.  For this you just take cheese cake (lime flavored is awesome and adds a refreshing, clean citrus scent and flavor to get you in the mood for a spa day) and use a melon baller to create balls of it.  Now lay them on a piece of wax paper and place a lollipop stick into it.  Now melt white, milk or dark chocolate in your double boiler (a bowl over a boiling pot of water can work) and dip them.  Then quickly lay them on the wax paper and place them in the freezer for at least 2 hours. 

2.   Chocolate dipped fruits and bacon.  This is something I made up and love.  I take a dark chocolate and melt it down in a double boiler.  I also fry or cook thick cut maple smoked bacon until it is firm and crispy.  Place a candied orange, lemon or lime peel on top of it and dip it into the chocolate so it is covered half way up.  Now lay it on wax paper and let it dry.  You’ll get a salty, savory and sweet treat.

3.   Easy to do truffles.  Ok, this is a cheat.  Take caramels, nougat, or other square, circle or rectangular candies and dip them in one color of chocolate.  Then let them dry.  Now take a fork, a knife or even a spoon and dip the handle into the chocolate.  Quickly drizzle the chocolate in a zig zag pattern across the covered candies.   You can also buy premade candy flowers and dip the bottom in the melted chocolate to get it to bond to the truffle. 


Now you have chocolate spa party snacks for everyone at your party. 

 Host Your Own Chocolate Spa Party
Wrapping up Your Chocolate Spa Party....

There are tons of movies out there about chocolate.  Like Water for Chocolate (which is a romance movie that is sad and not about chocolate, but really good anyways.), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or even Chocolat starring Johnny Depp.  (If the love story isn’t enough, the amazing food that Binoche creates will have you dying for more chocolate goodness).  Find one of these and put out the third round of treats.  (For the movies I like to do the truffles you made earlier.)   

A Chocolate spa party is an fun way to combine chocolate and girl bonding time.  What more could you ask for?  Yup, A clean house after the party. 

That is why we recommend you have the youngsters wear kids bathrobes so they don’t ruin their clothing while cooking, or putting on and taking off their masks.  You also want to make sure you have plenty of wet wipes around for everyone to clean their hands off with after cooking with chocolate. One other nice thing you can do is to buy a series of chocolate gifts as favors for the gifts.  Below are just a few of the great selection you will find at this up and coming company.


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