Funtastic Girl Slumber Party Games!

Fun girl slumber party games are a must for a sleepover party Time for giggles, junk food and sleeping bags.  Slumber parties are a timeless tradition for girls and their friends to laugh, share, and bond. They have been responsible for many magical overnight transformations from kind of friends to best friends.  Here is a great collection of slumber party games to get the fun started! Let me know if you know of any to add to the list.

Girl Slumber Party Games

Fill a bag full of all types of wacky costume props and funky items you can wear. It can be oversized sun glasses, silly teeth, boas, floppy hats, clip on earrings, lipstick, etc… The more items the better. 

Now have the children pass the bag around while the music is playing ( like in the classic hot potato game). When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag has to reach in and pull out an item and put it on. This continues until all the items are gone from the bag. It is a super silly game that will illicit tons of giggles and hilarious photo ops.

Bev Holot from Colorado Springs Adds: For older kids, having some really embarrassing stuff in there like a DDD bra, Dad's tighty whities, a jock strap, mom's swimsuit, etc, is a hoot! Play until the box is empty then take tons of photos.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Yummy Treasure Hunt

I created this printable treasure hunt game for one of my daughters slumber parties. The girls had to follow clues to learn and find all the ingredients for the “secret recipe” Each clue was a rhyme, riddle, or puzzle that would lead them to a different ingredient and the next clue. The final clue lead to the hidden recipe and once found they could use it to create a delicious treat. Depending on their age you may need to help out or supervise. 

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Cootie Catchers / Fortune Tellers

This is a classic girl game. Paper fortune cookies (also known as cootie catchers) are easy to create from a regular piece of paper. I have included a youtube video on how to create a paper fortune cookie, because it is much easier to learn how to make one by watching then trying to type out instructions. Most likely someone at the party already knows how to make one. Once your paper fortune cookie is finished you can fill it with silly or funny “fortunes” and play . Girls for ages have loved this paper craft.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Blind Makeovers

Another hilarious game is the blindfolded makeover. This is where the girls pair off and one girl from each pair gets blindfolded. They must then attempt to give their partner a makeover using basic make up products such a lipstick, blush, etc. After about 10 – 15 minutes call time and reveal the makeovers to both the giver and the receiver. Switch places and play again. You can decide whether you want to give out prizes for best, wildest, etc

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Sleeping Beauty

In this game one girl pretend like she is sleeping for one minute while the other girls do their best to get her to laugh, smile, or open her eyes. They can do whatever they can think of as long as they don’t touch her. If she makes it through the minute she gets the label of sleeping beauty or a small prize. If she doesn’t she can pick the next player to “sleep”

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
True Love's Kiss

This game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey except instead of tails the girls lather up their lips with lipsticks, and instead of a donkey you hand a poster of a cute boy icon. Justin Beiber and rob Patterson are commonly used. If the game is being played by really young girls you can choose instead to use a picture of a frog prince. Blindfold each girl, spin her around a few times and tell her to pucker up. Mark each girl’s initials next to her kiss print. The closest one to land on the posters lips wins.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Crazy Chairs

Create a circle of chairs facing inward, one for each girl playing. Everyone takes a seat. Now you can call out different commands such as “ all girls who have brown hair move two seats to your right”. The girls with the brown hair move, but everyone else stays in their seat. Of course girls end up sitting on top of each other and hilarity ensues. They love this crazy game. If you want to add an element of competition you can hide a winners ticket under one ( or a couple) of the chairs. When all the commands are finished they can check under the seats. Whoever is sitting in a winners chair (there may be a few so be prepared) gets a prize. Here is a list of command ideas:

  • If you have blue eyes move two seats to your left.
  • If you have older siblings move one seat to your right.
  • If you like pizza move one seat to your left.
  • If you have a birthday in the next two months move to any seat you want.
  • If you have an “A” in your first name move three seats to your right.
  • If you are on the bottom of a stack of people move to the top of any chair you choose.
  • If your favorite color is pink, purple, or blue move one chair to your left.
  • If your favorite color is red, green, or yellow move one chair to your right.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Spin the Bottle (of nail polish)

Have several different colors of fingernail polish available. The girls sit in a circle and one chooses a polish bottle and spins it. Whoever the polish top points to must paint one of their fingernails that color. They also get to choose and spin the next polish bottle. Continue playing until every girl has the crazy nails.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Skittle Score

Sweets and treats are all part of the slumber party fun. Pour a big bag of skittles into a large bowl and give every girl a cup. Tell them they can have as many skittles as they want with one catch: They must not touch them with their hands. Instead you’ll also pass each girl a straw in which they will have to suck the skittle onto the straw and transfer it to their cup before touching it. On the start of go let the fun begin.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Princess and the Pea

Have the girls place their pillows in a circle on the floor. Have them wait in the other room while you hide the pea (green golf ball) under one of the pillows and some fun decoys under the others. Decoys can be other colored golf balls, ping pong balls, small toys, etc. When the girls come back in the room they can sit on different pillows (no peeking) until they find one they think the pea might be under. When everyone has found a seat they can lift the pillows. The one with the pea can be the next to hide the objects.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Truth or Dare Balloon Burst

The girls pass (or bop) around the balloon while the music is playing. When the music stops whoever has the balloon must pop it and complete the truth or dare inside. After they complete the truth or dare play again with a new balloon. Make plenty of truth or dare balloons ahead of time.

Check out my free list of truth or dare questions to get some fun ideas for girl dares.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Commercial Break

This list of girl slumber party games wouldn't be complete without something for the young drama queens. In this game each girl has to take a regular household object and create a commercial for it. To add to the creativity they can’t advertise the object for its actual purpose, but must create an entire new use for it. An example from one of my daughter’s party was a little girl that received a spoon for her object. She couldn't make her commercial about how easy it is to eat soup, but she did make a commercial for a new weapon to sling peas at her little brother. That game kept me laughing. The girls came up with some very creative and hilarious ideas

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
Fashion Designers

Who knew how much fun a stack of newspapers could be. My two daughters have a blast making these outfits with their friends and showing them off. Provide newspapers, tape, scissors, markers, glitter pens etc.. Divide the girls up into teams of two or three and give them thirty minutes to create their fashion master piece. They’ll have a blast being fashion designers and then modeling their creations on the runway.

Girl Slumber Party Games / SLEEPOVER IDEAS
T-shirt Pillow Craft

Have each girl bring an old t-shirt, maybe an old favorite that they've grown out of. This project is so easy and requires NO SEWING! Which, I don’t know about you guys, but it is always a prerequisite for me. Check out this video to decide if you’d like to add this fun project to your girl slumber party games.

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