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Kid Candy Party Games

Have you ever thrown a sugary sweet Candy Party before? If you have yet to experience the joys of planning and executing this adorably colorful and fun theme, I must say you have to try. This theme gives room for your creativity to show its face and make you proud. There are endless possibilities with a theme of this caliber. You can incorporate almost any color and utilize common household items to set the tone. Here are some games, activities and sugary sweet printable’s to get you started on the right path to a unforgettable Candy Party.

candy party games
whipped bubble relay

You may want to play this game outside because it can get messy. You will need Cool Whip, a bowl for each child participating, bubble gum and blindfolds. You will put a piece of gum in the bottom of each bowl and cover with the Cool Whip.

Place the bowls across the room from the children. Have them pair up with a partner. They will get to choose who will go first between the two of them. Have the one going first put on the blindfold and face the bowls. When the game starts that person who can see will verbally guide their partner to the bowl.

Once they have arrived the blindfolded will have to search for the gum using only their mouth. Once they have the gum they have to chew it up and blow a bubble. They will then run back to the finish line, place the blindfold on their partner and now it’s their partners turn to do the same. The team to finish first wins the game.

gumballs, gumballs, in a dish!

This is a pretty simple game, which gives you time to work on other things for the party. All you need is a jar with a lid, scrap pieces of paper, pens, an empty tissue box or small container and a large bag of gumballs. You will need to count the gumballs and keep the number written down where no one will find it.

Pour the gumballs into the jar and fasten the lid. You can wrap a piece of ribbon around the jar for decoration purpose if you like. As the guests arrive have them look at the jar, pick it up if they need, and try to guess how many gumballs are in the jar. They will write their name and their guess on a scrap piece of paper and put it in the tissue box or container.

When everyone has had a guess pull them out and announce who had the correct number and they get to take the jar of gumballs home with them.

penguin toes

This game is good for a laugh and tests the bravery and skills of those participating. You will need a bucket of ice water, a timer, a bowl and a bag of Jelly beans.

The children are going to be penguins searching for pretty pebbles. Dump the jelly beans, pebbles, into the water and set the timer for one minute. Each guest will take a turns taking off their socks and shoes and using their feet to fish out the pebbles and putting it in the empty bowl.

When time is up you will count the pebbles and at the end of the game, the penguin with the most pebbles wins.

life-saver challenge

You will need life saver candies and plan, long lollipop sticks. Give each child a lollipop stick and have them place one end in their mouth.

They will all stand in a circle and one person will start the game by placing a life saver on their stick. The object of the game is to pass the life save to the next person without anyone dropping it. If it falls to the floor the person with it on their stick last, must step out of the game.

The winner is the last two standing and you now add one more life saver and they must succeed in passing two without dropping them. Keep adding until one person it left standing and they are the winner.

Ring around the candies

You will need a Hula Hoop, a music player that you can randomly stop music with and a bunch of little candies.

Place the Hula Hoop on the floor and put in the middle of a room. Have the guests around the hula hoop and have a song ready to play. Tell the players that when the music starts they can walk around the hula hoop.

If the music stops they can grab as much candy as possible and when it starts they must leave the circle if they got candy. You will continue playing until everyone has some candy of their own.

Pixie stick drop

This game seems simple enough but it actually takes a bit of skill. You will need pixie sticks and a glass jar or flower vase. You will place the glass container on the floor. The first player will walk up to the jar and stand over it. They will put the unopened pixie stick in their mouth and try to drop it down into the container.

If they miss they sit down, feel free to give them a couple of tries. If they succeed they go on to compete with the others who did as well. They will keep going until there is only one person left and they take home a prize.

pin the gum on the gumball machine

This game requires a bit of creativity but it’s not hard to do and it adds to your decorations for the Candy Party. All you need is red felt (for the machine), white felt (for the glass), and an assortment of colored felt for the gumballs, felt glue, a blindfold and a piece of Velcro to stick on the gumball pieces. You will use the red (leave enough to make one gumball) and white felt to make the machine, you can use a picture of one to mimic, it’s easier than you think.

Glue the pieces together using felt glue. Use the other colored pieces of felt to make little round gumballs to glue inside of the machine, leaving the red one out. Put the Velcro on one side of the red gumball. This will be the gumball the children will use to pin with. Have the children line up and take turns putting on the blindfold and trying to pin the bubble gum inside the machine. The winner or winners take home a prize.

candy construction zone

Your guests can play this game as individuals but getting them to join and work together as team, on a project is a good way for those who are newer to the group to get to know one another.

If you are doing groups, separate them as evenly as possible. Give each group a box of toothpicks and small bowl filled with an assortment of soft candies and sweets. Things like marshmallows, gumdrops, peach rings, gummy bears, and licorice are all good choices.

Each team will have five minutes to construct something using the toothpicks and the provided sweets. When time is up, the most creative construction is the winner of the game.

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