Top Home Party Games for Consultants


Choosing good home party games is vital to the success of your home show party. A fatal error that most direct sales consultants make is to forget to make their show parties well… a party! This is the secret ingredient to more sales and more bookings. The facts of sales are that people often buy on emotion, they may justify the buy with logic, but the fire in the sell will start with their emotions. Consultants often squander the ripe conditions they have for creating perfect sales conditions at their party. This is so easy to rectify and turn your sales around!

The following direct sales home party games are excellent for creating a fun and exciting atmosphere at your in home show party and turning stale boring parties into a sales frenzy. Choose your games wisely and use variety. Some home party games are better for booking parties, while other are perfect for showing off products and getting sales. Start your home party with a good icebreaker that gets everyone talking, laughing and most importantly at ease and open to hear what you have to say. The game “ask me about” is my favorite for this purpose.

Direct Sales Home Party Games for Consultants
Grab Bag

This is one of my favorite home party games. Guests sit in a circle or around the table and you present “the grab bag”. The grab bag is a simple bag filled with index cards that have directions written on them. One of the cards is the winner and the person who draws this card gets to claim the prize. This can be one of your products, auction bucks, or ticket slips. See below for more details on the last two prize options. The other cards will contain directions for who will receive the grab bag next.

Start with the hostess and let her pull out the first card. She must reach in and follow the directions and pass it to the person that fits that description, if more than one guests match she passes to the first one she sees or that claims the description.

A good idea to make sure the winner card is not chosen to early in the game is to tape it to the bottom of the inside of the bag. When the last direction card has been chosen the players will think that the bag is empty. Simply tell the last player to “look again” and they will discover it.

Examples are:

  • Look around with your eyes discreet, and pass it to the one with the smallest feet.
  • Take the bag and look around, pass it to the one with eyes of brown.
  • Who loves the shop? Who can’t resist - buying more than is on your shopping list?
  • Take your time and don’t be harried, give it to the one who’s longest married.
  • You can’t keep it, you must share, pass it to the one with the longest hair.
  • Another year older, another pass in time pass to the birthday next in line.
  • Winner card reads: It’s time to end this party game,The gift is yours to take and claim!

Direct Sales Home Party Games for Consultants
Ask Me About...

This is a fun icebreaker game that helps create a fun, personal connection among guests. Before the party create 20 or so topics on index cards that start with the phrase “Ask Me About…”. Attach safety  pins to each card and have them set out on a table for when guests arrive at the party. Each guest is asked to choose one when they arrive and wear it. They are also asked to ask the questions off at least two other guest’s cards. Some fun questions might be:

  • Ask me about my first kiss.
  • Ask me about the worst job I ever had. (This might be a good one for you to wear as it can lead into you telling them what an awesome job you have now as a consultant)
  • Ask me about the funny joke I heard the other day.
  • Ask me about my dream vacation


Like the idea of this game but don't have the time to create your own name tags.  Purchase our printable Ask Me About name tags.  They come ready to print PDF file with 48 different prompts.  All of the prompts are editable so if you can think of better ones you just click on the text and replace with your own.  Print on adhesive paper and they are ready for your guests to pick and stick. 


Direct Sales Home Party Games for Consultants
Ticket Game

Using ticket slips are a great incentive idea for your home party games. You’ll need 2-5 grand prizes depending on how many people are expected at your party. You can also have smaller prizes such as coupons…etc. Have the prizes on display at the party. This is also another way to promote and talk about your products.

In front of each prize place a ticket box, an empty tissue box works great. For each ticket your guests receive they can place it in the box of the prize they would like to receive. Each slip will ask for the guests name and number. These Ticket slips can be handed out to the winners of games and other things such as

Arriving on time ( 1 ticket)

Asking questions (1 ticket)

Participation ( 3 tickets)

BOOKING A PARTY (10 tickets)

At the end of the party draw a ticket from each box and reward the prize! This is one of our most fun and popular home party game ideas.

Direct Sales Home Party Games for Consultants
Auction Bucks

Similar to using tickets for incentives at your home party games is using auction bucks and having an auction at the end of your party to give away your prizes. You’ll need to create and print out your own auction bucks, this can also be a good marketing tool if you include your company information on. You’ll want the auction bucks to be in different domination's such as $20, $50, and $100 dollar bills. Decide if you want the guests to know what items they are bidding on or if you want to add a sense of mystery and excitement by making it a blind auction. For blind auctions you’ll need to wrap the product prizes beforehand.

You should build anticipation for the auction throughout your party planning. Talk it up during host coaching and throughout the show to increase orders and future party bookings. Reward Auction bucks for different accomplishments throughout the party such as:

$100 – as soon as everyone arrives for attendance, Add $50 for arriving on time.

$100 – party game participation

$200 –For anyone who brings a friend.

$100- For everyone who places an order.

$200- For orders over $40.

$200 – For those who opt to pay at the party instead of being billed later.

$300 – For booking a party, and an additional $200 if they book it within two weeks.

Throw the auction at the end of the party, and encourage bidding to begin in earnest. The trick here is to get everyone excited and into the bidding fun. The highest bidder wins the prize!


Our Party bucks can be used however you like.  All the text is editable so you can word it for your exact needs.  They come in four different colors and print six bucks per page.  

To edit simply download, open in Adobe Reader, replace the default text with your own by clicking on it and typing, and then PRINT! 


Your Party Bucks will arrive within minutes in a PDF file.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact  Us At:

Direct Sales Home Party Games for Consultants
Deal or No Deal

This game is great for booking more parties! It works best if played at the end of the party when people are already thinking about booking a party.

You’ll need four envelopes and a basket of inexpensive, wrapped prizes. The four envelopes will each have an index card in each one that has a different value written on it. One with $1, another with $2, another for $4, and finally one for $7. These values are worth actual dollars toward a purchase from the catalog.

1. To start the game, choose one player to come and pick and envelope. Explain to everyone what’s inside the envelopes and that they can go toward any purchase tonight.

2. Have all the guests join in a circle. Now have the envelope holder roll a die and pass the envelope down the circle however many times the die indicates. For example, if they roll a three they must pass the envelope down three players. They get to decide if they want to pass it to their left or their right.

3. Repeat step 2 four times. The person who ends up with the envelope on the last roll wins.

4. BEFORE they open the envelope offer them the 1st DEAL. The deal is that since they are the lucky one who ended up with the envelope then they could decide to keep the envelope they are holding are trade it in for another. Usually by this time everyone is encouraging them to either “keep it” or “trade it”.

5. Whatever they decide, before they open the envelope offer them another deal! Tell them “That envelope could be worth $7 or it could be worth just $1. I will trade for any prize out of the gift basket.” Again the other guests will be rooting for them to “trade” or “keep”. The excitement is building and that’s just what you want.

6. Now it’s time to offer the player the FINAL DEAL. Tell the player that yu have one final deal to offer them before they open their prize. The deal is that you will give them back their envelope (if they traded it) and double the amount inside and let them pick out a gift from the gift basket IF they will book a show tonight and help (Hostess) out.

Most of the time, if you play this game near the end of the party, they will book a party of their own because you have already gotten them to think about booking one anyway.

Direct Sales Home Party Games for Consultants
Find it Fast!

This is a great game to help show off and talk about your products. You’ll need enough catalogs for everyone at your party and a small prize for each product you want to talk about. I would suggest instead of prizes you use auction bucks or ticket slips (shown above). This way you can add as many products as you want without having to worry about the amount of prizes you’ll need to provide.

To play find it fast have a list of products ready. Call out one product at a time. The first person to find the product in the catalog wins. After they find the product in the catalog let them tell one way in which they would use the product if they owned it.


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