Silly Party Games
to Crack Up Your Kids Birthday

Silly party games are often the sure fire ingredient to make your child’s birthday party FUN.

The following is a list of tried and true funny party games where the object of the game is to laugh, Laugh, LAUGH!

Commercial Break

This funny party game lets kids use their imagination to come up with commercials for new and unusual uses for everyday objects. Each child chooses a regular household object (usually from a group of objects you have gathered ahead of time) and creates a commercial for it. To add to the creativity they can’t advertise the object for its actual purpose, but must create an original use for it.

An example from one of my daughter’s party was a little girl that received a spoon for her object. She couldn’t make her commercial about how easy it is to eat soup, but she did make a commercial for a new weapon to sling peas at her little brother. Give the group about 15-20 minutes to come up with and practice their ideas. Let them pair up if they want to. Let each perform a short commercial for the group.

Skittle race

Pour a big bag of skittles into a large bowl and give every child a drinking straw. On the other side of the playing area set up an individual plastic cup for each player with their name written on it. You can also choose to play this game in teams, in which you’ll only need one cup for each team.

On the start of go the children must rush to get as many skittles as they can into their cups by sucking the skittles onto their straws and running it over to drop in their cup. They may not touch the skittles with anything other than the straws. Give everyone 3 minutes to see who can collect the most. Everyone keeps to keep and eat the skittles they collected.

Stone face

The object of this funny party game is for kids to get Stone Face to crack a smile. One child is designated as “Stone Face”, the other children take 30 second turns trying to get Stone Face to crack a smile, or even better: Laugh. Touching stone face is not allowed. If Stone Face smiles or laughs they must pass the title to the person that caused it and become one of the jesters.

Wipe that smile off your face!

Sit round in a circle. Birthday child starts. She smiles his biggest, silliest, goofiest, smile at each person around the circle, trying to make someone else giggle or laugh. She gets a point for everyone who can't keep a totally straight face. After one minute, she uses one hand to literally "wipe" the smile off her face, and hand it to the person next to her. Keep playing until everyone has gotten a chance to wipe the smile off their face.


Ok, so this game is on the super silly side.  It's a singing pig that you pass around until he..ummm...farts.  That's right this farting pig will have kids rolling. Roll the die to see which way to pass the singing pig - but hurry and pass him before he randomly toots and you have to take a token! The player with the fewest tokens in the end wins

For 2 or more players, ages 6 & up

They sell this game on Amazon and it has over 300 reviews.  Don't take my word for it - check it out for yourself.


This game is best played with children 6 and over. What you’ll need:

  • lots of marshmallows

Sit the children around in a circle. Pass around a big bowl of marshmallows and tell each child to put a marshmallow into each cheek and then say, straight faced, "I am a chubby bunny".

 Anyone who laughs or doesn't say it clearly is eliminated. Those that remain in the game are passed another two marshmallows, which they add to the ones already in their cheeks. They must again say “ I am a chubby bunny”. The game continues like this until a winner is declared or everyone is laughing too much to notice who wins!

This game can be played with regular sized marshmallows or mini ones. The mini marshmallows will make the game last longer.

hula-hoop squash

Ever seen an entire party try to shove themselves into one hula hoop? Play the hilarious party game hula hoop squash to watch it happen.

This game will require multiple hula hoops. Set hula hoops up in a large circle, you’ll need at least 5 hoops. When the music starts everyone walks around the hula hoops, similarly to musical chairs . When the music stops everyone must rush to get into a hula hoop and hold it up around their waist.

More than one person is allowed in a hula hoop, in fact the funny part of this game is that there is no limit to the number of people allowed in one hula hoop. Everyone has 30 seconds to get into a hoop. After each round remove one hoop and play again. The winners are everyone who manages to squeeze themselves into the last hoop remaining at the end of the game.

this game is totally banana's!

This game is much harder to play than explain - but it is SO hilarious.  Provide each brave participant an banana. Have them take their sock and their shoes off and take a seat on the floor.  Instruct all players to keep their hands behind their back and challenge them to peel their banana with just their toes and feet. First unpeeled banana wins!

truth or dare book

Truth - Which player is most likely from outer space? Dare - Blow your best spit bubble! Do You Know - Which player ate pizza most recently? Filled with silly questions and comical dares to bring out your wackiest side, this book guarantees a good giggle and a good think for you and all your friends. Shaped like a pair of underwear and packaged with a miniature whoopee cushion, this book is so fun, you'll pee your pants!

iron toes

This is a funny party game borrowed from my Fear Factor birthday party games. Fill a bathtub or kiddie pool with water, marbles, and tons of ICE (you want it to be freezing). The object of the game is for players to stick their barefoot in the ice water and grab as many marbles as they can in a two minute period. The winner is of course the one that collects the most marbles.

mummy wrap

In this super silly game kids will race to mummify their teammate by wrapping them completely in toilet paper. First you’ll need to divide the children into teams of 2-4 . One child from each team will be the mummy. The other children will be given 1-2 rolls of toilet paper. On the start of go the teams will work together to completely cover the “mummy” with the toilet paper, excluding the space around his nose for breathing. The first team who uses all their toilet paper and has complete coverage of the mummy is declared the winners!

m&M Madness

This is quite the silliest of party games which evolves dressing up, rolling dice, and trying to eat m&m’s with chopsticks. To play this game you’ll need:

  • a bowl of m&m’s (or smarties, skittles,etc…)
  • chopsticks
  • two dice
  • 3 dress up items ( such as a hat, scarf, and sunglasses)

The children should sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle place the dress up items, bowl of candy and chopsticks. The birthday child starts the game by rolling the dice. If he (or she, of course) rolls doubles then he rushes to put on the dress up items, and then he can eat as many pieces of candy as he can pick up with the chopsticks . The other children keep passing and rolling the dice (one roll per turn) until another set of doubles is rolled.

When the next sets of doubles are rolled the person in the middle must pass the dress up items to the new person and take their place back in the circle. The new person then starts eating the candy. The game continues until the candy is gone. If doubles are coming to fast in the game (too fast to give the candy a chance to be eaten) then consider switching the dice requirements. Maybe they have to roll the birthday child’s age, or just doubles in 2, 3, or 4’s

Daren Doody head 

Sure the concept is gross but that is exactly why kids LOVE it.  Place the velcro head covers over your hair and toss the cloth doo-doo shaped plushes at each others head and see how many you can get to stick. It's totally gross and totally a hit when it comes to games that cause laughter, smiles, and pure silliness!

Again don't take my word for it, check out the raving reviews at Amazon. 

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