Ultimate Outdoor Scavenger Hunt:

I had a blast creating the Ultimate Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Survivor Edition. It is unlike any scavenger hunt you’ve ever played. It involves a story line where all the players are stranded on a deserted island… did I say deserted? Well, I forgot about the voodoo natives, but wait I’m getting ahead of myself.

To play all the players are divided into teams. This isn’t like those murder mystery games where every player has a script and character to portray. Everyone plays as themselves. Each team must search around the playing area to find essentials for their survivor on the island. These are collected by searching and finding different survivor cards hidden about the playing area. They must collect a shelter card, a water source card, a build a fire card, and of course food cards. The food cards can also be used to trade and barter with the other team for needed items.

Sound simple….wait did you forgot I mentioned Voodoo natives?

The voodoo natives don’t trust anyone on their island. At the start of the scavenger hunt game players are read a letter written by a person in the past who was stranded on this island and had to face the voodoo natives. He tells the players all about the curses they have placed around the island and that the only way to break the curses is to find the cure card or discover the mystery name the natives gave to the island. When a player finds a voodoo card they immediately become stricken with that curse.

The curses are fun and hilarious, plus it gives players a chance to stretch out their acting muscles.

Maybe they got the curse of the chicken or the curse of the crazy itch.

There are fourteen crazy voodoo curses in which players might come across.

There are also fourteen voodoo cure cards that are also hidden throughout the playing area.

Players will need to find the coordinating cure card and follow it’s instructions in order to break their team mates curse.

If another team finds the cure card first, then your team may have to barter some food with them to get it.

How do you win the survivor outdoor scavenger hunt?

To win the game players must figure out the magical native protection spell.  This spell consist of eight native words. They do this by locating the eight CLUES hidden on the island. Each clue, once solved, will reveal one of the words.  They will know which word it is by the number in the bottom right hand corner.  Two sample clues are shown below.  This outdoor scavenger hunt comes with the standard clues, and also a set of easier clues in case your players are on the younger side and need easier clues.

Teams can trade and bargain for the clues, but the first team to figure out the spell must shout it out loud. At this point all the curses are broken and the team that has the most points wins.


  • SET UP INSTRUCTIONS that make game play a snap!
  • RULE SHEET that you can customize to include out of bounds area and playing boundaries.
  • 1 MYSTERY LETTER This is used at the start of the game. It explains the objectives of the game in a fun and intriguing way that really gets the guests excited.
  • 8 CLUE CARDS featuring a different kind of brain teaser for each clue. (also included easy edition)
  • TEAM CHECK LIST that lets them record the items they need and helps sort out the clues to keep track of the their teams progress.
  • SURVIVOR CARDS ( 48 food tokens, 4 shelter cards, 4 fire cards, and 4 water cards)
  • ANSWER SHEETS for both sets of clues


This game can be played by all players 8+. Younger children can play but they will need help from the older players. It is great for birthday parties, family events, or just a unique and different experience in fun.


ANYWHERE that you have enough space to hide the game pieces. Outdoors is best because the game is themed on an island, but you can play indoors or outdoors. It would make for a great beach scavenger hunt, or camping scavenger hunt, or even backyard hunt.


Once you complete your order you will have INSTANT access to our user friendly PDF file that contains all items listed above. All you have to do is print them out and follow the simple step by step instructions to set up the scavenger hunt. Then set back and get ready to listen to your guests rave.

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