Star Wars Party Games

Our fun and easy Star Wars party games are just what you are looking for to take your child's Birthday to the next level of awesome. This epic space adventure is both timeless and full of endless possibilities. A party theme of this caliber is one that can help you understand the term back to the future.

 It started in 1977 and here we are watching it continuing to grow in popularity. From the classic version of Star Wars to the cartoons the little ones are stuck on every week, people just can’t get enough.  As Yoda would say “Make your party awesome you will!”

Star Wars Party Games
Jedi Bubble Fighters

You will need a bubble machine and a bubble wand or light saber for each little Jedi. You can find these bubble wands at most dollar stores. When the Jedi’s are ready to join the battle front they will use their light sabers to take down the Bubble Empire!

Turn on the bubble machine and let the Jedi’s pop the bubbles as fast as they can. Once the Bubble Empire has been defeated they can take their light sabers home as reward for their hard work.

Printable star wars treasure hunt

Our exclusive printable Star Wars inspired treasure hunt comes with everything you need to help put together an awesome party game.  

This hunt features ten clues that you hide around your party area - YOU choose the hiding locations.  Each clue is a different kind of challenge. One of uses our Yoda-decoder, another ask players to find which storm trooper matches, another has players do a short word search to reveal the next clue location. 

Star Wars Party Games
Revenge of the Sith

This is a great game to play outside and let's the young ones burn off some of that crazy energy.

Someone is chosen to be the Jedi at the beginning of the game. The rest of the group will be known as the Sith. It is the job of the Jedi to defeat the Sith by sending them to the containment fields  (a designated area that has been marked off with chairs or streamers).

The Jedi will catch and tag as many of the Sith as possible and when they are tagged they must go to the containment field. 

The only way they can be released is if another member of the Sith can tag them out without being caught themselves. Once everyone is contained you can name someone else the Jedi Knight and begin again.

Star Wars Party Games
Jedi Obstacle Course

Have the kids test their Jedi skills with an exciting Jedi obstacle course. Create obstacles that players must work their way through going over, under, through, around, using balance, hitting a target, crawling, jumping, etc.. Create these obstacles using boxes, chairs, balloons, string, balls, hula hoops or other objects you find around the house.

Give each player a turn to make their way through the obstacle course and earn their Jedi status. You can give out prizes for best time, or make it non-competitive.

save Han Solo!

Freeze a Han Solo action figure in a rectangular Tupperware filled with water. Place the frozen Tupperware vertically with Hans Solo suspended in ice.

Give kids inexpensive water guns and ask them to free the frozen Han Solo from the Carbonite by spraying him with the water guns.

You can have multiple frozen Han Solo's if you want to make it a race.

Star Wars Party Games
Jedi Training

Arm all players with a lightsaber made from long balloons (how-to make a balloon lightsaber video show below).  Now blow up a regular balloon for each player.  Start the music (preferably star wars theme song).  Have players throw their balloons up in the air and try and keep them up in the air using only their lightsabers.  If you see one touch the ground stop the music.

When the music stops all players must freeze.  If anyone moves, talks, or laughs while the music has stopped playing they are out.  When the music resumes they must put all the balloons back in the air and play again. 

Star Wars Party Games
Death Star Pass

All you will need for this game is a ball and some good music, if you have some Star Wars theme music, even better. This game is just like Hot Potato but with a Star Wars twist. Have everyone sit in a circle and have the music ready to play.

Give someone the ball or the Death Star and when the music starts they will pass it around. When the music stops, the person holding the Death Star is out and they will give the ball to the person to their left. The game continues until there is only one person left and they are the winner.

Star Wars Party Games
Storm Trooper Invasion

You will need a large play area, small white balloons, a few scraps of paper, small prizes and a black marker. On two or three scraps of paper write ‘you win’ and stuff each paper in its own balloon. Fill the balloons with air and color a Storm Trooper mask on each one like the picture below. Of course you don’t have to do much detail the Jedi’s will know who they are. 

 Spread the balloons about on the floor. When it is time to start the game you will inform the Jedi’s that there has been an invasion of Storm Troopers and they must be stopped. They must stomp on the balloons to vanquish the evil. But there are special ones that hold prizes. The ones who find the balloons with the notes get the prizes.

Star Wars Party Games
Build a Droid

This is a pretty simple activity but will have the little guests enthralled and ready to build. All you need are Legos and a little imagination. Have the Legos in the middle of a table and make sure to have a good selection so that there will be no reason to fight for pieces. 


Give everyone 15-20 minutes to build their very own droid using the Legos. Once the 15-20 minutes is up they can take turns showing them off or having them battle one another. You can even use this as a party favor and allow them to take their droids home.

Star Wars Party Games
Storm Trooper
Knock Out

For this game you will need to print out the storm troopers and cut them out and set them out as targets.  You can let kids take aim at them with nerf guns, rubber band shooters, or even giving each child a PVC pipe and letting them blow mini-marshmallows out of them to try and knock down the storm troopers.  You can give prizes for knocking down a certain amount or just play for fun.

Star Wars Party Games
Jar Jar's Feeding Game

In this game you will need sticky stretch hands (you can buy these at the dollar store or Oriental Trading) and individually wrapped candy. 

Just like Jar Jar shooting out his tongue to grab food, players use the stretchy hands to grab candy.  Spread the candies out on a table.  On the start of go players use their stretchy hands to grab as many candies as they can.  If they use their actual hands they are eliminated from the game.  At the end of one minute the game is over.  Players get to keep the candy they catch.

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