Kids Veterinarian Party Ideas
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Does your little animal lover have a birthday coming up soon? Why not have a kids veterinarian party. I just love this idea submitted by one of my visitors for a kids vet party.  Nicole had some really great ideas for the little vet theme.  If you have any ideas to add to this theme I would love to hear them.  

Kids Veterinarian Party Ideas
Dr. ID Badges

Start at a table with a spot for each kid and plenty of pencils and crayons or markers. Have blank Dr. ID cards for the kids to fill in their vet name and draw a picture of themselves. They can even write in if they have a specialty animal, like they specialize in circus animals, or specialize in baby horses. Have pins glued on the back so each kid can pin their ID badge to their shirt or white coat, if you have enough for each kid.

Kids Veterinarian Party Ideas
Animal Charts

Also have a manila folder for each kid with blank vet charts taped inside. The charts could include a blank box for the kids to draw a picture of each animal they examine, pet name, temperature, and yes or no boxes if the animal is eating, and if specific body parts are ok (ears, eyes, nose, paws, etc). Fun clipart next to each category makes the charts more exciting for the kids. 

Around Halloween time you can find pens that look like needles or syringes, these are super fun to have for each kid and add a genuine doctor feel to the party- they even come in fun different colors like red, yellow, green and purple.

Kids Veterinarian Party Ideas
Stuffed Patients

Ask each child to bring with them their favorite stuffed animal, but always have extra stuffed animals in case a kid forgets, you don't want anyone feeling left out. Hopefully there will be a wide variety of animal types and sizes in case the kids want to examine the other kids' animals when they are done with their own.

Kids Veterinarian Party Ideas
Animal Care Stations

Have different stations set up so the kids can rotate and not be in each other's way.

First, provide doctor masks and plastic gloves for each kid so they feel like a real vet. Stations could include a thermometer and stethoscope for checking temperature and heart rate, scope and flashlight for checking ears, nose, throat, table and chair for interviewing owner of pet (maybe parent hosting the party), small plastic hammer for testing reflexes, a fix-it station that provides gauze for making casts in case any animals are found to have broken bones, and finally a reward station for letting the animal know they were a good patient and can receive treats and get their fur combed and a ribbon put in. There can be plain ribbons in both boy and girl colors, barrets, or even tiny headbands make of elastic. Make sure if the kids want to come the fur they use a wide tooth comb, so it doesn't get caught in the stuffed animals' fur.

Thank you Cards

Make sure to take a picture of each child holding their animal and chart. These are great to print on a card and make personalized thank you cards for each guest. Tell each guest they can keep their badges, charts and cool pens as part of their party favors.

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