Mexican Fiesta Party Games

Mexican Fiesta party games can really add to the fun and festivity of a Traditional Mexican Fiesta. Food, drinks, and music are all part of the fun of a Mexican fiesta. However, to make your fiesta truly memorable and exciting you need to include fun fiesta games. The following is a list of party games that will compliment your fiesta theme party. Pick a few of your favorites to spice up your bash !

mexican fiesta party games
sombrero dance

In this fiesta game if you get caught with the sombrero you must eat a hot pepper!

To play you’ll need a sombrero, music, fun loving players, and chili peppers. As your dancing to some festive music take the sombrero and place it on somebody else’s head, they then must place it on another’s head, and so on.

When the music stops whoever last had the sombrero on must eat a pepper!

hot chili pepper contest

If the pepper eating in the sombrero dance was touted to be too easy for some of the guests see if they want to prove their pepper eating skills in a hot chili pepper eating contest. Set up a table with bowls of chili peppers. Put different peppers in each bowls and line them up from mildest to hottest.

Some pepper suggestions are jalapenos, habanera, poblano, Serrano, etc… for a big list of chili peppers with hotness scale check out this chili pepper list. 

Have latex gloves to for players to put on, some peppers like habanera peppers are known to be hot to the touch. You also don’t want any juices left on the hands afterward the contest, they can too easily make their way into the eyes.

Make sure you have plenty of glasses of milk ready also. Start with the mildest pepper and have each contestant eat one. Continue up the hotness scale until you get to the last bowl. If you have more than one player left that ate the hottest pepper then you must have a pepper showdown!!

For the showdown give remaining contestants two minutes to eat as many of the hottest peppers as they can . The winner is the person who eats the most. Another option is to have players take turns eating one hot pepper at a time until everyone has forfeited and one man (or woman) is left standing.

taco battle

Two people will face off in a taco battle. This game is best played outside so as not to get taco shell all over your house. Mark of boundaries for the battle field, usually a 5-6 ft circle. Both contestants enter the battle ring wielding a wooden spoon with a hard taco shell balanced on it.

The rules are simple; both players must try to break the other person’s taco shell while at the same time protecting theirs from breaking or falling. 

You are not allowed to touch hit, kick, push or pull the other person, only their taco sticks or tacos. The last taco shell intact wins.

Stir crazy

Have you seen the TV show CHOPPED? The four chefs compete in three stages to create a meal starting with the appetizer, then the entree, and finally the dessert. Each round starts with a basket of secret ingredients that they must use to make their course. This game is a little like that.

Players divide into two teams and battle to create meals without using recipes, but first they must first work together to win and steal ingredients. They only have a certain amount of time because at the sound of the buzzer all cooking must stopped and the judge will determine best appetizer, main course, side dish, and dessert based on appearance and taste.

Check out this game at

mexican pinata

What could be more perfect at a Mexican fiesta than a piñata. Get creative with what you stuff your piñata with, who said they had to be stuffed with candy? Hang it from a tree and let the fun begin. Play the traditional way by blindfolding each player, spinning them around three times, and then handing them a bat or stick in which they can swing three times to try and hit the piñata.

Once somebody breaks the piñata and all the treats fall out it is a free for all for everyone to grab as many as they can.

If blindfolded people swinging bats is too much of a walk on the wild side for you, try using a pull string piñata instead. With this style of piñata each player takes turns pulling ribbons from the bottom until the ribbon that is attached to the trapdoor is pulled releasing all the goodies inside.

macho nacho contest

Divide players into pairs. One person from each team is “the eater”, they must stand with their hands behind their back in front of their bowl of nachos. The other player is “the arms”, they stand behind their partner and serve as their arms.

On the start of go “the arms” must feed the nachos to “the eater”. The first team that finishes their bowl wins. Be forewarned this game is quite messy, but hilarious fun!

ANOTHER VERSION With their hands behind their backs, each contestant will dive face first into a bowl full of messy cheesy nachos. At the bottom of the bowl are three peppers. The first person to retrieve all their peppers wins! Make sure you have a camera, because you’re going to want to get lots of pics.

mexican kick ball

This is a fun relay race that is a traditional game in Mexican villages. Divide into two teams, one person from each team starts and kick a ball through an obstacle course as fast as they can. After they finish they may pick up the ball and run it back to their team to pass it to the next player. The first team whose members fully complete the course is the winner. Ideas for obstacle could be kicking:

  • through a tunnel
  • around a tree
  • in and out of cones or logs
  • under tables or chairs
  • over a low net
  • backwards

train dominoes

Mexican Train Dominoes, referred to by many as Trains, is a popular, addictive, dominoes game where players work to dispense all the dominoes in their hand by playing them onto one or more chains (or trains) emanating from the central hub station. A fun spin on the classic game of Dominoes.

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bean race

To play this game you’ll need a big bag of DRY pinto beans and enough drinking straws and plastic cups for each player to have one. Pour all the beans onto the table. On the start of go each player must use their straws to suck a bean onto and rush it over to their cup without dropping it.

The object of the game is to collect as many pinto beans as you can in your cup, without touching them with their hands. Set the clock for 3 minutes. Have their cups lined up at another table to make the challenge harder (and funnier).

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