Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games

There is nothing quite like having your child pick a theme for their party that is cute and colorful…..and almost impossible to find! Rainbows and Unicorn party is one of those themes filled with color and cuteness but still very hard to locate party supplies. Don’t worry because we are here to help you create the perfectly balanced theme for your little party goer. 

Our Rainbows and Unicorns party printables (bottom of page) are designed so that all you have to do is print. We can personalize everything with the child’s name just to make things even more creatively special. Also included below are games designed to bring this fun and fantastic theme to life. I mean face it, what is a Rainbows and Unicorn party without the games? So now you can relax, you have everything you need right at your fingertips!!

Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
Rainbow Run

For this game you will need several colors of sanding sugar, two bowls and a spoon for each team. Put an empty bowl on one side of the play area, this is going to be the finish line. Place the other bowl filled with the rainbow sugar on the other side of the play area, this is the starting line. Split the children into teams and give each team a spoon. The object of the game is to have the kids get a spoonful of sugar from one side, the start line to the other side, finish line. Each child has to do this without spilling it, and then dump it in the bowl at the finish line and run back to the start line and pass the spoon to the next person in line. If they spill the sugar they must start over. The first team to have everyone complete the task wins the game.


Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
Create Your Own Unicorn Horn

Create an awesome Unicron horn for each child.  They will LOVE it and it is sure to get everyone in the magical mood. See the tutorial below for complete instructions on this easy DIY unicorn horn creation.  You will need the following supplies:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Pen
  • String
  • Hot Glue Gun
    printable unicorn treasure hunt 

    This printable hunt features 10 Unicorn themed clues that are designed to be played anywhere!

    Each clue features a different kind of puzzle, game, or challenge.  Players work in a team ( or multiple teams if you prefer) to solve the clues.  One clue leads to the next until the treasure is found.  

    This game is available for instant download.

    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Color Ring Toss

    Using the previous activities homemade horn head bands and a couple of glow necklaces this will be a silly game for your little unicorns to enjoy. Use two glow necklaces and connect the ends with the connector pieces so that they form a circle/ring. Select one child to act as the unicorn and the others to line up. Give the first child a ring and have them stand about five feet from the unicorn. They must use the ring to try to get it on the horn of the unicorn. If they miss they have to go to the back of the line and the next person tries. When someone does get the ring on the horn they will trade places with the unicorn. This continues as long as you like, the kids will just have fun trying to get the ring around the horn of all the unicorns.


    rainbow rush relay game

    For this relay race game you will need two bowls of skittles, two plastic cups, and a straw for each player.

    Divide players into two teams and line them up relay race style. Give each player a straw. On the other side of the race is a table with the bowl of skittles and a cup.

    On the start of go one player from each team must run over to the table, use the straw to suck a skittle onto the end long enough to move it over to the cup and drop it.  

    Once they complete this task they run back to their team and the next person in line goes. The first team that has all players complete the task wins!

    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    pin the horn on the unicorn

    This Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game was created as part of our Unicorn theme party games. It’s played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except instead of a picture of a donkey there is an image of a fun mystical unicorn, and instead of tails for pinning there are golden horns. 

    This game comes in a ready to print PDF file.  It prints on standard 8x11 printing paper to make it perfect for printing out at home. 

    How to Play our Spin & Pin Games

    1. Hang the image on the wall at eye level with the players.
    2. Blindfold the player
    3. Spin them around three times
    4. Hand them a paper horn (with sticky tack or tape on the backside)
    5. Face them toward the poster. They must try and stick the horn as close to the correct position as possible without looking.


    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Horn to Tail

    When playing this game you can create a horn and tail or just inform the child that the person at the beginning of the line is the horn and the person at the end of the line is the tail. Have the children line up and hold hands. The object of this game is for the head of the unicorn to try and catch its own tail. The children cannot let go of each other’s hands when doing this. The tail can try to hide behind the other players to avoid being caught but still cannot let go of the other persons hand. If the head catches the tail, then the person in the front becomes the tail and the next person in line is the head. This can continue until everyone has had a chance to be the tail or until it’s time for another activity.

    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Magical Bean Guessing Game

    This is a game that I play with my kids that they just can’t get enough of. It keeps them busy and they see it as a reward because you get to eat Jelly Beans in the process. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, bag of Jelly Belly’s and the flavor chart that comes on the back of the bag. This game requires the participation of either an adult or someone able to tell what each bean is and not give the answer away. Keep the beans in a bowl and have the children line up. The person at the front of the line will hold out their hand and close their eyes. You will place a magical bean in their hand. They will put it in their mouth and chew it up. They must take a guess at what the flavor is. They can have two guesses and if they guess correct they get a point. They then go to the back of the line and the next person goes. This game moves pretty quickly so it is up to you how many beans each child tries. The person with the most correct wins a bag of magical beans to take home.


    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Rainbow Mane Relay

    The supplies needed for this game are a printout of a unicorn for each team, several colors of crepe streamer and tape.  Begin by hanging the printouts of the unicorn on the opposite side of the room/yard. Split the children into teams of equal numbers. Give each child in a team a different color of streamer with a piece of looped tape on the back so it will stick to the printout. When the game begins the first child will run to the unicorn and put the streamer on the head of the unicorn and run back to the line. The next child will run and put the next color on the head of the unicorn and so on until all the colors are attached to the unicorn and its mane is complete. The first team to complete their mane wins the game.


    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Silly String Color Beams

    This is a great way to use silly string and get a good giggle out of the little ones. You might want to ask your guests to wear clothes they can get dirty. All you will need is an assortment of colored silly string, these are the color beams. Give each child a can of silly string. Have them spread out in the yard. When it’s time to start the game inform the kids that the rules are no spraying each other in the face and no take the string off of yourself when you are sprayed. At start the kids will run around trying to spray one another with the silly string, to get each person covered in color beams. Have them play until they are all out of color beams. The person with the least amount of beams on them is the winner of the game.


    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Unicorn Feed

    This is a fun activity that can also be used as a party favor. You will need pixie sticks, sunflower seeds, skittles, granola, lucky charms or marshmallows, and a bag for each child. The children are now going to make unicorn feed so they can try and catch their own unicorn. Have them fill their bags with the different ingredients that they think will catch a unicorn. When they are done, write their names on the bags or tags and tie them shut. They can take this home with at the end of the party.

    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Rainbow Round-Up

    Playing with balloons is always a fun idea at a party. For this game you will need three different colors of 11” latex balloons, a hula hoop, a timer and a cheap broom from a dollar store. Fill a couple of the balloons, in each color, with air. Place one balloon of each color on the floor on side of the room and the hula hoop on the floor on the other side of the room. Have the children line up and give the first child the broom. They have to sweep all three of the balloons into the hula hoop, without popping them, in one minute or less. All three balloons have to be inside the hula hoop by the time the timer is up. You can give less time if the children are a little older or you are limited on space. The child with the best time wins the game.

    Rainbows & Unicorn Party Games
    Rainbow Wranglers

    This game is best played outside that way there is ample room for running. Pick one child to be the wrangler. Assign colors the rest of the children. For example, if you have ten children you can pick five colors (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) and assign two children each, the same color. The wrangler will stand in the middle of the yard or play area. They have to call out a color and the children with that color have to try to get to the other side without being caught. If they are tagged by the wrangler, they now have to help capture the other colors. The children continue running back and forth as their colors are called until there is only one person left. They become the wrangler and the game starts over.

    Rainbows & Unicorn Party
    Rainbow Poop Cookies

    Looking for something special and yummy to serve at your party - try our Rainbow Poop Cookie Recipe

    Rainbow & Unicorn Printables

    Rainbows and Unicorns and all things magical and beautiful - that's what this theme is all about. This kit comes ready-to-edit in high resolution PDF files.  Replace default text with your party details and you are ready to run with the unicorns through the rainbow. This printable kit includes:

    • Editable Invitation
    • Banner
    • Editable Cupcake Toppers
    • Editable Favor Bag Toppers
    • Unicorn Mane Relay Game
    • Editable Tent Cards
    • Coloring Page
    • Editable Candy Wrapper
    • Editable Bottle Wrapper

    Instant download $8.99

    Your printable party set will arrive within minutes in a ready-to-print PDF file.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  If you do not see it in your email please check your junk folder before you contact us - that is the usual culprit. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you!  Contact  Us At: HappyPartying@gmail.com

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