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Fullmetal Alchemist is the story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, and the aftermath of their failed attempt to bring their mother back to life using alchemy. Their bodies are destroyed in the attempt, and only a Philosopher's Stone will restore them.

The themes of brotherhood, mortality, and equivalent exchange come together in a sometimes-funny, sometimes-heartbreaking show. If your teenager is a fan of the series, use these ten easy games and activities to throw them a Fullmetal Alchemist-themed party.  

automail challenge

Winry may be an automail expert, but even her skills aren't always enough to keep up with Ed's crazy lifestyle of running, jumping, and battling. For this game, each guest will have to make their own 'automail' that would make Winry proud.

Fill a table with rolls of aluminum foil, cardboard, tape and other materials. Each guest will have to cover their right arm and left leg in the materials of their choosing within a set time limit. When the time's up, the real test begins - the guests will line up, and run as fast as the can across the backyard or party area.

At the end of the race, whoever's automail is the least damaged wins a prize for their Winry-like "mechanical" skills.

Feeding Gluttony 

Gluttony is hungry, and if he doesn't get fed, he'll start eating the party guests! Before the party, print out pictures of Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist. Then, cut a hole where his mouth is and tape the picture over a mason jar.

At the party, each guest will get a Gluttony mason jar, a small spoon, and the same amount of flour. The goal of the game is to spoon as much flour as possible into Gluttony's mouth, without making too much of a mess. The first person to spoon all of their flour into Gluttony's mouth wins a prize (and doesn't get eaten!).

The Alchemy Exam 

It's the day of the practical alchemy exam, but the stakes are high - only two people can become a State Alchemist. For this game, the party guests will be competing against each other to create the best display. Each guest will be given a random sampling of craft supplies and other materials, plus access to glue and tape.

Within a time limit, each guest will need to use the materials they've been given to create a State Alchemist-worthy display. This mimics the way the alchemist candidates in the anime had to use the materials in their surroundings for their test.

When the time's up, the two guests who created the best displays win a prize and the title of State Alchemist.

Transmutation Circles 

In order to perform alchemy, most alchemists must first draw a transmutation circle. A transmutation circle is a drawing made up of circles, lines, and ancient rune symbols that is used to gather alchemic energy. In Fullmetal Alchemist, we are shown many different transmutation circles, some of which are quite basic, and some that are very striking and intricate.

Invite your guests to create their own transmutation circle artwork by providing them with rulers and protractors to make precise angles, and different-sized bowls or other circular objects for tracing. They can re-create transmutation circles seen in the anime, or create their own designs.

When everyone is finished, place each art piece in a frame for the guests to take home and display.

Short Rants 

Next to his brother Alphonse in his suit of armour, Ed does look quite small - and he is very sensitive about it. Ed's 'short rants' are a running joke throughout the show. Anytime a character mentions his height, Ed blasts back with exaggerated rants such as "who are you calling a micro-sized half-pint who didn't grow up because he doesn't drink milk?"

Working in pairs or individually, have the guests write a rant about height that would make Ed proud. When everyone is finished, share the rants with the rest of the group. Give out prizes for the funniest and most creative rants.


In the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, Homunculi can be defeated if their human remains are found and destroyed. For this game, you will need to purchase fake plastic bones, or create your own using cardboard or other materials. Make sure you have the same amount of bones for each guest.

Next, fill containers with dirt or sand, and hide the bones in them. The guests will compete to find all of their bones by digging through their containers. Whoever finds all of their bones the quickest defeats their Homunculus and wins a prize.

The Limit of Greed 

As is the case with the Homunculus Greed, sometimes our own avarice can get the better of us. Before the party, create a 5x5 game board. Print 22 photos of Philosopher's Stones and assign each stone a random point value. Then print three pictures of red X's.

Arrange the 25 pictures on the game board and cover each space with an opaque cup. The first player will uncover one cup. If they find a Philosopher's Stone, they earn points, and can choose to keep those points and stop playing, or test the limits and continue uncovering cups. If at any time a player finds a red X, they lose any points they have accumulated and are out.

Re-set the game board for each player by shuffling the Stones and X's randomly on the game board. After everyone has had a turn, the person with the most points wins a prize.

Saving Alphonse 

Getting Alphonse's body back is a task that seems at times impossible, but with hard work and determination, the boys are able to pull it off. For this game, print photos of Alphonse in his suit of armour, and cut it into multiple pieces. Layer the armour over photos of Alphonse in his human body.

At the party, split the group into teams who will work together to save Alphonse. Each team will be asked a trivia question. For every right answer, the team can remove one piece of Alphonse's armour. Whichever team removes all of the armour first wins a prize for successfully bringing Alphonse back into his body. 

The Ouroboros Tattoo 

Each of the seven main Homunculi in the Fullmetal Alchemist series have an Ouroboros tattoo located somewhere on their body. No two tattoos are placed in the same location - for example, Greed's tattoo is on his hand, but Lust's tattoo is on her sternum.

Choose one of the Homunculi and print a large picture of them, as well as a picture of an Ouroboros tattoo. Pin the Homunculus picture onto a wall, and poke a tack through the tattoo picture.

Each guest will have one chance, blindfolded, to attach the Ouroboros tattoo to the correct place on the Homunculus. Whoever gets closest to the right spot wins a prize.

Basic Alchemy 

In alchemy, you cannot gain something from nothing. Transmutation can only occur when you use already existing materials to exchange and alter into something new. This game will play with the concept of creating something new out of smaller material components.

First, choose a few everyday items, and gather up the base components that make them up. For example, to make chocolate chip cookies, gather the baking ingredients (flour, eggs, chocolate chips, etc). To make a ballpoint pen, gather a pot of ink, a spring, and some plastic.

Have the guests examine each set of base ingredients and write down their guess as to what the ingredients form. Whoever gets the most right answers wins a prize.

The Fullmetal Alchemist series is a rollercoaster of emotions, with funny dialogue and animation interspersed with emotional, sometimes downright tragic moments. These ten games and activities capture the emotions and themes of the show in a fun way. Any fan of the series is sure to have a great time at a Fullmetal Alchemist-themed party.

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