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horror movie party game

In this game players race to solve the riddles, find the hidden answers, decode the Code Cards, and discover the four digit code to win the game!

This game can be players multiple ways:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Escape Room
  • Speed Game

This game is great for players age 13 and up.  Depending on which version of the game you choose to play game time can last 20-60 minutes.

In addition to this printable game you will need a hole punch and optionally, but recommended a four digit - choose your own code lock.  This links you to a good one on Amazon but you can also find one at local stores.

codebuster scary movie party game
how to set-up & play

1. 24 game cards are hidden through the hiding area - 8 Scary Movie Character CodeBuster cards, 8 Riddle cards, and 8 Code Cards. 

2. Host choose where to hide the 24 cards throughout their playing area.  They will record these locations on the included Key Locator file.  This is an editable file that allows host to easily click and type to add their locations.  There is also an option that will turn your type into a code and includes a decoder.  This is optional but fun addition to the game. 

3. Players can all work together or you can divide them into two or three teams of 2-4 players.  If you want to play with more players than these you will need to print out double the game cards and add more teams.

4. Each team gets a Key Locator and a Players Sheet to start the game.  The players sheet has a brief list of instruction and spaces to record the code numbers they discover. 

There are 8 numbers that players must find in order to determine the four digit winning code.  To find a number players must first answer a riddle.

See two sample riddles below.

CodeBuster Scary Movie Party Game Riddle Card Examples

5.  Once players answer the riddle they then must find the Scary Movie CodeBuster card that answers that riddle.  

CodeBuster Scary Movie Party Game CodeBuster Card Examples

6.  Once Players find the right CodeBuster card they must then find the Code Card that matches the color of the riddle.  They will then place the CodeBuster card over the Code card and through the key hole the code number will be revealed. 

For the above example the clue is blue, so the code number revealed will be written on the teams Player Sheet (as seen below) in the blue square.  Once players figure out the code numbers for the other seven boxes they can do the simple math to determine the four digit combination to win the game. 

3 ways to play!

TREASURE HUNT:  This is when you hide the clues through out a playing area, it can be outdoors, in the house, in a classroom, at a church - anywhere.  You will need to use a box you can lock using the 4 digit padlock.  Place your prize in the box and players/teams race to discover the combination to the box and be the first to claim the treasure.

ESCAPE ROOM: Lock players in a room using the 4 digit combination padlock and a chain OR you can lock the door and tell players they must text you the correct four digit code in order for the door to be opened.  Hide the game cards through out and room.  Players will not be playing against each other but instead cooperating together to escape the room.  You will need to delete #6 on the Players Sheet (it's editable so it's easy) because that is only for competitive play.

SPEED CONTEST:  For this version you do not hide the game cards at all.  You simply provide the players/teams with the 30 cards - if you have more than one team they will each need a set.  The goal is still to find the four digit code, but this version eliminates the need to find the cards.  Players will not receive the regular Players Sheet or the Locator Key.  You will instead give them the Speed Game Sheet.  You can choose to use the 4 digit padlock to lock a box that has a prize in it, or you can just give bragging rights to the player that discovers the 4 digit code. 

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Your printable CodeBuster Scary Movie Party Game download includes:

  • 8 Scary Movie CodeBuster Cards
  • 8 Horror Movie Riddle Cards
  • 8 Code Cards
  • Players Sheets
  • Key Locator Sheet
  • Host Guide & Set-Up Instructions
  • Game Answers
  • Speed Game Sheet 
  • Optional Secret Code Key Locator

You will need to purchase separately:

Your printable game will arrive in ready-to-print high resolution PDF files.  You will need to open these file in Adobe Reader.  If you do not have adobe reader you can download it for free at  If you have any other questions email me at  Happy Hauntings!

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