mario Themed treasure hunt
printable party game!

Our Mario themed treasure hunt is a printable party and a great party game for an Mario theme party.  This hunt features fun puzzles and games for younger players ages 6 to 12. Players requirements basic reading and basic addition skills.  

Once a clue is solved it's answer will lead to the next clue and the next until all 8 clues have been completed - the last clue will lead to the treasure -which is whatever you choose it to be, many choose it being the birthday cake!

These hunt includes themed clues that feature Mario, Luigi, Toad, and other friends and enemies known to this Nintendo franchise.  This hunt is perfect for a theme party and a sure bet to be the highlight of the party!

printable MARio themed hunt game
how does this treasure hunt work?

One of the most unique things about our treasure hunts is that YOU decide where the hiding locations.  That means you can play ANYWHERE!  

This game can be played cooperatively( all in one group) or competitively, where teams compete against each other.  This hunt can be played with as many players as you want - the more the better!

Each team starts out with a Clue Master sheet and the starter clue. The way this hunt works is each clue has a numerical answer, so if the team determines the answer is for example 16 - then they look on their Clue Master sheet and whatever location is written for number 16 is where they look for their next clue.  

The hunt continues like this until all 10 clues have been solved and the final  Stan Lee 'YOU WIN' card has been found.

sample game clues

There are multiple types of puzzles, games, and challenge clues that are used as clues throughout the hunt.  Each one of clues has a numerical answer.

Players choose which one they believe is the correct answer and look it up on their clue locator sheet. 

NOTE: Mario Clue size measures average 7.5' x 5' 
Two clues print per page

The clue locator sheet is a list from numbers 1 -40 of different locations that YOU CHOOSE beforehand.  

So if players believe the answer to the question below is say 25, then they would find location 25 listed on their clue locator sheet and search their for the next clue.

deciding clue locations

We created this Mario themed game so that host could set it up anywhere, and wouldn't have to depend on using generic hiding places.  This way regardless if your event is taking place at home, or in the woods, in a cave, or on a train, in a school, or across an entire town - you can play this ANYWHERE.  

There are eight hiding places where clues will be hidden, the other 32 spaces are for Try Again tokens to be hidden.  Once you determine your forty hiding locations you can edit this sheet by opening it in adobe reader and typing in the marked spaces. Then you simply follow our instructions to hide each clue and each token.

Voila - you are ready to start the hunt!

try again tokens

Try Again tokens are what are found when players get an answer wrong on a clue and it takes them to one of the decoy locations.

Finding this token lets the players know that they answered wrong and that they must try to solve the last clue again.  Some choose to add penalties or additional challenges when players find a TRY AGAIN token - this is up to you.

Your Printable Mario Themed Treasure Hunt includes:

  • 8 full-color high resolution Marvel themed hunt clues
  • Answer File
  • Editable Clue Locator Sheets
  • 32 Try Again Tokens
  • Complete Set-Up and Host Instructions

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