Christmas movie trivia
Printable treasure hunt

This printable party game leads players on an exciting treasure hunt, where you get to decide where you want to hide the clues, while we provide the festive challenges and clues that will test your guests knowledge of their favorite Christmas movies in a fun and engaging way. 

This printable Christmas Movie Trivia treasure hunt has multiple puzzles, challenges, and games to test your guests knowledge on Holiday classics such as Home Alone, The Grinch, Elf, The Santa Clause, Polar Express etc.

Players are divided into teams and must use their shared knowledge of these classics to make it through all the clues and be the first team to locate the hidden treasure!

How to play the Christmas Movie Trivia Treasure hunt game?

In most treasure hunt players answer a clue and the answer leads to the next clue location. It is the same in this hunt, but one of the unique qualities of this printable treasure hunt is that you decide where the clue locations are.  

How Does the game work?

This hunt includes a Clue Master, which is an editable list of 60 clue locations that YOU fill in with  possible location where clues may be hidden in the area you chose to play the game in.

This hunt comes with 22 clues that players must solve to find the "treasure". 14 trivia questions, and eight visual clue puzzles. 

Each answer for each clue is a number, when a team determines the answer they look that number up on the Clue Master and the location written next to it is where they will find their next clue - if they are correct of course.

You will be told which numbers are actual answers to clues, this way you can write in the location in which you want to hide that clue next to it's number on the Clue Master.  For all the other locations on the Clue Masteryou will hide a try again token.

christmas movie trivia treasure hunt game
clue samples

ANSWER: SOAP - the soap is #56.  Once players determine the answer is soap, they would look at their CLUE MASTER and find what location is written next to #56.  This is where they would look for their next clue.  

For this clue players would fill in the famous Christmas movie quotes and then unscramble the letters underlined in red to discover the next clue number.  They would then look up that number on their Clue Master to determine where to find their next clue.

The clue below challenges players to know which of the items pictured was not used in one of Kevin McCallisters booby traps in the Holiday classic Home Alone.  The number next to the correct image will then be looked up on the Clue Master to reveal where the next clue is hidden.

Each puzzle clue is completely different type of clue from the other, and will each be solved in a different way, but the above are a few examples from this hunt. There are 8 puzzle clues in all, the other are Christmas Movie trivia questions.  A few examples of those are below.

For this clue players would simply find and mark out all the words in the word search, the remaining letters spell out the next clue location.  As you can see on the solved example on the right the answer is TWENTY SEVEN. Players would look for their next clue in the location marked on the Clue Locator sheet as #27.

The other type of clues included in this hunt are trivia questions. You can find a sample below.

So how easy is it to set up and play the christmas movie trivia treasure hunt game?

1. Decide where you want to host your hunt.

2. choose 60 different places you can hide clues throughout that playing area. 22 will be places that you will hide actual clues, you will hide TRY AGAIN token in other 38 places. 

3. Open the CLUE MASTER file and type in the locations in the 60 spaces. 

4. Print and out the file GAME PIECES and cut out the 22 clues and the YOU WIN ticket.

5. Determine what you want as a treasure.  This could be anything to include bragging rights.  

6. Hide all the clues. Each clue has a number in the right hand corner. This will tell you where to hide the clue.  SO if you wrote down MAILBOX next to #4 on the CLUE MASTER then the clue with the #4 in the right hand corner will be hidden in the mailbox. 

7. Hide the treasure in the same location as you do the YOU WIN ticket. 

8. Give the first clue (the one with the snowflake in the right hand corner) along with the players Game Description to the players and let the fun begin.

WHEN PLAYING WITH MULTIPLE TEAMS: As far as teams go, you can play in one big team or divide players into smaller teams.  For each team you will want to print out a separate set of the 22 clues and a separate Clue Master sheet. The reason for this is so that teams aren't following each other to the clues and the game gets spread out. For each team you create a separate Clue MAster sheet and change the hiding places for the clues (hiding their set of clues accordingly) you can leave the TRY AGAIN token in the same spots and have teams share those because there is a much less chance of players getting the wrong answer at the same time. The first team to complete the hunt and find the 'YOU WIN' card wins!

Commonly asked questions about the christmas movie trivia treasure hunt

What age range is it for?  I would say between the ages of 10 and up.  The groups that I tested with were between the ages of 10 and 48.  Some of the clues may be too difficult for younger players, but if they are with a team with older kids then it could work fine. 

How long does the hunt take to play?  This really depends on your group, how hard the hiding places are, and how spread out the hunt is (some people play them across the neighborhood). I would say on average an hour - but it really depends.

What should I print on?  You can print on regular paper, some choose to print on card stock because it creates a sturdier product. It does need to be printed in color.  All pieces come in high resolution dpi. 

What program do I need to open this? All the files are sent in PDF's so you will need adobe reader, which you probably already have - if not you can download it for free at

Once I order how long does it take to receive? This is an instant download - once you order you should receive an email with 2 - 25 minutes with your instant download link. If you have any problems downloading it please email me at

What all is included in the game?

The following is included in your Christmas Movie Trivia Treasure Hunt;

  • Complete step-by-step Set-up Instructions
  • Players Game Rules
  • 14 trivia question clues
  • 8 puzzle visual clues
  • 38 TRY AGAIN tokens
  • Answer key for all clues

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