CHRISTMAS family feud game!

I created this Interactive Family Feud inspired Christmas game to make it oh so easy and fun for you to be able to play with your friends, family, or coworkers at your Christmas party.

It includes 8 survey-style interactive questions and answers that each are themed around Christmas. Fun Christmas game sounds and theme song are also included. 

The image below is a sneak peek sample of the game design.  I like to call my version Friendly Feud, instead of Family Feud, but it is played almost the exact same way as the beloved classic game show to include the theme tune we all know and love.

In this Christmas Family Feud version I have added extra little touches such as the Christmas color scheme, The Christmas logo, and some fun themed sound effects to represent the occasion - such an elf crying 'Oh No' each time a team gets a strike, Santa introducing each new question with a 'Ho Ho Ho', and other festive music. Some other great details are included such as instead of players getting big red X strikes when they get an answer wrong, in my version when a player calls out an answer that isn't on the board the host will click on one of the three small dots on the right hand side of the screen and a sad elf face will appear.  If a team gets three sad elf faces then the other team gets a chance to steal the points just like in the original Family Feud.

Friendly Feud game does not include a fast money round like the game show Family Feud does. Instead Friendly Feud has what I call the Lightening Round!

This is played at the end of the game as one last chance to earn some additional points for your team.  In the Lightening Round one player from each team is chosen to compete.  Both players get 45 seconds (fun bottle timer is included on the left of the board) to answer five survey questions by choosing from the answers on the Lightening Round board (see below).  Better Answers are worth more points, some answers are worth zero.

When a player chooses their answer the host click on that answer and it will disappear revealing it's point value.  After both players have completed the Lightening round then the points they earned are added to the total points their team earned for the entire game and whichever team has earned the most points gets to claim victory! 

This game was created on PowerPoint and you will need to have that program (2013 or newer) in order to play it.  If you don't have this program you can download a free monthly trial version of PowerPoint from the Microsoft website.

This game is it's most amazing if you have a smart TV and a laptop.  You simply hook your laptop up to your TV to create, what I like to call, the full game show experience.  The host can control the board from their laptop, while all the action is there for all to see on the big screen!

This download also comes with printable host cards.  These cards walk the host through game play and tell them what number to click on to reveal the answers that players call out.  The cards are sequenced and so easy to follow even for those with no previous Family Feud knowledge. 

What to use for a buzzer for your
CHRISTMAS Family feud game?

If you've watched Family Feud you know that to take control of the board one player from each team face off and try to be the first to buzz in with an answer to the survey question.  Here are some fun options to create a buzzer for your Friendly Feud game:

REAL SIMPLE:  When it is time to have two players battle for their team to get control of the board have them sit across from each other at a small table.  Place a circle in the middle.  The first person who slaps their hand down on it after the question is asked gets to answer first. 

REAL BUZZERS: If your family likes playing games having real buzzers will come in handy not just for this Christmas Family Feud Game, but for all kinds of other family fun time.  They have some really cool ones on  Check out the reviews for the ones shown on the right here.

get your CHRISTMAS family feud game now!
instant download! $8.99

Your Instant Download Christmas Friendly Feud Game Includes:

  • Powerpoint Game that features 8 Christmas themed questions
  • Bonus Lightning Round addition. 
  • Printable Host Cards
  • Game Overview PDF


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