Christmas GIft Exchange DIce Game

This Gift Exchange game is simple enough for kids to play, but interesting enough to get teens and adults into the spirit!

Invite guests to each bring a gift - you set the budget for the gift or any other requirement you choose.

When guests arrive take their gifts and redistribute them. Each player gets a gift (not their own) before the game starts.  You can simply pass the gifts out randomly once everyone arrives or you can assign a number to each gift and then have guests draw a number to match them with a gift. They DO NOT open the gift.

Have all players sit in a circle with their gifts in front of them.


Choose a player to start the game.  They roll two dice and follow the instructions on the cross section of those two dice. For example if a player rolls a four and an one then they must trade their gift with the person on their left. 

In this Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game players get to do many things to that usually involve trading gifts. Sometimes you get to choose who you want to trade gifts with, other times the game rules tell you how to trade such as making you trade with the person to your left, or the person with your right - sometimes you don't trade your gift at all, but instead get to make others players trade. 

Another thing you get to do in this game is FREEZE your gift.  This is great when you have opened a gift that you really want to keep.  Freezing means that the gift can't be taken from you until another players rolls one of the gold squares and chooses your gift to unfreeze.

Another really fun roll is the Friendly Wager.  When you roll this then you get to choose another player - each of you roll one die and the highest roller gets to choose which present to keep.  The loser gets the other gift.  

The great thing about this game is that each player ALWAYS has one gift - what gift they end up keeping depends on the roll of the dice. 

HOW THE GAME IS WON:  A present gets unwrapped when a player rolls doubles.  When each and every gift has been unwrapped the game is over.  Whatever players are holding when the last gift is unwrapped is their gift to keep.

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