Nativity Scene DIce Game

This is my second Nativity based game. The first one was my Nativity Treasure Hunt game - which I'm still a big fan of. This game is a more simple and can be played at a table - it requires a lot less set-up and game space.

In this game each player gets a Nativity Scene page that has 16 image silhouette's.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to cover up every silhouette with an image game piece.  Whether a player accomplishes this or not all depends on the roll of the dice. 

Players take turns rolling two dice. They use their Dice Rule Chart to determine which image the can add to their Nativity Scene. 

EXAMPLES:  If a player rolls a 5 and a four they look at the chart and see that they can add the angel to their Nativity scene.

If they roll a 4 and a 3 they can add the baby Jesus to their scene. 

When a player rolls doubles they can add any image that they choose. 

Players continue taking turns rolling - the first player who completes their entire Nativity wins!

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