Christmas Treasure Hunts

I got inspired to create this nativity Christmas treasure hunt when I realized there wasn’t anything like it out there. I wanted to create something that would be fun and challenging to play, but also actually incorporated the nativity story and focused on learning or remembering the facts. I divided the nativity story into 10 parts. I created a clue out of each of the different parts. Each clue tells part of the story, but leaves out key words and facts that the players must fill in. Once the players fill in the correct answers they will see that some of the letters are circled. These letters must be unscrambled to form a word. That word is the key word and players will look it up on their provided decoder sheet to discover the next clue’s hiding spot.

In this Christmas treasure hunt players will get to:

  • Remember what the real reason for the season is in a fun way
  • Brush up or learn the facts of the nativity story
  • Use their brains and wits to solve puzzles, and each clue to the next until they reach “the Star of Bethlehem” and win the game.
  • Learn other names that Jesus went by along with other important messages of Jesus. This is done through brain teasers and challenges which studies show help people retain the lesson better.
  • Work together as a team to find clues, figure them out, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Who can play the nativity Christmas treasure hunt?

This game is great for children of reading age and above. It would even be great to play in mixed teams such as families, or a mixture of kids, teens, and adults. Clue’s are fun to solve, not too easy but not too hard. Plus it’s a unique way to teach the nativity story, plus some other inspirational messages about Jesus.

What does the Nativity Christmas Treasure Hunt Include?

This nativity hunt includes the following

10 clues that involve the nativity story. I divided the nativity story into ten equal parts and created clue’s woven into the story. Players can use their knowledge or you can allow bibles as an aid. Each clue also features a full colored picture that represents that part of the story.

4 Road Blocker Clues These clues are spread out among the nativity clues and feature different brain teasers and puzzles that reveal different messages and names of Jesus.

Complete set up instructions – This comes with a step by step guide for setting up your hunt. It gives you play options for whether you want to play a cooperative game as one big group, or whether you want it to be a competition between a number of different teams.

A letter to players – This letters doubles as a quick how-to of the rules and game play for players. You can edit it to fit your game needs.

Decoder Sheet and Clue Locator – these are fill-in-the-blank sheets for the host that make it easy for you to play this game anywhere because YOU DECIDE THE HIDING LOCATIONS! If you are playing competitively you can also easily make the hiding locations different for each team. The decoder sheet lists all the possible answers to the clues (plus many many decoy answers) and include a number next to each answer. That number can then be located on the Clue locator sheet which tells players where to look for their next clue. This comes in an editable PDF, all you have to do is click on it and start typing to fill in your chosen clue hiding spots.

How is this Christmas treasure Hunt Delivered?

This nativity treasure hunt is delivered in a ready-to-print high resolution PDF file that comes with everything listed above. You will receive your file via email INSTANTLY.  Ff you have any questions or issues with your Birth of Jesus Nativity treasure hunt you can email me at

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