Turkeys in hats
printable thanksgiving game

Turkeys in Hats is a fun printable Thanksgiving party game that's easy enough for young kids to play, but fun enough for all ages. 

The game consist of 38 cards featuring Turkeys dressed in all kind of funky ways - one thing they all have in common is they are all wearing a hat - but what kind of hat? IS is a Bowler hat, a Cowboy hat, a Beret, how about a snow cap?

The turkeys also have different accessories including necklaces, bow-ties, and glasses of all shapes and sizes.

So how does the game work? 

Turkeys in Hats can be played with 3 or more players.  If you have more than 9 players you will want to print out an additional set of turkey cards.

Print and Cut the individual turkey in hat cards and the 6 reference cards (shown below)

Shuffle turkey cards and deal them out evenly among players,  removing some cards from the game if necessary.  Players can look at their cards, but not let anyone else see them. 

Players take turns choosing three describers from the reference card list.

  1. They will choose 1 of 3 feather colors red, orange and gold.
  2. They will choose 1 of 4 types of hats to include Bowler, Cowboy, Beret, and Snow.
  3. They will then choose 1 of 3 kinds of accessories to include Glasses, Necklace, or Bow-tie.

Once the player has called out their 3 describers any player that has a turkey card that matches all three can discard that turkey.  Players cannot use describers to try and discard their own turkey. You can only discard a turkey if another player calls it out.

Once a player discards all their turkeys they win!

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