Top 10 Funny
Christmas Party Game Ideas

Christmas is a Holiday that brings out the joy in most people. The meaning, the lights, the presents, the purpose of the Holiday is beautiful. But, let’s be honest, it can be stressful. Sometimes you can feel the joy being sucked right out of you because of the pressure that comes with the season. So why not cut loose a bit, play a couple of games and spend time making each other laugh. If that sounds like a great idea just check out some of these jolly games, we even threw in some Minute to Win It style Christmas games.

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
M2WI Christmas Tree Game

For this game you will need green crepe paper, ornaments on hooks, tinsel, garland, and a timer. Split your guests up into teams. Give each team a roll of the green streamer, ornaments, garland and tinsel. When the clock starts (set it for at least one minute) the teams will race to wrap one of their members in the streamer. This person is now the tree and needs to be decorated quickly. The teams have until the buzzer goes off to decorate their trees. Once the time is up the groups will vote on who had the prettiest or most creative looking tree and that team wins. 

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
M2WI Candy Cane Game

This is a cute little game that is also a great Christmas party favor for your guests to take home. You will need a small stocking, a lot of candy canes, chopsticks and a large bowl.  You can usually find these stockings at your local dollar stores. Fill the bowl with the candy canes and place the bowl in the center of a table. Place the stocking on the other end of the table - place a cup inside to keep the stocking open. Give each person a chopstick.

Each player must place the chopstick in their mouth, on the start of go players must place their hands behind their back and try and hook as many candy canes on their chopstick as they can and transfer them to the stocking.  Give each player one minute.  The player who gets the most candy canes in the stocking wins!  All players get to keep the candy canes the capture so make sure you get enough! 

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Marshmallow Mouth

It's SOO easy to make these marshmallow slingers.  Tie the opening of a balloon, then cut off the end.  Cut the bottom out of a paper cup and wrap the balloon around the bottom to replace it.  

To play the game have players divide into pairs. give one player from each team a marshmallow slinger and a bowl full of mini marshmallows.  Across the table have the other player waiting with their hands behind their back. The first player to shoot five marshmallows into their team mates mouth wins!

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Red Nose Reindeer Game

In this game you will need to provide each player with a red craft pom pom with a ribbon attached (about 7 inches). Each player also receives a dollop of Vaseline on their nose. 

Players hold the loose end of the ribbon in their mouth and on the start of go they must try and swing the pom pom and have it stick on their nose. They are not allowed to use their hands or any other body part or object to help them.   The first player to complete the task wins!

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Stocking Stuffers or Bluffers

Hang out assorted sticking on s string.  In some stockings place different amounts of cash (mostly small amounts $1, a few larger amounts, and one big prize), in other stocking place challenges or dares.  Guests can take turns choosing a stocking but they must agree that if they get a challenge card they must do it.  Are they willing to gamble.  A few challenges could be;

  • Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and sing jingle bells in front of everyone.
  • Wear Santa hat for the rest of party.
  • Drink a mug of eggnog in 30 seconds.

I'm sure you can think of some even better ones!

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Jingle Bell Shake

How do you do the Jingle bell shake?

  1. Tie an empty tissue box around the players backside (Poke two holes on opposite ends of the bottom a weave the rope or ribbon through it.)
  2. Place 10 little jingle bells in the box.
  3. Start the music.
  4. The player has one minute to dance out as many of the bells from the box as they can. 

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Santa Belly Bust

Have all the players place a large inflated balloon under their shirt to represent a Santa belly.  All players must keep their hands behind their backs.  On the start of go everyone must try and bust their gut without using their hands.  The last person with a Santa Belly left must wear the Santa Hat for the rest of the party!

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Reindeer Anters

Divide players into teams of three.  Provide each team with the following;

  • A pair of pantyhose with the toes cut off.
  • 15 balloons. (maybe a few extra in case some break)
  • two pieces of ribbon

One person on each team must wear the pantyhose on their head.  

The goal is to blow up the balloons, stuff them in the pantyhose, and tie the toes closed using the ribbon.

Award prizes for;

  • fastest finished
  • tallest standing (most upright)
  • longest
  • cutest.
  • whatever you want!

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Elf Challenge

How many presents can you carry??

Wrap a bunch of empty boxes( about the same size, and fill some gift bags up with paper.  Have enough that it would be impossible for one person to carry it all.

Each person will take turns loading up as many "presents as they can.  They can get creative but they can not use props or help. Once they have all they believe  they can hold they must carry it across the room.  If they drop anything it's out.  

Once they get to the other side their bags and boxes are added up and the presents are returned for the next persons turn.  Whoever carries the most across wins!

Top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas
Snowball Fight

Blow up about 30 white balloons. Divide players into two teams and have them each stand on one side of the room.   Use painters tape to create a divider line down the middle of the room.  

The rules are simple - on the start of go players must get the balloons onto the other side of the divider line.  Their feet can not get closer than three feet from the divider line.  

At the end of one one minute blow the whistle -noone can move a balloon once the whistle blows.  Whoever has the least amount of balloons on their side of the room gets the point.  Play until one team has reached 3-5-or 7 points.

Christmas Party Game Ideas
Christmas Printables

Looking for something fun and different this Christmas! Check out our exclusive Christmas party game printables.  These printable games make it easy to print -cut- and play!!



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