Christmas Dinner Party Games

You want to incorporate some memorable, fun Christmas dinner party games because you know hosting a Christmas Dinner Party isn't just about cooking an unforgettable meal. It’s about bringing together friends and family and appreciating another year and all it entailed. It’s also about cutting lose a bit and enjoying a night of fun and games. It’s a night where everyone can feel like a giddy child again. If your aim is to create this type of atmosphere at your Christmas Dinner party you have found the right place. We can’t cook the meal and we can’t help open the gifts, but fun games are what we can give you. So Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Christmas Dinner Party Games
Jolly Talk

All you need for this game is the holiday spirit, a marker and post it notes. On each post it you will write a random phrase. For example you could write: “I heard elves at it”, “Santa doesn’t like liars”, “Happy pappy was always sappy”, “Is that thunder I hear?” or “An apple a day keeps sharks away.” Place one note under each plate at the dinner table.

 As your guests are seated inform them that the note is under the plate and they are to read it when no one is looking. Everyone must try to say what is on the note while the conversations are going on during dinner. But they have to try and not get caught by everyone else. It seems hard to do with the silly phrases but if done right people will continue on with the conversation. It’s great for breaking the ice and bringing in the laughter for the holidays ahead.

Christmas Dinner Party Games
Ready or Shot - Photo Game

This game is a great way to get interesting photos of the dinner party guests. You will need a camera with a timer flash on it. Set the timer for whatever time you like and this is when the game begins. Pass the camera to the person to your left and they will hold it out like they are taking a selfie. They only do this briefly and then pass it to the person to the left of them. The camera will eventually snap a photo and the timer will begin again. Continue to pass the camera around as the party is going and let the camera collect the photos.

 After quite a few photos have been taken you will get the camera and set it aside. You can review the photos together for a great laugh or you can print them out later and send them to friends as a Christmas memory. Either way you will get some good chuckles out of this game.

Christmas Dinner Party Games
Who am I?

You will need stick on name tags for this game. On each name tag write a Christmas related person on them. Some good examples are: Mrs. Clause, Santa, Workshop Elf, Any of the reindeers, Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch, A Who, and any characters from popular Christmas movies. As your guests arrive place a name tag on their back, without them seeing the name written on it. Inform everyone that they cannot hint at who anyone else it they can only answer questions.

On the same note, they are trying to figure out who they are and have to ask questions to try and figure it out. If they believe they know who they are then they must stand in front of the group and ask, “Am I ____?” If they are wrong they are out of the game but if they are right they will take their nametag off. The first to win can be rewarded a prize or pick the next game to play. The last person to guess correctly has to wear the name tag and go by that name for the rest of the dinner party.


Christmas Dinner Party Games
Bite the Bag

For this game you will need a large paper bag and a small gift, lightweight gift. Place the gift in the bag and fold the top of the bag over one time. Have all the dinner guests gather around the bag. It works best if everyone playing removes their shoes, but it is their choice.

The rules for the game are that the person picking up the bag can only use their teeth and their feet are the only things that can touch the floor. They can bend over or crouch down but stick to the rules. All those that have successfully picked up the bag go on to the next round and you fold the top of the bag down again. For each round you will fold the bag down again. This continues until only one person is left. Make sure to inform everyone there is a prize at stake and watch them scramble to win the prize.


Christmas Dinner Party Games
Forbidden Lingo

This game is simple but does require everyone to pay attention. While having dinner and the conversations are going make it a rule that Christmas related words are forbidden. For example words like: Christmas, Jingle, Presents, Santa, Holiday, Merry, Sleigh, Snow, Cookies, and Eggnog. If any Christmas Lingo is used during the party, anyone who hears it must put their thumb on the table. The last person to put their thumb on the table is out and cannot join the conversation until someone else says a Christmas word and they are not last to put their thumb done. It becomes ever funnier when people begin to lead conversations that prompt the forbidden words. This continues for as long as the host pleases.


Christmas Dinner Party Games
Ugly Sweater Challenge

You can give your Christmas Dinner Party a theme of Ugly Sweater or you can just use this as a game for later. When you send out the invitations for the party make to note that everyone is to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they can come up with. It can be store bought or homemade as long as they are wearing a Christmas sweater. 

Once everyone has arrived at the dinner party, you will take a silent tally using paper and pen and have everyone vote for the most hideous sweater in the room. The person who wins the game gets to take home a small price.

Christmas Dinner Party Games
Dirty Santa

This game will require you to ask your dinner guests to bring a small wrapped gift with them to the dinner party. Have everyone place their gift on a table when they arrive. Count how many guests you have and number scraps of paper from 1 to how ever many there are. Fold each scrap in half and place them in a dish. Have each guest pull a number from the dish. The person with the 1 will go first and select a gift. They will open the gift and let everyone see it. The person to have 2 will select a gift and open it. They will then decide if they would like to keep the gift or trade with the person before them. The person with 3 will go next and make the same decision, only they get to pick between anyone before them or the gift they got. This continues until the last person goes and they get to decide from all of the gifts in the room. No matter what everyone gets a gift at the end of the game.

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